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May 15, 12

One of the great pleasures of my life is working with the Flat Classroom project but now, we have these incredible conferences -- capped at around 250 people students and educators come together to envision the future of education and understand 21st century learning environments by experience. We flatten the conference as students pitch ideas to teachers and vice versa. Our goal is you leave the conference ready to collaborate. It is intense but it is life changing and fun. Hope you can join us - here are the dates - go to our website to find out more. This is run by our 501(c)3 nonprofit. We do take donations to help students from countries without the finances to send them be at the conference so we can represent true diversity and inclusiveness as we talk about education.

Flat Classroom® Conference heads to Europe (Germany December 6-8, 2012) and Asia (Japan March 8-12, 2013) - here's the information you need to get started to plan your trip!! Bring your students and join us! I'm taking a group of students to Germany so if you want to come early and tour with us, let me know!

Mar 18, 12

The second winning video also advocated the use of games in education. This video won second place. They advocate that games be aligned with content areas and standards so they can be taken from country to country. This is what students want but do we get what they are asking? I think it fascinating that both top ideas include the gamification of education.

Mar 14, 12

Tips for planning an event (via my friend Julie Lindsay.) These are some great tips on planning an event that we're looking to take to heart for Flat Classroom.

Jun 14, 11

David Deeds traveled from inner China with a group of incredible students to the conference in Beijing. This is a great write up and the title really says it all "Working Hard, Having Fun" - the interesting thing is that only about 10% of teachers had criticism - they wanted it to be just lecture, they said working on projects was hard. ;-) But that is ok. As people begin to understand project based pd, they will hopefully gravitate to the learning mechanism that works for their learning style, although I think everyone should have to do projects every so often to keep skills sharp!

Oh, we'll be back in India in 2012 and are in the process of considering sites for our next full conference in 2013. This conference is run by our nonprofit which provides scholarships and discounts for the students attending the conference.

Oct 21, 09

You can find information out about the Flat Classroom conference and also view our video documentary of last year's conference also. This year Julie Lindsay, Bernajean Porter, and I are running the student strand which will also incorporate educators as well.

Sep 16, 09

Looking forward to presenting in New York State on January 15, 2010 for the Technology Leadership Institute. They have quite a line of up for their speaker series this year including myself, Dr. Jason Ohler, Michael Horn, Dr. Gary Stager, Steve Hargadon, and David Pogue.

This page has information on attending and signing up for these sessions. If you read this blog and attend, please introduce yourself.

Feb 23, 09

Those going to NCTIES - get out your cameras and share a video on youtube. Can you do it? Will be heading to NCTIES and California in a week and a half and am so excited!

Nov 21, 08

Maine's student tech conference from Ernie Easter (one of my favorite Maine educators.)

Sep 20, 08

"Engineering and Computing Career Conference (ECC) is a two day conference for high school girls to explore engineering majors offered at Georgia Tech. The 2008 ECC will be held on October 23 & 24 at Georgia Tech's Bill Moore Student Success Center."

This is a great event to pass along to your female students who excel in math and science. To be held at my alma mater.

  • Engineering and Computing Career Conference (ECC) is a two day conference for high school girls to explore engineering majors offered at Georgia Tech.  The 2008 ECC will be held on October 23 & 24 at Georgia Tech's Bill Moore Student Success Center.
Sep 13, 08

I am so excited about the NCTIES conference in California. The North Carolina Technology Group is making a complete overhaul in everything they do and wow, Ellen Minter is just doing amazing work. This will be one of the few times I'll "get out" this year.

The conference is NCTIES Instruction 2.0 Engineering Change Conference in Raleigh NC on March 4 - 6, 2009. This will be phenomenal and I'm so excited.

Right after this conference, I'll jet out to CUE to present on Friday.

Don't get out a lot, but when I do it is so great to meet all of you out there. We all have so much in common!

Aug 23, 08

K12 open minds conference about open source software and its use in education to be held in Indianapolis in late September. Great opportunity.

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