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Jul 06, 14

Really good advice on the best #BYOD #tech for teachers from @coolcatteacher #edtech #ukedchat
Thanks @coolcatteacher we're Boyd in sept - lovely tips.
@thomascmurray @NMHS_Principal @web20classroom @ShellTerrell here's the epic #byod toolkit I did for @edutopia

@thomascmurray @NMHS_Principal @web20classroom @ShellTerrell here's the epic #byod toolki...

Dec 10, 13

"Eric Sailers has written a book you can download for free with more than 100 apps for special education teachers to use with kids on the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

Jan 12, 13

Cell phones can be used in very powerful ways in the classroom. Our fifth grade teachers have moved ahead with BYOD because they are promoting the habitude of curiosity from our workshop this week with Angela Maiers. They have a one strike policy - if you're caught off task, you may not bring the device back to school. They are loving it and enjoying it. This is a great article to share about some ways to use smart phones in the classroom.

Nov 26, 12

Another option for organizing classes and sharing your syllabus and work. There are a lot of options out there. It is important for schools to plan how work will lbe disseminated and students will connect. Bricks and CLICKS are important decisons for schools to make - where will students meet face to face and online. It is time to be discussing this now - particularly for middle and high school. 

"Schedule helps you organize your class schedule, so you know what's coming up next.Your class information can easily be copied between sections and semesters too."

Nov 16, 12

A comparison of tablet devices and mobile devices by Miguel Guhlin. As you evaluate alternatives for your school or personally (for Christmas) you should take the time to review this chart. Share it, Miguel has done a great job.

Sep 25, 12

"The students were surprised that I was allowing handheld games. I made the decision for several reasons, one of which is that I don't like to ban things that I think have positive potential. I feel that it is our job as educators to teach students how to use something properly rather than ban it because it makes us uncomfortable.

We do that a lot in education. We don't like something or do not fully understand it so we ban it. However, some very innovative districts are researching ways to allow students to bring in their own devices. They understand that we either get on board with technology because it's an integral part of our students' existence or we get left behind, and schools can't afford to get left behind.

In a report entitled BYOT: How Personal Technology is Transforming the Classroom, Greenwood-Henke says, "The "Y" and "O" are much more important that the "T" in BYOT"."

May 06, 12

A set of resources (that I have also cited on my blog) of BYOD Best practices over at TES. (Again, I do work for them and want to help start building out information in places where the most teachers can see them.) IF you have a resource, please leave a message in the comments on the page and I'll be happy to add them, or create your own resource.)

May 06, 12

This District Administrator Magazine article (citing Lucy Grey and Tim Wilson) talks about how to upgrade your infrastructure for a BYOD program. This detailed article goes into tech support, rules, and policies.

"But with technology budgets languishing and such devices becoming more powerful, affordable and omnipresent in students’ lives, district technology leaders are now eyeing a welcome educational harvest through bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs."

May 06, 12

Darren Kuropatwa writes this lovely blog post about how he would prepare for a BYOD course. 

May 06, 12

This is Miguel Guhlin's shared Evernote notebook on Bring Your Own Device. This shows how Bring Your Own Device can be done but also how useful Evernote is becoming. (Although I have to admit that I'm having a terrible problem with an update/ reinstall on my Windows 7 64 bit machine at work and have been down there for at least a month - but am working on it.) Here's a great notebook. (Hat tip to Kevin Jarrett who shared this on Facebook Sunday morning.)

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