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Oct 24, 12

My students and I have been playing with Aurasma today on our ipads and iphones. You have to have a unique image (digital or distinct images are best) and you can attach animations or videos to them. So, a book's page can have a video attached or a painting could have a description attached. It is very cool. This TED video explains the concept.

Jun 11, 12

A flashmob at graduation? Oh yes. If you want to smile at kids and what happens in today's interconnected society watch this graduation flashmob. Without social media, I doubt this sort of thing would be possible. 

Apr 03, 12

Instagram is on Android with support for Facebook Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare but not Flickr. Increasingly, pictures are being shared due to the proliferation of websites like pinterest. It is a free app and a great way to share photographs from your phone.

Apr 03, 12

A wiki where fans edit information about things they like. Another example of a wiki that is somewhat of an offsping of wikipedia. As Wikipedia has gotten more formal in editing requirements, those who like the free-er atmosphere from the early days of wikipedia are moving elsewhere to places like this. This wiki has no notability requirements. Anything can be added that one likes.

It looks like, however, that this site has locked down editing (for now) because they didn't have enough editors. However, this is a pretty large wiki.

Mar 30, 10

My ninth graders have completed a module documenting how to do various tasks in OpenSim, the virtual world we use that is hosted by Reactiongrid. This wiki has the links, instructions, and other pages with tutorials on how to do various items. I was assessing this today and thought I'd pass it along as there is some great information to show you how to do things. (If you are a beginning second lifer you may also learn some things.)

Nov 23, 11

Here is the TGI cyber Monday app. This is for shopping on Monday.

Nov 23, 11

Black Friday? There is an app for that. TGI Black Friday. It gives you the ads. You can download them on your iphone and Android.

(OK, yes, I'm researching for shopping and sharing the good things with you.)

Nov 23, 11

AS you shop, you should download the RedLaser app for your smartphone. Compare your prices while you're in the store.

Nov 23, 11

Flipboard has its first catalog go live. Gilt Taste will launch on Flipboard in time for black Friday designed to "make people hungry and thirsty."

(I'm finding great resources for our Flat Classroom researchers.)

Nov 23, 11

So, if you want to use Twitter to find black friend deals follow both #blackfriday and #blackfridayalert .

"Tweet helpful tidbits using the hashtag #blackfridayalert and others can search the tag using the Twitter widget below."

Nov 23, 11

Finding it interesting that the New York Times is taking thanksgiving questions on the hashtag - you have to tweet @nytimesdining with the hashtag #ThanksgivingQs - what an interesting thing. Why not try it?

Nov 23, 11

Hashonomy is an interesting website that lets you figure out related hashtags. For example, here's the hashonomy page for thanksgiving. RElated tags #lovethepie #thebigcheese and #turkeytweet - I'm not quite sure why #bookshakalaka is related but OK.

Nov 16, 11

Interesting analysis on why some social games (Zynga in this case study) are having problems online. I think the "friend spam" approach is something for many of us to learn as we join spaces. This is an interesting article for FlatClassroom students to read as they analyze game based activities.

Oct 17, 11

Bjork releases an album along with 3D images in an app for the ipad. This is how artists and music are evolving. It is the first of its kind. Interesting. I'm sending this to our Flat Classroom students as they study how technology is impacting arts, entertainment, and leisure. This would make a fascinating video.

Oct 16, 11

Interesting service that pulls together all of your networks and posts to them. Just remember that Facebook and some other services make posts from third party services to lower priority and they don't go on as many streams.Interesting service.

Oct 06, 11

Steve Jobs' obituary on wired news. He died too young but lived while he lived. May innovation at Apple not die with him. I think this makes us all sad because so much of innovation in the last years have been tied up with his leadership and vision that it is hard to imagine a world without him. I think it is harder to imagine imagination without him. Do we have the creativity in us to come up with things no one has thought of and improve millions of lives?

Oct 01, 11

This is a website for graphic designers. Kind of a social network and kind of a game- here is how the new creative design landscape is evolving.

Oct 22, 10

This is how movements now happen! Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time has girls not wearing makeup on Tuesdays. T-shirts and, of course, social media, characterize what these girls are doing (and the guys who support them.)

For pundits who think social media is a negative, this is an example of how this generation redefines the world using social networking to spread statements of a generation more quickly than books can be printed.

  • Their message was heard loud and clear. The school-sanctioned club — Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time — quickly grew to 200 members. Boys at the school even formed a support group to encourage the girls.
Jul 24, 10

New "social television" - you rate your shows, watch them, "check in" on the show. This is going to be very interesting.

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