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Nov 30, 13

While not everyone community is as forward thinking as Kalamazoo, Michigan (which gives every child in that community a free college education at a public university of their choice in Michigan), helping children from low income families apply for college is imperative. I love this article because it gives practical advice and discusses the issues as well as some creative approaches. I think that the least communities could do is fund college application fees for low income students... helping kids go to college is a start, but a very important one.

From this AP Article from NBC Latino...
"Yet, nationally, about half of high school graduates from families making below $18,300 enrolled in college in 2012 compared to about 80 percent of those whose families earned above $90,500, according to the College Board.
In Washington, where Duarte lives, only 30 percent of high school graduates go to college – a lower percentage than the number who drop out of high school, despite the city having the highest level of college attainment in the nation, according to the College Board.
Nearly all the students at Roosevelt qualify for free or reduced lunches.
To help create a college-going culture, a bulletin board near the school’s front doors features the names of seniors and the colleges they were accepted to. College acceptances are announced over the intercom."

May 09, 13

I'm recording another episode of "Every Classroom matters" interviewing some of the teachers and organizers in the Chicago Early STEM college movement. As I researched for this show, I found this report out of North Carolina reporting an increase in test scores. A county here in Georgia is also implementing Early college stem as well. STEM is something every school needs (listen to the earlier show I recorded w/ Kevin Jarrett) but this is an interesting approach.

"Just two years after it opened, a North Carolina high school has found that teaching students the principles of STEM can boost test scores and keep learners engaged. That’s prompting the school to ask, “If we can do it, why can’t other schools do it, too?”

The school has a mouthful of a name: the Wake NC State University STEM Early College High School. It has attracted many students to its Raleigh campus – first generation-college students, minorities, and students from poor backgrounds – who are underrepresented in STEM fields. But in 2012, students did far better than average on the state’s standardized exams, with more than 95 percent passing."

Apr 12, 13

College / high school is being done in Georgia with the ACCELL program. I think the biggest issue is that it is accelerating classes and perhaps might be ahead of high school, but I promise, it isn't college. I have some concerns but am glad that it is helping people get started towards college. I just think care must be taken to ensure the quality and calibre of teaching and content, particularly if transfer credits are being required in state.

May 13, 12

A ranking of higher education institutions has the US at the top, largely because of how published it is in higher education journals. One has to wonder if this metric will change as open research and open publication methods begin gaining importance.

Apr 21, 12

Share this with college bound students. the author points out that colleges are looking for a well rounded student body rather than a well rounded student. She thinks you should deeply participate in a few activities over a long period rather than a lot of different ones for short periods. Sharing with my children and parents now.

Dec 09, 11

This is why I love Ellen Bremen's writing. In this post she tackles
a sensitive issue when students have a professor who is behaving innappropriately. She's sort of a dear abby for profs and students.

Nov 19, 11

The charts cited in this article point out that college is more important than ever, especially for women- who need a college degree to make as much as a man with just a high school diploma. For everyone, college is essential just to make "a liveable wage." read and share. Ali to your students so they can make an educated decision. And if you say your students aren't "college material" then you are saying they are destined to be poor. That is just not good enough.

Jul 18, 11

Tip from this story is that if you're getting ready to graduate and want to get a job, get a paid internship during college:

""While there have been some modest signs of improvement over the past few months, statistics show the employment situation for college graduates and other young adults remains difficult." Unemployment among youths in their early twenties has improved somewhat from a low last year, but at 14.5% remains above the average unemployment rate. While choosing an in-demand major tends to improve the odds of getting a job, the employment difficulties affect almost every field, experts said. They added that "getting an internship - particularly a paid internship" during college can be very helpful when students later begin their job search. A recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that "60% of paid interns working with for-profit companies received job offers compared with 38% of people with unpaid internships."

Jul 14, 11

Colleges are struggling because incoming students aren't ready for the rigors of college. Here is a clip of a press release about how some colleges are using Knewton.

"Today, educational technology company Knewton announced that its award-winning Adaptive Learning PlatformÔ has been selected by Penn State University (PSU), University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), the State University of New York (SUNY), and Mount St. Mary’s University to power college readiness courses that will help condition incoming students for the rigors of college-level academics and identify and address academic areas of improvement for each student. Recognizing the successful implementation of blended learning at ASU, both state universities with large student bodies like SUNY, Penn State, and UNLV, and small selective private universities like Mount St. Mary’s are turning toward Knewton’s Adaptive Learning PlatformÔ to power their college readiness programs.

College preparedness continues to be an issue that impacts students across the nation and can hinder a student’s chance of completing a four-year university program. According to the Alliance for Excellence in Education, 50 percent of students who enter college remediation programs fail to reach graduation. "

Jul 13, 11

Search tool to help you find the best scholarships online. With a high school junior, I'll be working here.

Apr 11, 11

Colleges actually spend LESS educating students than students are paying. From Stephen Downes as cited from the Chronicle of Higher Education April 8, 2011.

Sep 21, 10

Great article to share with your seniors as they consider college.

"Under the headline "College Grads Expand Lead in Job Security," the Wall Street Journal (9/20, A1, Dougherty) reports that the difference between college-educated workers and those without college educations has expanded during the recession, both in terms of job losses and compensation. The unemployment rate is lower for college educated workers, as is the average amount of time needed to find new employment. "We are experiencing a period of shared misery, where workers at all education levels are struggling," said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute. However, "It is certainly evident that those with college educations are faring much better than those with less education," he adds. "

  • The classmates illustrate a divide between the fortunes of Americans with college degrees and those without. It's not only that the college educated earn more, but that they are far more likely to keep their jobs when times get tough.
  • The unemployment rate for workers 25-and-older with a bachelor's degree or higher was 4.6% in August, for example, compared with 10.3% for those with just a high-school diploma. That's a 5.7-percentage-point gap, compared with a gap of only 2.6 percentage points in December 2007 when the recession began.
  • heir median duration of unemployment was 18.4 weeks as of August, compared with 27.5 weeks for high-school grads.

2 more annotations...

Apr 28, 10

College Summit has announced the winners of its first annual peer-to-peer student video contest. The contest encouraged high school seniors across the country to produce videos that illustrate how peers can inspire and motivate others to attend college.

Aug 24, 08

Perusing the internet, this software comes VERY HIGHLY recommended by college roommates splitting bills. I wish I'd had this while I was in college. (Some report that they used it while taking trips as well.)

Let me ask you this, will your last year's graduating seniors have enough web savvy to know how to set this up online? Is it because of anything you taught them?

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