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Aug 28, 13

Excellent post by Eric Sheninger about what parents should do when starting back to school. You should share it with your staff.

Jul 06, 12

Here are some back to school ideas you can download and use in your classroom. Take time to look around and start planning now.

Jul 26, 12

Back to school resource pack for kindergarten classes.

Jul 06, 12

If you like to ask your students questions when starting school, here is a 4 page "factfile" handout you can use with them. Adapt it as it is a word doc. (For grades 1-4)

Jul 04, 12

If you need ideas for back to school, here are 19 ideas with lessons and downloads. Plan now and you'll be ready.

Jul 04, 12

Materials for planning your first day and classroom procedures are available for download as you plan your fist day of school. This should be something all teachers can use.

Jun 29, 12

This back to school pack is a must download for elementary age teachers. It is in Microsoft Word format.

Jun 29, 12

This is a list of lessons for August. Bookmark it as lessons are added, you'll be able to find them here. I am reviewing the back to school lessons for my classes (I always love ideas to help welcome students and start well.) You can also upload your back to school lessons to enter the competition.

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