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Oct 27, 13

Remember to sign up for the Elementary art project Everyartist Live! for November 21. It will be here before you know it and you need to start your projects now.

Sep 01, 12

"Arts exposure makes students more altruistic, civically engaged, and socially tolerant." For more information, read this profile of a school by Liz Dwyer.

Jun 08, 12

Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs - This is a lesson plan for an art project creating Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs which could accompany activities studying the Ukraine.

May 09, 12

This is a fun activity where you can build your own kaleidoscope. Zefrank has a lot of creative cool things like this.

May 06, 12

This Backyardigans pirate game is more for fun but there are several games here including a mermaid game.

Mar 07, 12

A fun "pop art" set of projects. You can download this workbook to use with students. It includes T-shirt design and other fun things.

Feb 21, 12

A powerpoint featuring Renaissance art for review if you're discussing history or key art terms. 

Jan 10, 12

Another "contest" but one for art teacher bloggers. The great thing that happens is that this sort of thing helps subject area teachers find each other. If you're an art teacher, you may want to peruse this blog for links.

Jan 02, 12

iPad artist. Wow! You can do a lot with apps. See one of the best and how he does it.

Nov 02, 11

A website to let you draw and create. Tamm Worcester presented this in her #gaetc11 I attended.

Oct 01, 11

This is a website for graphic designers. Kind of a social network and kind of a game- here is how the new creative design landscape is evolving.

Jun 16, 11

A global collaboration between several classrooms who use art to communicate. Alaska, China, US. Exciting! Presented by CAthy Wolinsky from Maine in our Flat Classroom Certified teacher closing process.

Mar 25, 10

ARtist humor here -- the Font Conference

Oct 12, 09

! Of the first 10,000 drawings submitted, every school that submits at least 20 drawings will be entered into a drawing to win a $5,000 donation from Bing™ and a portion of the book proceeds.

We understand this is quite a tight deadline. To help you out, we are going to provide you with some educational materials. The first 500 teachers to fill out an information request form on Artsonia will get a poster for the classroom, along with a satellite and rocket fact sheet and some fun rocket trading cards. You may also download pdf printable versions of the educational materials.

In addition, students can watch the Delta II rocket launch video on Then, in early November, Bing™ will have a panel of scientists talking about rockets and you can use that for further inspiration in the classroom.

As the students are learning about rockets, we want to get 10,000 of them to draw the rocket of tomorrow. Drawings can be uploaded on Artsonia from 10/8/09-11/25/09. We will do a few things with the drawings:

* The first 10,000 drawings will be published in your Artsonia school gallery and showcased on a dedicated gallery website,
* Schools who submit at least 20 drawings will be entered into a drawing to win* one of eight $5,000 donations.
* Each drawing will be judged by a panel of Microsoft employees in conjunction with scientists. The judges will select one from each grade group (K-5, 6-8, 9-12) that inspires them and turn these student drawings into 3-D models to honor their invention.
* The first 10,000 qualified drawings will be placed into a commemorative book and sold on Proceeds from the book will be donated to 8 of the schools who have students featured in the book, chosen at random.

  • Every invention starts from a simple drawing on a paper. To celebrate the DigitalGlobe™ satellite launch that will capture high-resolution pictures for Bing™ Maps, we want to borrow kids' imaginations to create the rocket of tomorrow.
  • Of the first 10,000 drawings submitted, every school that submits at least 20 drawings will be entered into a drawing to win a $5,000 donation from Bing™ and a portion of the book proceeds.
Apr 17, 08

This site claims to be the largest student arts gallery on the web! Looks fascinating. Not sure how they use first names and locations and get away with it. I'd like to know what those who have used it think about it.

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