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Nov 05, 13

A new website that is easy to align to standards (and share information with other teachers) with your students as you give "exit tickets" but also other activities during class. I like how easy it is to share your questions with other teachers. I'm still testing and learning this system but am impressed that this is an alternative for student response systems that some may want to test as well. For those who do data driven decision making, this is a must test.

Oct 27, 13

As you study data visualizations, make sure you look at past examples of how it made a difference (the Chicago crime visualization, for example). Students should be able to read and create visualizations to make arguments, share data, tell stories, and more. It is an important part of journalism and also something that is useful to include in school newspapers and annuals.

Apr 20, 13

The discussions about "big data" are receiving pushback who believe the conclusions are erroneous. Note that this is tied up in learning analytics as well.

"Cuzzillo is joined by a growing chorus of critics that challenge some of the breathless pronouncements of big data enthusiasts. Specifically, it looks like the backlash theme-of-the-month is correlation vs. causation, possibly in reaction to the success of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier’s recent big data book in which they argued for dispensing “with a reliance on causation in favor of correlation”"

Mar 25, 13

Fascinating article from a teacher thriving in the standardized testing environment. Fascinating.

"Last year, working with the same cohort of students (by then fifth graders), I tried to find more learning opportunities that focused on data. We used math websites like TenMarks that enable students to learn about their own learning even as they practice new skills. We analyzed information graphics and dove into ways of presenting numerical information. We explored how numbers shape our understanding of ourselves and the world. And much of their enthusiasm and curiosity for these tasks came out of their interest in numbers from standardized testing.

I've thus come to believe there's a role for standardized testing within education. As a limited portion of a multiple measure evaluation system, it helps teachers understand how well we've taught over the course of a year. It also helps students understand how much they mastered over that year and makes them agents in their own learning."

Feb 24, 13

This useful tool analyzes data without the statistical jargon but will make it simple as you analyze it. This is something you may want to use with students as they analyze data from Google forms or other original research.

Jan 10, 13

World register of marine species. It is open data -you can download and use it. We are going to see a new world of open data where students are explorers. Do they know how to download and use it? Do you? The data divide will be there for kids who don't know how to analyze data on spreadsheets. This is part of the STEM future we should be moving towards. Why not start here?

Aug 28, 12

Much like wolfram alpha, this explorer on Google lets you explore data from a variety of providers.

Jan 02, 12

Researchers will enjoy this humorous struggle of a researcher to analyze data.

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