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Apr 16, 08

You may want to take a look at this research study for the horizon project research. This study looked at authority in social classification systems by studying delicious.

  • einberg, Melanie (2006) An Examination of Authority in Social Classification Systems. In Furner, Jonathan and Tennis, Joseph T., Eds. Proceedings 17th Workshop of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group in Classification Research 17, Austin, Texas.
  • Merging of personal collections into a group-indexed aggregate collection.   The bookmarks manager is the primary example of a social classification system used throughout this paper.
Apr 08, 08

Fascinating article about cross-disciplinary collaboration. This is becoming something that is possible through new means of using the Internet.

  • aimed at getting students and professors from different disciplines to collaborate in studying the environmental ramifications of production and consumption.
Apr 06, 08

The complete works of edgar allen poe are available for the ipod for free here at mogopop. I hope more books will be added.

Apr 05, 08

Microsoft continues to attempt to negotiate with Yahoo -- this is an important piece of information to take a look at for the horizon project students -- Microsoft + Yahoo = A viable competitor for google? Is Google hurting Microsoft that much? These are things to look at as you review emerging trends.

Apr 05, 08

This New York Times article on the Open Content Alliance is an essential article for librarians and media specialists to read. It is also important for those following the fight for information and control of that information.

In this case, the Open Content Alliance wants to make books that they scan available to any search engine while Microsoft and google are aggressively approaching libraries for exclusive access to their content. (which could be rescanned by another later, possibly.)

Librarians and media specialists should understand this... when will people approach schools to scan annuals or student produced works? Maybe that is a while off, but for now, be aware that it is probably inevitable.

  • Open Content Alliance
  • , a nonprofit effort aimed at making their materials broadly available.
  • Libraries that agree to work with Google must agree to a set of terms, which include making the material unavailable to other commercial search services. Microsoft places a similar restriction on the books it converts to electronic form. The Open Content Alliance, by contrast, is making the material available to any search service.

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Apr 01, 08

Open source now has a new meaning -- the traditional term has meant "open source software" but now, increasingly it is meaning "open source information" -- as US spy agencies are talking about the use of more open source information, or information taken from openly available and free sources on the Internet.

As we teach new terminology and how to understand the words that make our world meaningful, it is increasingly important to teach students to watch and understand the evolution of language. This is an excellent case study.

This is also an important term and article to be reviewed by students involved in the Horizon project that are analyzing government trends and our changing world.

  • Now, however, the President's Daily Brief and other crucial intelligence reports often rely less on secrets from risky espionage missions than on material that's available to just about anyone.
  • Such material is known as "open-source intelligence" or, in the acronym-laden parlance of the 16 federal agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community, OSINT. The explosion of information available via the Internet and other public sources has pushed the collection and analysis of that material to the top of the official priority list in the spy world, intelligence officials say.
  • Federal commissions repeatedly have criticized the intelligence community for not moving more quickly and aggressively to exploit open-source information.

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Mar 29, 08

I wrote this post to outline the progression I take my classes through to get them to the state where they may collaborate directly with students in another country. I put a lot of time and thought into the progression of collaborative skills.

  • Nate and others, you may also want to see my slideshow about the 7 steps to a flat classroom showing on this page. - Vicki Davis on 2008-03-30
Mar 29, 08

This is a very honest, open discussion between educators about why diigo or delicious -- I think the fact we can have this conversation within diigo at all says a lot for the usefulness of the tool. Diigo is an emerging tool for social bookmarking and collective intelligence.

  • Lisa Parisi

    This morning I came here before I went to twitter. This seems to be the place to be right now. Still not sure of all the groupings, taggings, etc. Reading what everyone writes and hoping to get it soon
  • Will play on Sunday with Karen McMillan and Alice Barr. Anyone else want to join? Anyone want to teach?
  • Ryan Bretag

    I'll join in the fun if you'll have me. Let me know time when you know.

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Mar 28, 08

This incredible chart says it all about the importance of wiki collaboration. This should also be a message to bloated bureaucracies looking to squeeze that last bit of efficiency out of already overworked staff. This is an important chart for horizon project students to include, I believe.

Mar 27, 08

Users of XO -- this is a srver that allows people to share anything on their XO laptop with others -- there is a link with discussions and information on this server -- so if you have an XO laptop-- take a look. This is sharing knowledge.

Mar 26, 08

This youtube video explains the "deal" with Diigo and how it can be used. This is excellent for researchers and educators. (You could even use this for grading!)

Mar 26, 08

Collaborative writing project between two classroom teachers -- it will be done on a Google Doc and it is between elementary classrooms -- you may sign up now! Lisa Parisi and Brian Crosby have set it up.

Mar 25, 08

A diigo list that Kristin Hokanson is creating for teachers of shakespeare. Many of us are experimenting with diigo because of several useful features. It imports and exports from delicious and posts to twitter automatically too.

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