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Feb 24, 13

Hackpad is an interesting tool. It claims to be a wiki but is more google doc-ish. They call them "smart" collaborative documents. You'll still need emails to invite people. It would be interesting to try out because you can link to other pads using the @ sign and it is also suited to iPHone and Android tools.

Feb 24, 13

Collaborative Writing Rubrics - this is the rubric used for the video artifact and wikis on the Flat Classroom project. 

Jan 05, 13

A document that I've referenced about creating collaborative, engaging teams. 

"Engagement theory is based upon the idea of creating successful collaborative teams that work on ambitious projects that are meaningful to someone outside the classroom. These three components, summarized by Relate-Create-Donate, imply that learning activities:

occur in a group context (i.e., collaborative teams)
are project-based
have an outside (authentic) focus"

Jan 03, 13

This is an excellent post-reflective post from a fantastic student. You can see that she drafted in a word processor and pasted it in and then embedded the videos. Knowing how to use features of various programs in tandem is part of being fluent in software. Not just can they use one program or another but can they use them together to become more efficient and effective in the task at hand.

Jan 03, 13

If you look at this editing tab, you can see that GrantG did a great job in his comments of documenting what he did. If we can get more students documenting their work as they edit, it makes the process of collaborative writing more powerful and faster as well as the ability to see what happened where.

""I wrote an introductory paragraph for our section. I asked my teacher and she said that because our topic has to do with current news, we can organize it in a way that includes introduction and conclusion paragraphs with a more list-like format in the middle. This is the reason I added a section for examples. Feel free to add relevant current news information as you find it!""

Jan 02, 13 is the companion website for the terminology app for the ipad/ iphone. You can also shorten and share definitions. The main problem I had is if you use a diigo box, the search box tries to take over the words. Nice clean dictionary.

Jan 02, 13

An interactive encyclopedia of courts and judges editing in a wikipedia-like format but with a commitment to be  unbiased - it will be interesting to see how this works, but the traffic is very respectable and the aim is a great one, if they can pull it off.

Jan 02, 13

"Ballotpedia is a nonprofit and nonpartisan collaborative encyclopedia designed to connect people to politics. Topics include: elections, congress, state executive officials, state legislatures, recall elections and ballot measures. You can find a full list of projects here.
Ballotpedia's staff and volunteers particularly focus on the so-called "down-ballot" candidates and ballot measures that typically receive less attention.
Ballotpedia is a wiki, which means anyone can improve it. By adding your knowledge and fixing mistakes, the quality and depth of Ballotpedia's information improves over time.
Why we do it
We believe in the power of information to transform lives and politics, and we're committed to making the most knowledge available to the greatest number of people. In addition to Ballotpedia, the Lucy Burns Institute hosts Judgepedia to collect information on our judiciary. The more informed we are as voters, the better our government becomes.
Ballotpedia isn't a part of any political party and we don't support candidates. We're simply a community of users dedicated to fairness and openness in politics, on both sides of the aisle. Our users welcome responsible, knowledge-building contributions from anyone who wants to participate.
How it works
Ballotpedia was originally formed by the Citizens in Charge Foundation on May 30, 2007. In March of 2008, the Sam Adams Alliance became Ballotpedia's sponsor, continuing their mission of using online media to promote access to government."

May 13, 12

A middle school teacher known only as "Seldy" shares his interactive language arts notebook in this blog post. The notebook is truly something special but even more astounding, he acknowledges that many of the pages he found on Pinterest. Pinterest is ideal for teachers and makes it super easy to share. (I have a Pinterest for beginners post for those who want an invite.) if you teach upper elementary into high school language arts, take time to peruse this notebook. Nice work!

Apr 08, 12

This is an excellent comparison and research guide for citation generators from librarian Melissa Bowles-Terry at the University of Wyoming. All library websites should have similar information.

Feb 20, 12

Excellent overview of the term community of practice. The origin of the term and the use of it in education is important as many of us are working through the social aspects of learning. I have seen that when established community habits and expectations occur, that learning is facilitated and the group as a whole becomes more engaged and focused. I'm citing this research in my new book about collaborative writing from Eye on education.

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