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Jan 09, 13

All the ways to teach binary numbers. Some older lesson plans on Alfred Thompson's old blog. I teach binary numbers in my introduction to computer science blog.

Aug 27, 09

This is the curriki review system. I think I may need some help getting started. I guess my biggest struggle as I look at Curriki is that I do lesson plans an entirely different way than most of these I see here. The core of what I have is a note on my methodology but a lot of information to give to students. We spend much less time here documenting things to go to administration and more on creating really good material for students. I guess it makes me nervous thinking about submitting what I do because it will not be in the format that most teachers are used to having - it is going to take me a lot more work than I have time for to share what I'm doing now on binary numbers, for example.

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