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Feb 02, 16

You Matter: Before You Help Students, You Must Help Yourself

You Matter: Before You Help Students, You Must Help Yourself

— …
Every Classroom Matters episode 211

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Stress caused me to lose half my hair and gain weight. Stress put Angela in the hospital three times in a year. As much as we love…
BLOGGED: You Matter: Before You Help Students, You Must Help Yourself #education

BLOGGED: You Matter: Before You Help Students, You Must Help Yourself #education

— Vicki Davis…

May 31, 13

An excellent show with Angela Maiers @angelamaiers and all of the business innovators behind the choose 2 matter movement. This show on Huff post live is a great way to find out about the Quest 2 Matter movement.

The quest is open until mid June - what a great way to end the school year.

May 09, 13

Help your kids submit their idea and work to Quest to matter. This is a great way to showcase what your students are doing. It will also open up opportunities for mentoring. If you know a kid who is doing something cool to change the world - SUBMIT IT. The end date is June 7th. Why not have your class create a quest to matter. If you haven't had a chance to do a genius project or some creative teacherpreneurship with passion projects - USE THIS opportunity. My friend Angela Maiers had this idea and many have joined in (like me) to help create a website showcasing and promoting all the great work that students are doing as social entrepreneurs to change the world. There will be a winning project that is showcased and mentored. 

Apr 17, 13

Some great things will be happening with the Quest2Matter. The top 100 will be featured in an upcoming book and the top 5 that are selected will attend the BAMMY's  - follow this movement and involve your change makers at your school. It is just starting but I expect it will be a great thing for our students.

Apr 17, 13

One of my students is the daughter of a local pediatrician and wants to go into the field herself. She created her channel last year and is continuing to add videos this year. She has a video What is the CAT/CT Scan machine that has over 53,000 views! She scans her little brother while her Dad (a pediatrician) runs the video camera. Her desire was to create videos that will help children be less afraid of the doctor and the equipment used. I think it is kind of funny the expressions her little brother has. ;-)

Apr 17, 13

A tumblr blog that 2 of my students are creating. featuring music that motivates.  They embed tumblrs and youtube videos and also share onto Twitter. If you like music, you might want to follow them. You can also submit your playlist of your favorite songs for them to share.

Apr 17, 13

Some of my students are signing up to join the Quest2matter as part of their passion projects. Here's a link to the website and the signup. If your child wants to make a difference in the world, you may want to mention this as something they want to do. Very exciting.

"The Quest2Matter is a five-week, student-focused initiative that seeks to inspire students to tackle problems that break their heart. This is an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the potential of students to think entrepreneurially and innovatively and use modern tools to solve problems that break their heart.
To learn more about the Quest2Matter, read this post.

We are looking to recruit 225 students, and teachers to help facilitate them for our DREAM TEAM! They will be helping us launch the Quest2Matter and its parent movement, Choose2Matter. See the general information and qualifications below, followed by the specific duties of each team. At the very bottom of this post, you’ll find a link to the sign-up form."

Oct 22, 12

This website has a cute free poster with positive thoughts. This was printed and put in our teacher's breakroom last week and everyone loves it. People are tearing off a thought and putting it in their pocket. I'm printing some for my classroom but am planning to have students design one for use somewhere in their life where people need encouragement. It will require a bit of graphic design, but I have room in my 9th grade course for that. Great idea.

Aug 18, 12

I am asking everyone to read this post by my new friend Jure Klepic. This is what we're doing with the #choose2matter campaign. PLEASE read, understand, and watch. I must say that Jure took 5 minutes to answer a few questions for me about social media and helped me profoundly. It is hard to fathom that before he watched Angela's talk that he wondered if he mattered. He's talented, smart, and seems to have the world at his feet. You never know who feels like they don't matter. As a teacher, this is your job - #choose2matter don't just settle to show up. Let's be more and do more for all the Christopher and Jure's out there.

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