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Jul 26, 12

Just got this notice. It is important. If this is your school, please consider applying:

"I thought you and your readers might be interested in a new grant program for helping kids in low-income schools anonymously text and phone in reports of cyberbullying and bullying. SchoolReach (, a provider of automated notification systems, will be awarding a total of $100,000 in grants to support implementation of its anonymous bullying reporting platform, the CyberBully Hotline.

The CyberBully Hotline includes, among other things, a school building-specific telephone number for accepting both text messages and voice calls anonymously, a wallet card for each student containing the hotline number, and other anti-bullying materials and resources.

Grant applications are available online at the CyberBully Hotline Web site at, and the deadline is October 31, 2012.

You can find more information at"

Jun 13, 12

The cyberbullying research center focuses on collecting information about cyberbullying. If you're studying and sharing information on cyberbullying, you'll want to delve into this website.

Jun 13, 12

This is a set of videos, lesson plans, and activities to help you plan ahead about how you'll discuss cyberbullying with your students. Use current events - that is what we do in the Digiteen project - it is the best way to make it relevant. Remember that empowering bystanders is the proven way to help reduce bullying. (Olweus method of dealing with bullying.)

Jun 13, 12

As your school discusses cyberbullying, this powerpoint can give you a starting point for planning the assembly.

Jun 13, 12

I am not sure if this legislation will "end trolls" in the UK but certainly it is taking an aggressive approach against anonymous trolls who harrass people. It sure seems like it would take a lot of manpower to administer this but I do think the free for all anonymity and way that people can harrass is over the top.

Interesting approach. (Also a video on the topic.

On Friday, the UK High Court ruled that the social networking site Facebook should reveal the IP addresses and any other relevant information about users who conducted an online bullying campaign against a house-bound Brighton resident. Nicola Brookes received a torrent of abuse after posting a message in support of the former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza., including a fake profile being set up in her name that claimed she was a paedophile and drug dealer.

- This article also includes resources to teach and help children with cyberbulllying including a whole-school assembly.

May 25, 12

This is an activity to help students roleplay and discuss bullying situations. Prepare and plan ahead to create awareness in your school but also note that you should understand the definition of bullying. Every time someone yells at another- it is NOT bullying behavior. Bullying implies unequal power in a relationship and relies on intimidation and is unfair. When two "equal" parties disagree you have a disagreement, usually. I do think that often the term bullying is overused to talk about tough circumstances that may or may not be bullying at all.

Apr 16, 12

Brainpop is a partner with TES out of the UK (that I write about all the time) here are some resources from them linked from the website. IF you love brainpop, you'll want to go here to access and share the free resources. The two most popular right now are a movie/ quiz/ and activity about smoking and another one on probability. They also have some bullying resources that you may want to integrate.

Mar 19, 12

Got a behavior problem? Behavior management expert Tom Bennett has a set of classroom resources for all types of problems you may have. Because he's from the UK, you're likely to find some fresh ideas here.

Nov 09, 11

I heard Tina Meier speak at our school yesterday. The mother of Mega Meier, the child who killed herself after an adult pretending to be a teenager on myspace concocted a vicious cyberbullying attack on her, Tina is a powerful, poised speaker. Our local teen resource center brought her in to speak to all of the schools in our area. I highly recommend her as a great speaker. If you're having problems, give her a call.She relaates to the kids in a very non preachy way. This is an important story for students to hear about as well.

Nov 09, 11

Here are some great antibullying resources to share with your school. If you're looking for some fresh ideas, I think there are some good ones here. These are taking from anti bullying week which runs the week of November 14-18 in the UK. It is good to look at resources from different countries on this important topic. We need to mix things up so we don't stay stagnant in our approach.

Nov 02, 11

An article about Cyberbullying and how to recognize one and what to do to help. I think the point about bullies counter-accusing of bullying is an important one just because I've seen it happen so much!

Oct 25, 11

Great music video to show your classes anti #cyberbullying theme. Please RT

Oct 19, 11

Tips for parents to help their child with cyberbullying.

"Research suggests that between 10 – 20% of students will be a cyberbully at some poin"

Oct 07, 11

This organization has some good definitions of cyberbullying. Look here for definitions. Cyberbullying - ""Cyberbullying" is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones."

Apr 13, 11

Research center and free video focusing on research to addres and prevent bullying. This center will focus on stopping what they call "child abuse by children."

Jan 14, 11

This is the article to share with students. Sometimes seeing adults do this helps students disconnect and see a lack of civility for what it is: childish.

  • All because the men refused to be civil.
Jan 14, 11

When adults act like children.

"“Two Florida lawyers who called each other a ‘retard’ and ’scum sucking loser’ in escalating email insults [over six months] have been sanctioned by the state supreme court,”"

  • “Two Florida lawyers who called each other a ‘retard’ and ’scum sucking loser’ in escalating email insults [over six months] have been sanctioned by the state supreme court,”
  • The St. Petersburg Times provides the details of their pathetic email fight
Nov 18, 10

Important article about bullying by social media researcher-expert Danah Boyd that is right on the money. This is why I believe that projects like Digiteen where the kids research and talk and propose actions are so much more meaningful than these "assemblies" and "speeches" that are just fodder for humor and teenage satire.

  • then I hear teens complain about the assemblies and messaging that they’re forced to listen to that don’t even begin to resonate with them.
  • The cultural logic underpinning bullying is far more complex than most adults realize. And technology is not radically changing what’s happening; it’s simply making what’s happening far more visible. If we want to combat bullying, we need to start by understanding the underlying dynamics. And we need to approach interventions with an evaluation-based mindset. We won’t know how to stop bullying and no amount of legislation requiring education is going to do squat until we actually find intervention mechanisms that work. And that starts with understanding what’s happening.
  • They didn’t see rumors or gossip as bullying, regardless of whether or not it happened online. And girls didn’t see fighting over boys or ostracizing one another because of boys as bullying. They didn’t even see producing fight videos as bullying.

5 more annotations...

Nov 04, 10

Find Help is the name of the app.
You'll be happy you got your kids to install it.

New facebook app. Encourage kids to install this. It lets them report cyberbulling with one click from Facebook and links to the US National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Cyber Tip line, the national suicide prevention hotline and facebook's abuse reporting process.

  • a Denver-based company has created a Facebook application for youth to report violations to Facebook officials and connect to safety and crisis-support organizations.


    SafetyWeb's application, launched Monday, links teens to organizations including the U.S.-based National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's CyberTipline, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and Facebook's abuse reporting process.

  • When their child clicks the Find Help application, they are directed to phone numbers and links for reporting incidents.
Nov 05, 08

Lisa thuman blogged about the recent changes to the Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA) -- to those people who have rejected social networking and chats -- you're required to "educate minors on appropriate online safety including cyberbulling and interacting with others on social networking sites and in chat rooms."

How are you going to do this without using safe alternatives and then coach them on it? This is REQUIRED in the US if you get erate funds.

Get out there and get busy -- time for pushback. Lisa Thuman's article on this is an excellent read.

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