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Mar 29, 13

Another interesting site for recommendations of apps, etc. Edshelf has some very interesting collections. They have collections for school counselors, for creating things, etc. I'm joining and looking into this site for finding cool things. If you like apps, try this site.
LOOKS INTERESTING RT @Kitty_Tripp: WOW! Cannot wait to use #ISTE2015 @kctesterman

LOOKS INTERESTING RT @Kitty_Tripp: WOW! Cannot wait to use #ISTE2015 @kc…

Jan 21, 15

It can be hard to find things in your own timeline! Here are some apps and tricks to find them!

Feb 04, 14

I don't know that I'd market "brain breaks" as a way to get "classroom control" but I guess that is what some teachers want. I am fascinated by how Brain Breaks are trending on Twitter as many teachers are using them so I guess I"m going to sign up for Go Noodle and see what the fuss is about. Any of you using this tool/ website?

Nov 30, 13

Awesome websites that will have me tinkering all day. Very cool.

Nov 07, 13

My students love the Dragon Dictation app. It is free. Learn to talk into the app and you can dictate papers and more. They were so excited when I taught them how to use this app. It is a must share because students who are more verbal often prefer to dictate papers rather than type them. When I demo this app, first I open it and dictate things - saying funny things about the class and they see the words. Then, I dictate again but start saying "period" "comma" and "new paragraph" so they see how it can add those things to the text. I always end by saying "And ____ ran out of the room today screaming quote I'm afraid of zombies exclamation point end quote." Then I stop and they see how all of the punctuation works. This is a great app and an important one for all tablet and smartphone users.

Oct 27, 13

Another infographic maker that I've tested is I could not use this at all in Chrome but in Firefox it was a nice graphic maker. This is more for narrative story type graphics than, in my opinion. There are several basic themes to choose from and you edit and add your own graphics. Another tool you could use with students although if you want graphics that have a lot of data you should go with I found to be very simple to use with a quick sign up process, although it was totally unresponsive in Chrome, so make sure they are using IE or Firefox if you pick this tool. I recommend this tool for writing teachers, bloggers, and as a nice way to graphically organize stories, etc. Cost: free

Oct 05, 13

Here's the official bulletin board with the clickable links for the Google Docs for Education ideas. It was created in Glogster which is a powerful way for students to be able to share and create clickable graphics. Try out this tool, it is a great way to create an efolio and organize graphically.

Sep 24, 13

This app converts study notes to speech. This might be an app that some of you are interested in trying out for your special needs students. "OutlinesOutloud takes the sting out of studying by converting your study outlines to spoken audio. Super-flexible playback controls let you vary speech rate; jump forward and backward with ease, skip rows or whole sections, loop—and more!"

Sep 10, 13

There are some new apps in Chrome. I've installed the "pocket" app. These are basically apps that stand alone but sort of have chrome running in the background. Here's information on these handy tools to help you get more done. I do recommend Pocket (and have the app for my ipad as well) for offline reading. There are times I find a great article that I know I want to read, when I click "add to pocket" it puts it into pocket and then, when I sit down to read at night, there's the personal magazine assembled from the day's interests.

Sep 04, 13

Richard Byrne recommends using Azendoo to organize group projects. While I use Trello, I do recommend finding something to help you manage #geniushour if you're going to take that approach in your classroom - Azendoo may just work.

Jul 03, 13

New guide for parents from the Federal Trade Commission about protecting children online. It says that parents should get a "plain language notice" about information will be collected before they want to use features on an site or download an app that collects their personal information. I'm very curious how this is going to happen since often parents aren't involved in the app installation process for their children. Review the parent guide to understand the current rules.

May 09, 13

One of the concerns about ipads is the inability to use flash or javascript. This can be done. Here are the top 10 flash players. If you limit down to those that can do Flash AND java - the options are a bit pricey - Cloud Browse does both but only lets you have 10 minute browsing sessions. Virtual Firefox ($4.99) and Virtual Browser for Chrome (19.99) each can allow Java and Flash and also bookmark/sync services with your desktop browser (5.99 and .99 respectively.) This may be a tad expensive but show it can be done. The highest rated is virtual browser for chrome. I think the chrome browser is a tad pricey. You do have to be 17 to download these apps, I guess because you can use them to access video. 

Apr 29, 13

Lee Kolbert demonstrates how to use Skitch to explain things. Excellent post. I love and use skitch because it integrates with Evernote, my personal notebook app. (Everyone should have a designated notebook app if you're using a tablet.)

Apr 17, 13

Sherpa is here. An android app is rolling out in the US on April 17 and then will come to iOS. It has been a top app in Spain and Latin America. 

Apr 12, 13

So, you can look at this list but I totally disagree with it. Trello should be on the TOP of the list and secondly dropbox (which links with Trello.) Trello is based on agile. You can look at this list and talk about what it is doing, however, as a teacher, I use a totally different set. I'd put 1) Trello, 2) Dropbox and 3) Screencastomatic (ok, I do post screencastomatic to youtube.)

Mar 14, 13

Alternatives to Google reader. I just need to find one that has the features to integrate with Mr. Reader and Diigo and do all that I do with it. Oh dear. Very frustrated.

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