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Apr 12, 13

I totally agree, students should learn programming and be exposed to it. I love Kevin Jarrett's STEM lab and what he's doing. Read this and discuss. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to code or if your teachers are afraid they are going to have to learn. Make it a priority. If you want to add volleyball, you find someone to coach it. If you want to add programming, find someone to teach it, it is that simple. I think this model of "everyone integrates" is great b/c everyone SHOULD integrate but to think or fantasize that technology integration is the same as teaching Computer Science is to think that a kind who can skate is ready to drive a car - not even in the same ballpark.

Dec 12, 12

Computer science is the innovation engine today, while right now most schools just ask students to use computers. This K12 resource pack from NCWIT (National Computing & Women in Technology) is a great set for all guidance counselors and curriculum coordinators to review to understand career tracks and advice to give students who want to move into the very important STEM fields. Base your facts on education not on describing the only person you know who ended up in computers.

Oct 24, 12

My students and I have been playing with Aurasma today on our ipads and iphones. You have to have a unique image (digital or distinct images are best) and you can attach animations or videos to them. So, a book's page can have a video attached or a painting could have a description attached. It is very cool. This TED video explains the concept.

Sep 11, 12

"Yesterday is used a quote from an educator friend of mine that “I may be the best thing that happens in my students and my staff's lives that day. I can handle the other stuff. They come first.” "

Alfred Thompson ponders the importance of wanting to be the best part of a student's day. While it relates to computer science, it relates to all teaching as well. Great thoughts.

Nov 11, 11

Stacey Roshan writes about AP Calculus (which she flips, btw) but I think that this pondering on how she thinks classes should be redesigned to be online/ blended. I think her views are valuable because she's already flipping. Such views are very valuable and perhaps someone reading this will give her a chance to redesign Calculus or AP computer science in this way. Interesting post.

Jun 28, 11

Some major computer science programs at top universities are seeing a slight uptick in the number of women going into the programs. Citing statistics from Harvard (up from 13% to 25%) and MIT (a 28% jump in 3 years), and Carnegie Mellon (from 1/5 in 2007 to 1/4 last year.)

Most think it is the economy although some attribute programs to get more women interested in the programs.

Mar 02, 11

July 11-13, 2011
Columbia University Faculty House
64 Morningside Drive
New York, NY 10027

  • July 11-13, 2011
      Columbia University Faculty House
      64 Morningside Drive
      New York, NY 10027
Aug 03, 09

The new Computer Science survey is out from US high schools - the findings do not bode well for computer science:

"the number of schools offering Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP CS) has declined significantly in the last six years. In 2005, 40 percent of respondents indicated AP CS was offered at their school. This number decreased to 32 percent in 2007 and to 27 percent in the 2009 survey. AP CS is in many cases the most rigorous course offered by schools. "

I wonder how many programs are introducing programming concepts at other levels or using something like Scratch. Should Computer science just be defined as AP computer science?

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