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Aug 28, 13

Scientists confirm new element after atoms collide

New Element #115 has been announced but is not officially "approved" (which must happen before it is added to the official periodic table.)

Scientists "slammed calcium atoms into americium." Then, the element vanished quickly into a flash of radiation - but scientists could measure it. It has 115 protons at its center so that puts it at 115 on the table. This would be a great one for classes to discuss in chemistry. Neat topic.

Jun 13, 12

If you want to understand why online and virtual experiments are so attractive to science teachers, read this article about how a mistaken identity of a chemical caused the evacuation of an entire high school. In fact, this is one complaint I've heard from science teachers about thee iPad -- many of these online experiments are in flash and have yet to be converted to updated non-flash formatss.

May 16, 12

Acid rain storyboard for use in Chemistry with middle or high school students.

Apr 02, 12

An excellent selection of chemistry resources - this set is on polymers.If you're having trouble on a concept, perhaps you need a new way to teach it.

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