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Oct 27, 13

This website lets you visualize your resume with a powerful infographic and is designed to work with Linked in. Have students create a similar graphic about what it will take to get to their desired career. Fascinating tool with a very specific purpose.

Oct 08, 12

We recorded a show in Atlanta with Governor Nathan Deal about helping high school students choose their career track. We also discussed what flattening the classroom means and how one can integrate the world into your classroom to create rich learning experiences. Thank you to my friend Anne, the show's host, for inviting me on.

May 04, 12

It is great to talk to students about interesting jobs. An Attitude and Orbit control systems engineer is an interesting one, particularly if you're studying flight or space.

"A case study from STEMNET outlining the work of a Attitude & Orbit Control Systems Engineer. It provides a job description and gives an insight into skills and qualifications needed

Apr 15, 12

Common Core Career lesson kit from Lenovo that you can download for free for grades K-8. 

Nov 19, 11

The charts cited in this article point out that college is more important than ever, especially for women- who need a college degree to make as much as a man with just a high school diploma. For everyone, college is essential just to make "a liveable wage." read and share. Ali to your students so they can make an educated decision. And if you say your students aren't "college material" then you are saying they are destined to be poor. That is just not good enough.

Apr 28, 10

College Summit has announced the winners of its first annual peer-to-peer student video contest. The contest encouraged high school seniors across the country to produce videos that illustrate how peers can inspire and motivate others to attend college.

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