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Nov 12, 12

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is encouraging individuals and community groups in New York City to apply for grants that will allow citizen scientists to collect information on air and water pollution in their communities and seek solutions to environmental and public health problems. The EPA will award a total of $125,000 for five to 10 New York City projects related to air or water pollution."

Nov 12, 12

Some incredible citizen science projects that make a difference when there are natural disasters. Scientific American has been cataloging a lot of great projects including Volunteer Field Observer Programs for the spill in the Gulf, a Redwood Watch program to monitor redwoods, and earthquake monitoring and more. This page includes energy and sustainability project. I think every science class should have citizen science as part of their curriculum to add meaning and improve our world.

Jun 20, 12

Citizen science is somethhing we go into extensively in chapter 2 of Flattening Classrooms,Engaging Minds and here is yet anonther example of the power of citizen science. Fascinating happenings in this area and a great way for students to get involved. From my discussions with the scientists involved in the Shout Learning tree banding project,, it is relatively simple to "remove the noise" of errant data.

Jun 01, 11

Another citizen science network. There are a ton of citizen science resources available on this website including a project to help track and save American Robins. You can also add projects here and blog. Another great place for projects. This website lets one rate projects as well. There are many games on this website. This is a definite goldmine for science teachers!

Jun 01, 11

One can also list projects on this website. It might be interesting for students to create their own projects.

Jun 01, 11

A citizen science project monitoring nature and contribute to colelctive biological understanding. Every science classroom should find an appropriate citizen science project to do in their classrooms on an ongoing basis. Become part of research.

Jun 01, 11

NASA calls for Citizen scientists to help map Mars and says that citizen scientists "have helped to answer serious scientific questions, provide vital data to the astronomical community, and have discovered thousands of objects including nebulas, supernovas and gamma ray bursts."

It is time to join your classrooms into the citizen scientist movement. How would your students feel about science if they helped discover a star?

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