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Nov 30, 13

Erin Klein shares her principles for setting up an effective classroom design with tips especially relevant to elementary teachers. Filling the wall full of charts and clutter from floor to ceiling isn't only a problem with the fire marshal but may actually be making it harder for students to learn. Listen to this awesome conversation to learn more.

Nov 30, 13

Erin Klein is my go-to person for classroom design. Her love for interior design and teaching as well as her passion to pursue the researched based best practices make her a favorite. I interviewed her on Every Classroom Matters not too long a go about her methods, but here's a great post that goes into it more deeply as well.

Aug 21, 13

Great ideas for using Google Drive, calendar, docs, forms, groups, and more in the classroom. A nice, public, presentation.

Mar 14, 13

I have some sample "Magic erase sheets" in my classroom and LOVE THEM. You can stick them to ANY wall. They make them gridded or plain and they stick everywhere. I've been using dry erase boards but the problem was they wouldn't stick. So, now, I can use these and stick them anywhere. I love them. I'd get a box of sheets and use them in the classroom. Very cool.

Sep 11, 12

I LOVE sticky notes and use them all the time. Here are some ideas from edutopia about many ways to use them. One tip from me: get the "extra sticky" sticky notes - or you'll be finding them all over the floor.

Jul 08, 12

Great resources for Parent's day. Review these and plan ahead.

Jun 21, 12

Here are some display boards that you can use in your classroom as you prepare for the start of the new school year. I hope you'll add your own (there is a competition and you can win money!)

Mar 12, 12

New to Livebinders or want to do more? Here are some good Tips and Tricks:
RT @LivescribeK12: Livebinder from @kylepace has great resources for using smartpens in the #classroom

Nov 01, 11

Our keynote for Flat Classroom 11-3 from Anne Mirtschin. Big Little Classrooms. Worth a watch.

Guiding Questions:
1. Why do you think this Keynote is called 'Big Little Classrooms"?
2. What are some of the technologies used by students at Hawkesdale to connect and communicate with people around the world?
3. What are some of the techniques used by the teacher, Anne Mirtschin, to create these rich connections for the students?
4. Anne states, "Some of the best leaning takes place in a virtual classroom where there can be live links". What are your thoughts about this?
5. How important is it to make real-time connections during a global collaborative project?

Jun 26, 09

Mr. Robbo, the PE Geek, filmed this video on his cell phone about how he uses QR Codes in the classroom. He filmed it on his cellphone and uploaded it to qik -- he is in Australia!

Dec 16, 08

Fascinating video from a flat classroom student -- I love the scene with one student on the moon talking to another in the clouds. This is an excellent work from Heather in Kansas.

This won the top award on the project

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