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Sep 01, 12

"Disruption doesn't care about legagies" says this article discussing the major disruption hitting the "wintel" market as the computing industry is becoming forever changed by the new preferences in computing devices and how we use them since the inception of broadband. An important article to read, the graphic in this article says it all about the size of businesses.

Education would do well to read and understand that a similar disruption is coming to education and indeed, is already here. "Disruption doesn't care about legacy." From the school on the corner to the pristine ivory tower down the road, read these words and know that in 10 years someone is going to be doing a similar chart on education. The parallels are ground shaking.

Mar 25, 12

History of computing - some of the best articles from the last 20+ years on computing history. I will use some of these with kids (except link to Steve Jobs' playboy interview.)

Sep 20, 09

Using their wide scale analysis of 15,000 organizations, this study is a must read for IT leaders everywhere.

On the home front, It seems like the biggest flaws on home PCs lie with Flash, Acrobat Reader, Java, QuickTime, and Microsoft Office. It's important to make sure these applications and plug-ins are all updated to their latest versions and that older versions are uninstalled.

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