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Jul 05, 13

There continues to be a problem that not all books in the Amazon kindle store have real page numbers. If students are expected to cite sources and not allowed to use location numbers, then Amazon can expect the pushback seen on this forum post. Meanwhile, a helpful person on the forum has noted how you can know what to read on the Kindle if your professor or teacher says "read page 80-92" - you can dive into the table of contents on the website and save a copy. This is the only solution. It is time for Amazon to get their act together and have all Kindle ebooks display page numbers if there is a printed copy of the book. If there is not a printed copy of the book, there needs to be a consistent reference point or "page" that all can use for sourcing and citing content.

"1. Look up the book in the in the Amazon Kindle store (where you purchased it).

2. Click on the book where it says "Look Inside." You want to look at the table of contents, which will have the pages numbers for each chapter.

3. It defaults to the "kindle edition," which does not have the page numbers in the table of contents. However, there is a tab above that says "Print Book." Click on that.

4. Once you're on the "Print Book" display, it shows the page numbers in the TOC.

By doing the above, I was able to determine that "the first 26 pages" = Chapters 1 & 2. I used Evernote to take a screen capture of the entire TOC, which I'll refer back to."

Jul 05, 13

Some rules have changed as I've been reading up on having Kindles at schools. (Back in February I read a spate of posts mentioning that Amazon said that having 6 kindles share one account was just for "personal use" and that libraries can't do it.) But Amazon does have information on Whispercast which lets you handle distributing books. It is a "free self-service online tool" and I'm thinking that it is something we need to be using. It looks like you can also distribute many of the free ebooks onto Kindles. 

Dec 24, 12

An interesting overview of the different cloud matching services - interestingly the Apple iTunes Match (the most expensive option) will UPGRADE the quality of the music it matches for you, even if you have a lower quality version. Otherwise, as you make up your mind what to do, you'll want to read this article.

Dec 24, 12

The Amazon mp3 store and cloud player is another option for your music. If you've been buying music from Amazon, you already have some music in the cloud - I have to buy it on Amazon for the senior tribute movies I make for graduation because iTunes has so much DRM protection that it is hard to find music that I can use in the movies.

Dec 05, 12

Amazon is adding more benefits to the Kindle app and Kindle fire -- the cost of content.

" Inc. plans to announce Wednesday that the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service will be available in the next few weeks as part of an automatic software update.
Amazon said subscribers will have access to "thousands" of pieces of content, though the company did not give a specific number. Kids will be able to watch, play and read any of the content available to them as many times as they want. Parents can set time limits, however.
The service, aimed at kids aged 3 to 8, will cost $4.99 per month for one child. It'll cost $2.99 per child for members of Amazon Prime, the company's premium shipping service. Amazon Prime costs $79 per year for free shipping of merchandise purchased in the company's online store."

Nov 09, 12

I quite enjoyed the thoughts in a write up of Brian's speech on the evolution of publishing. I like that this speech has evolved as his thinking evolved (so many speakers never change their speeches and they SHOULD). If this is something you ponder, and most of us teachers and definitely librarians, curriculum directors, and administrators are watching this closely, you'll want to read and think about this speech. While not easy to read in the bold black type, it is one of those worth taking the time.

""It’s time to think about content, not as a product or a service, but a vehicle to reach an outcome. Literacy is important as a step toward informing and empowering individuals, groups and communities, but on its own it is not enough. As reading experiences become both portable and increasingly universal, we need to reshape our sense of publishing and build "the library within us": a collection of tools and resources that individuals can draw upon to connect with and change the world around us.""

His most telling words

"A year ago, I was optimistic that publishers and supply-chain partners would soon see their mutual need for a data-driven reconsideration of why publishing exists and the purposes it can serve.
I’m no longer optimistic.
Another year spent wrangling over the role of libraries, another year spent kicking the can down the road with respect to the widespread and debilitating use of DRM, another year spent fostering the idea that we really have embraced “digital”: these things and more have convinced me that the “opportunity in abundance” will not accrue to the incumbents.
This became all too clear to me last summer. In January, I had made the somewhat ambitious pledge to “post something useful every day”. By June, 180 or so posts in, the optimism well had run dry. I just didn’t believe my own story any more."

    • “Value is carried by abundance, not scarcity, inverting traditional business propositions.”
    •   “As networks entangle all commerce, a firm’s primary focus shifts from maximizing the firm’s value to maximizing the network’s value.”
    •   “As innovation accelerates, abandoning the highly successful in order to escape from its eventual obsolescence becomes the most difficult and yet most essential task.”
  • : “As power flows away from the center, the competitive advantage belongs to those who learn how to embrace decentralized points of control.”
  •  “The intelligence that matters most exists in boundless variety at the ends of a network, rather than in the mediated systems in the middle”.

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Sep 01, 12

"Disruption doesn't care about legagies" says this article discussing the major disruption hitting the "wintel" market as the computing industry is becoming forever changed by the new preferences in computing devices and how we use them since the inception of broadband. An important article to read, the graphic in this article says it all about the size of businesses.

Education would do well to read and understand that a similar disruption is coming to education and indeed, is already here. "Disruption doesn't care about legacy." From the school on the corner to the pristine ivory tower down the road, read these words and know that in 10 years someone is going to be doing a similar chart on education. The parallels are ground shaking.

Jan 18, 12

Amazon cloud search may hit tomorrow in a week where every company seems set to one up the other.

"Amazon’s cloud search is different. It allows startups to pass their data through it and get any results they want. And since many startups are already hosting their databases on Amazon, that link is even more direct. Companies can run any query and get immediate, easy results. It’s possible that the guts of this product are from the old A9 search product, according to sources. Amazon spent time getting the design right, and the people we’ve spoken to think it’ll be a game changer."

Nov 16, 11

This survey shows that iPad with the $199 price tag is a 'serious" contender for the ipad. I had someone ask me about Kindle fire vs. iPad. Definitely people are comparing it. 

One of the top complaints about Droids has been the somewhat loosely managed droid store but the Kindle fire will use Amazon's app store not droid.I also had some people on Google plus point out to me as we talked about this that the droid OS on tablet device has a much better response to touch than do the smaller devices. This is one of those wait and see type things, I think.

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