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20 Feb 14

Thinklink has made some upgrades for teachers. There is an improved student sign up, the ability to organize students by class. You can create image "channels" and interactive albums and you can have a more safe way to find images and use them.

Students can log in with Google plus (enable it if you have student apps for education. You'll want to apply for ThingLink Education status which means that you can set students up without emails and as as "profile-less profile" (COPPA Compliant.) For safe status, if students are logged in, they can only see images created by other students, teachers, or created by thinglink staff. Also, if they use Google Video safe search they put the maximum limits on it.

I recorded a session on my podcast this week about UDL and Beth Ritter-Guth highly recommends Thinglink to use with students.

04 Feb 14

I love Celly for notifications (similar to Remind 101) - this is what I use for my school and to connect with parents and students (without having to give out your cell phone.) Here's the tutorial and now you can share pics which means you can snap a picture of your homework board and send it out. Awesome.

04 Feb 14

You can search Google and Wolfram Alpha at the same time. This is a handy tool for educators and students alike. Wow. (I wonder how long Google and Wolfram will let it stay - awesome while it lasts, though.)

03 Feb 14

Interesting app called "Chronicle" for tracking and including artifacts for how students are learning and improving. With students turning in all kinds of documents and work, this is an intriguing way to track it.

16 Dec 13

Wise words about the purpose of tablets, ipads, and more from Daniel Edwards @syde06 from the UK. It is about people, pedagogy, and purpose... the apps come later.

"The power of learning with new technology lies with the teacher and the ability to choose the appropriate tool for the right intention. Moreover, success directly relates to the relationships between learner and educator, and the learner and learning."

24 Oct 13

If you'd really like to get into the Lumosity program, here is the application form to get into it. Here's info from the press release. This is a cool app that is supposed to improve many parts of cognition. I have it on my list to try and it is very interesting to me. Here's the link and some info:

"Preliminary results from the Spring 2012 semester found that students who trained with Lumosity improved more on a battery of online cognitive assessments than students who did not train. Additionally, effects were dose-dependent; engaging in more Lumosity training led to greater improvements on the assessments. Insights from the 2012-13 LEAP academic year on the effects of cognitive training on students’ real-world academic outcomes are forthcoming.
Educators are increasingly interested in enhancing their students’ cognitive and behavioral factors. More than 75 percent of all teachers who applied for the Fall 2013 LEAP semester believe training with Lumosity will promote: cognitive enhancement, increased ability to pay attention, improved self-confidence, and improved general attitude toward learning."

23 Oct 13

Create micro-courses or find them and learn from them. This is the web app for Coursmos but there are also apps for your phone, etc. This might be an interesting thing to do with students to have them create demos, etc. about how to do tasks. Very interesting.

27 Sep 13

This cool website will use your website and turn it into an app on Apple and Android. This is cool and may be a nice answer for teachers who have a website but don't have a full LMS with an app.

24 Sep 13

I'm going to test this website. It manages class trips, permission forms, and communicates activities with the class. The idea of it sounds great. Yes, it is free. Of course, we'll have to dig down and see how the emails are used and the privacy settings but this is definitely something very needed!

17 Sep 13

This app creates a form where the data goes to your dropbox. I know that there are a lot of form makers out there, but this one is a great one if Dropbox is your go to app or if you use it to assess.

09 Sep 13

What a cute idea. Is Grandma or Uncle far away? You can record reading them a book and they can hear your voice as they read the book. This is very cool. What a treasure.

04 Jul 13

A free reader and creator. You can also add your signature. Versatile PDF reader and creator for the PC.

12 Mar 13

Interesting new tool that lets you overlay and tag people, etc. in a video. There are interesting (and some scary) applications for this. This is one of those sites you'll want to play with. The neat thing is that you can add tags to objects as well. This could have some fascinating applications for flipping the classroom.

"The tool is free to use, so everything you saw in the video example I sent would be possible when you sign in to wireWAX studio. The only limitation for a free user is the size of the overlay is limited to 200px by 200px, but apart from that we hope there is plenty of scope to do as much creative stuff as you like, from using the overlay boxes or the inbuilt widgets (Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Facebok, Twitter etc). 

26 Feb 13

My friend Toni Olivieri-Barton mentioned this in a FLAT Session yesterday where we were talking about global collaboration. It is a Video mail sharing site where you flip and send video back and forth. Toni said she'd like to try it with students. This would be interesting to try. This is better than text email for families separated by time - you can do a video message. Interesting. There are also apps for it.

16 Feb 13

A new website that many are discussing. I love using BAckchannels in my classroom and thus far have used Chatzy and Ning chat, however, this website is designed for real time chat for classrooms. You can mute and remove comments, it has a profanity filter and also a full transcript so you can go back and assess participation and weaknesses. You can set the chat to discontinue when you leave.

When I review for tests, I always like to use a backchannel because I can ask questions and we can document answers and the students can save as notes. This is a great tool. I'll be testing the free chat room this week. I've heard from some of our Flat Classroom(r) certified teachers that this is a create tool.

16 Feb 13

There are some cool new features in the Kindle app - in addition to xray and notebook (previous feature upgrades) you have multi-colored highlighting, brightness sync across devices and a prompt to rate a book when finished (I like this one because, perhaps, more REAL people will rate amidst many book reviewers who are either biased for or against an author for undisclosed reasons.) Update that iOS or Droid Kindle app or whatever device it is on. 

15 Dec 12

Billed as a mobile search engine - this allows for quick searching from a mobile device...

"This new search app, which works universally on both iPhone and iPad, is built upon the independent search engine DuckDuckGo, which we also use to provide search through the MacStories archives. DuckDuckGo is a pretty innovative and ambitious search engine, which distinguishes itself from big competitors with accurate, plainly listed and pre-sorted search results, diversified search suggestions, and an extensive amount of useful shortcuts to quicken the search process. Bang On focuses on one specific of those syntax shortcuts: !bang. With this exclamation mark syntax, you can search specific sites like Google, Wikipedia or YouTube by entering for instance “!google” with you search.

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