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Jul 04, 12

If you read my post, "Making the Case for Cell Phones in Schools" you'll see that I predicted this one. Parents are DEMANDING that their children be allowed to have their phones in schools for safety reasons. You should make friends with cell phones and find out how to use them. Very soon, you won't have a choice.

Jan 23, 12

A contest that you'll want to consider entering with your students.

Dear Lori,

Distracted driving—from texting behind the wheel to turning around to chat with friends in the backseat—can lead to deadly consequences, particularly for teens. Now your students can save lives and change attitudes by entering our Drive2Life Contest.

Challenge your students in grades 6–12 to create an exciting, innovative storyboard or script for a memorable Public Service Announcement that educates others about distracted driving. The grand–prize winner receives $1,000 and will embark on a trip to New York City, where a professional film crew will transform the student’s vision into a 30–second commercial! Four runners–up each will receive $500.

On our Drive2Life site, you’ll also find lifesaving and skill-building resources tied to National Standards, including:

A distracted driving checklist/poll
Role-playing and discussion activities
A reproducible worksheet for creating a compelling storyboard"

Jan 12, 12

Alan Gilbert, New York Philharmonic conductor stopped the orchestra to wait for a man to silence his ringing cell phone. Yes, we should have manners to silence it but he just ignored it, hoping for it to stop.

Jan 02, 12

Although this research brief is touting a particular company, the point that productive companies integrate technology, cloud computing, and telecommunications for increased productivity is ne to consider as we look at helping our students be more "productive" in their learning. i still wonder whybwe ignore telecommunications as a link to our students when it is the one technology they have with them all the time. " top performing companies were more likely to have integrated enterprise communications with other enterprise applications, and with the most current approaches to technology delivery-including cloud computing, virtualization and mobility."

Dec 28, 11

A website targeted to teens about distracted driving. It starts with a test to see how long you can keep your eyes and mind on the road. A great site for health classes or driversed. It is a bit tricky because it tricks you into doing something you might not should do but it does make a point. some kids will say it is lame but it is a start.

Dec 28, 11

Liz Kolb is using Class pager, a free tool that lets you create class alerts. There is no limit of students or parents for this private service. What is so cool is that you can also have free text polls. If you have an ipod touch you can use one of their free texting apps to interact with it as well. Here is Liz's review of the app.

Dec 18, 11

This research shows that cell phone text messages can be used curb problem drinking as compared to a control group that did not receive the text messages. This begs to ask. How can cell phone text messages be used to help with other behaviors? Studying? Test reminders? Behavioral issues? Weight loss? Cell phones are a great friend of education BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS WITH STUDENTS. Kids have a computer in their pocket that we choose to ignore because we are unwilling to teach them the proper way to behave. It is easier to lock up the phones than teach good judgement and the ability to focus. Hold kids accountable but make friends with cell phones, they are here to stay.

Dec 09, 11

Interesting conversations about teaching and texting in college. It would be great to have students weigh in on this conversation as well.

Jun 14, 11

We've all see the parent too busy responding to text messages instead of hearing their child ask them a question. Which is more important?

The research from Stanford says that there is a danger not only to the parent: our ability to focus and accomplish tasks - but to the learning of our children and perhaps their inability to develop social skills.

Who is helping who? Who is in charge - are you at the beckon of every Tweet and message or are you in control of your own life? You decide.

  • Another Stanford study about to be published suggests it could be damaging tweens' ability to develop emotional and social skills.
  • They found that people who juggle different sources of electronic information do not focus or remember as well as people who work on one task at a time.
Apr 01, 11

Important study for those who want to know what people own. Cell phone tops this list! 95% of people aged 18-34 have a cell phone with 85% of people 18+ owning one.

Feb 16, 11

This is sort of a fun article but this topic needs to be discussed on Digiteen.

  • The worst plague sweeping the world these days is smartphone addiction.
Nov 16, 10

Some communities and towns are going unplugged and pledging to not use cell phones and/or social media. This is fascinating and actually, I think can be very healthy as we learn to balance technology.

Jun 22, 10

Do, you just have SMS text messaging (like me) - well there are things you can do via SMS. Of course, I use my itouch now that I have a MiFi modem in my pocketbook, however, I teach all of my students how to google search using SMS so that they can find addresses and define words via SMS.

May 06, 10

If you want to set up your nonprofit for mobile donations, this is where you go. (from my new friend Ben Rigby introduced to me by Beth Kanter - a student and I were researching mobile giving for the netgened project.)

Mar 15, 10

Cell phones in the classroom. Summary of CTIA information from 2009 which is a basis for what is happening now. Again, this should be educator driven not industry driven, but there is potential.

  • The cellphone industry has a suggestion for improving the math skills of American students: spend more time on cellphones in the classroom.
Feb 05, 10

Interesting discussion here about cell phones in the classroom from Mary Harriet Talbut. Great comments and discussions emerging. Join in!

Jun 23, 09

Mobile barcodes are a cool way that cell phones are now being used - integrating pictures with SMS - it is called MMS.

Hardlinking or linking using barcodes in the real world to the virtual world is an emerging trend of how the world wide web is evolving.

  • "The goal was to make the athletes more personal to the Nike 6.0 consumer,
  • Jagtag's MMS 2D bar code system works with every camera phone on the Verizon Wireless and AT&T networks.
  • Jagtag's platform is a means to deliver audio, video and pictures to a mass mobile audience, which may not have an all-you-can-eat data plan.

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Sep 21, 09

Great points from Stephanie Sandifer on cheating - when she talked about how she cheats every day by using a copy of something from a coworker - I may have already linked to this but it is so powerful, I came back to it!

Here were my thoughts for Stephanie:
"I love how you say that you're "cheating every day." Certainly LEARNING is important, but to me, learning how to find answers and solve problems is the MOST important skill. Some teachers and I were discussing how some kids have book knowledge but fumble at doing science experiments! The practical knowledge eludes many that are good memorizers and what is a good education. To me, rote memorization precludes many from "feeling" educated (because of their poor grades) and makes many think they ARE educated (because of their great grades) when in fact we are indeed testing the wrong thing!

Great points here!"

Sep 09, 09

The replacement for Jott (since they began charging) this is a good entry-level cell phone tool to share in workshops so people can decide if they "get it" before they "get it." Will be using with my students this week.

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