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Nov 25, 13

Visual recognition and intelligent identification of objects is making progress. Soon, just a picture of a child could tell everyone that child's name if simple facial recognition is used. This is more than just facial recognition but is rather, trying to teach a computer to learn. This is an interesting article.

"The aim is to see if computers can learn, in the same way a human would, what links images, to help them better understand the visual world.

The Never Ending Image Learner (NEIL) program is being run at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

The work is being funded by the US Department of Defense's Office of Naval Research and Google.

Since July, the NEIL program has looked at three million images. As a result it has managed to identify 1,500 objects in half a million images and 1,200 scenes in hundreds of thousands of images as well as making 2,500 associations."

Jan 29, 13

My friend Alfred Thompson went back into the classroom on Monday. After leaving Microsoft, he just couldn't stay away from the classroom. He's such a great person and I know he's going to rock the classroom. I've always recommended his blog and suggest that you follow him and subscribe to his blog as well, particularly if you teach computer fundamentals or computer science or applications.

Dec 31, 11

David Truss challenges the thinking of computers on wheels and advocates instead having projectors on wheels. He is someone actually doing this so his words ring true to me.

Dec 05, 08

Fascinating presentation on netbooks in the classroom by Doug Belshaw, John Johnston, and Noel Jenkins.

Sep 29, 08

Received this great article from Kathy Schrock about the 50 most significant moments in Internet history. Fascinating article from CNET.

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