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Mar 04, 16

Kathy Cassidy shares her secrets for blogging, sharing and keeping kids safe online

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Six-year-olds can blog. Canadian first-grade teacher Kathy Cassidy has long shown …
How to Safely Connect Six-Year-Olds to the World

How to Safely Connect Six-Year-Olds to the World

— Vicki Davis (@coolcattea…
BLOGGED: How to Safely Connect Six-Year-Olds to the World #education

BLOGGED: How to Safely Connect Six-Year-Olds to the World #education

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) March…

Dec 02, 13

The Teach 100 is a ranking of top blogs in education. Many great blogs on this list - many are group blogs but there are also some single blogs (like me). Excited to be on the list, especially with recently moving my blog - many lists like this I had to start completely over. Lots of great sites here.
RT @jackiegerstein: Teach 100 list of educational blogs recommended by @Larryferlazzo #TeachDoNow #edchat

Teach 100 list of educational blogs recommended by @Larryferlazzo #Teac...

Jun 10, 14

Awesome content idea generator to help you craft blog post titles that will attract attention.

Apr 10, 14

If you're using Mailchimp (or even if you're not) these incredible resources from Mailchimp can help you work with your email list.

Apr 10, 14

Excellent article with so many ways that you can create and recreate content via the ever popular Buffer blog - a must read for bloggers.

Feb 05, 14

So if you have wordpress and have several thousand posts, there are ways to reshare that content.

Jan 29, 14

There are some back end things you should do with your authorship and Google Plus if you're a blogger. The best description/ tools is on this page - -- if you've got a snowday it might be a good day to get this straight. It is a tad of a pain but if you're blogging you should make sure it is handled.

Jan 18, 14

Here's the links to the free apps from Microsoft and Windows essentials for those of you who want LiveWRiter.

Jan 18, 14

If you have a PC and want to write offline and then upload, Windows Live Writer is your option. It is actually a very powerful (free) tool for blogging. Here's a blog post about why Scott Hanselman uses this app for his blogging. I've used it off and on but am using it even more now that I have a Surface Pro. I used to draft on my ipad in Blogsy but the biggest issue I had was adding links and full compatibility with wordpress - I can do it all on my Surface Pro using Windows Live Writer. This post links to the app and the why-to from this blogger. It works with wordpress, blogger, and more.

Dec 17, 13

If you use Wordpress the Yoast SEO plug in is by-far the best. This is the definitive guide to optimizing your SEO for Wordpress and is something appropriate for serious bloggers or school webmasters/ IT to read and understand, especially if you're using their SEO optimizer for wordpress (which is free and awesome.)

Sep 19, 13

If you have some blogging students, here's a contest they may want to enter. The contest ends Friday. The students can end prizes and be published on their blog. Pass this along to your students.

Jul 03, 13

An excellent set of infographics about blogging that I'll be using with students in the fall. Great set of discussion tools.

May 31, 13

Very cool table tool that helps you paste in Excel and generate the HTML code to paste it onto a website (without having to know coding.)

May 31, 13

Very useful tip for creating tables without coding. You create the table in Excel and then use Tablelizer to create the table. One tip, however. If you're using Blogger, you'll want to copy and paste the table itself not the HTML code. I used this to create the podcast table on my page on Blogger for Every Classroom matters, my new podcast.

Apr 19, 13

I enjoy Michael Hyatt's podcast. He has great content. This is good advice on why you're making mistakes on your blog. (I think I need to listen to tip #3 and shorten my posts. ;-)

Mar 19, 13

Cool. Lots of great blogs her. Some are new to me, but I'm going to be adding them to my (NEW) RSS reader. 

Mar 08, 13

A very interesting platform that teachers of younger students are using for them to create and share what they are doing. It seems to be more visually based rather than text based. It is free and right now has two versions, one for the classroom and another for home. It is in beta and if you sign up now it is free. Would love to hear what some of you think.

Feb 24, 13

This is a fascinating permission form hybrid because it incorporates blogs, wikis, permission to read certain novels and watch certain videos ALL in one permission form. It would be one that high school literature teachers would want to look at using. I like how it discloses how students are identified. I may adapt something like this.

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