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12 Feb 14

If you want to play my BAM Radio show in your Chrome browser, here's how you do it.

06 Feb 14

You can take notes anywhere. Each of us should decide what type of digital notebook we want to have. I use Evernote but there are other options.

10 Sep 13

There are some new apps in Chrome. I've installed the "pocket" app. These are basically apps that stand alone but sort of have chrome running in the background. Here's information on these handy tools to help you get more done. I do recommend Pocket (and have the app for my ipad as well) for offline reading. There are times I find a great article that I know I want to read, when I click "add to pocket" it puts it into pocket and then, when I sit down to read at night, there's the personal magazine assembled from the day's interests.

12 Jul 12

If you want to be more productive, set your Chrome bookmarks to sync across computers using your Google account. One of the issues I have with Chrome bookmarks is that you can't insert dividers. You can, however, with the hack from this website, holohub, that has made the icon (called a favicon) as a dividing line. Just bookmark the page to the bookmark bar. Right click and click "edit" and remove all of the text. Now, you have a divider.Granted, it takes more space than the equivalent built-in divider in firefox,but it still serves as a divider.

24 May 12

A nice write up about chrome books to help people understand about these tools. One important piece of advice: bandwidth is essential with cloud based computing - with no cloud you have no computing.

20 Apr 12

An excellent list of Chrome extensions. I'm such a productivity fanatic, I've found that the lightning fast Google chrome and a FEW extensions are all I need to get everything done. Firefox's last few builds have just been laggy and very slow for me, not sure why, but I now prefer Chrome.

06 Nov 11

This plug in is an incredible way to find pictures and graphics on the web. It is in Chrome and Firefox as a plug in and is very cool.

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