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Dec 05, 11

If you don't understand social bookmarking, here is a common craft video called "Social Bookmarking in Plain English." It explains how social bookmarking works.

Mar 23, 11

A notetaking site that turns notes into flashcards from Jason Urton.

"I am currently working towards a masters in Computer Science at Brandeis University and have developed a site ( with a few friends that I think can help students in certain learning environments with personalized/optimized learning. Our goal is to offer a tool that allows students to take notes as they normally would while automatically building a study guide of related flashcards. When students review the cards, we use a memory decay model and a Google-style pagerank algorithm to optimize their review time. This allows students to spend their study time as effectively as possible."

Jul 18, 10

Cool website that lets you visually organize bookmarks. Kind of a neat idea.

Jul 13, 10

Another site for education news in a "digg" like format.

Jul 13, 10

JUst in my inbox - a new bookmarking site for academics.

My name is Andrew Cullison. I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at
SUNY Fredonia. I just launched a social bookmarking site for academics, and you seem like someone who might be interested in playing around with it.

You can check out the site here -

I love social bookmarking sites like Digg, but I was always disappointed with the academic content that was promoted. I thought it would be great if there were a site like Digg that only allowed academic philosophers to vote up links. That way, I would know
that the philosophy content that was voted up would definitely be up my alley. So two years ago, I started that site.

Just two days ago, I expanded the site to all areas of academia. We are in beta testing now, but the idea is to eventually set everything up so that grad students and professors only vote up links in their area or a variety of general interest categories.

It should be a quick and easy way for academics to find out what is popular in their area with their professional peers.

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