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May 06, 12

Unearned praise always hurts kids. Tell the truth in a constructive way but be truthful. Teachers were not as critical and gave more praise when told the student was a minority. This bias hurts students in the end.

Apr 23, 12

In the UK, a very large selective authority admits that grammar school pupils favors wealthier children. The test has now caused schools to be warned against using the test because affluence plays a role in the results. Additionally, they imply that because of the influence of affluence that ethnicity is also a factor. Because coaching can have such an impact, and those with more money pay for coaching, it has been discredited. However, one could take this and apply it to the SAT in the US. I'm an SAT coach at my school and those who go through the process and take it seriously, do improve their scores much more. It is hard to remove affluence from influence but I think it is good to get this out on the table and let people know about it.

Dec 19, 08

Great post from David Truss on unintentional gender bias in the edtech community. He got me gong on the comments! I appreciate what David writes -- always very insightful.

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