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02 Apr 14

Some great thoughts about how cognitive dissonance and our internal dialog in our head makes it hard for us to get started at new tasks.

05 Mar 14

The desktops of the Lifehacker team and others and how they design their desktop. Click the "rainmeter" tab to see how they use rainmeter, for example. Some cool ideas here for designing desktops.

20 Feb 14

Thinklink has made some upgrades for teachers. There is an improved student sign up, the ability to organize students by class. You can create image "channels" and interactive albums and you can have a more safe way to find images and use them.

Students can log in with Google plus (enable it if you have student apps for education. You'll want to apply for ThingLink Education status which means that you can set students up without emails and as as "profile-less profile" (COPPA Compliant.) For safe status, if students are logged in, they can only see images created by other students, teachers, or created by thinglink staff. Also, if they use Google Video safe search they put the maximum limits on it.

I recorded a session on my podcast this week about UDL and Beth Ritter-Guth highly recommends Thinglink to use with students.

19 Feb 14

So, you want to know how to edit Wikipedia? There's a course for you.

We are delighted to announce a new round of our free online course, "Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics & Beyond" (#WIKISOO). The course runs from 25 February - 8 April 2014, and is now open for enrollment.
As many of you know already, WIKISOO teaches the nuts and bolts of Wikipedia. We focus on building and improving articles related to Open Education. Enrollment is open to all. We'd especially like to invite past students to re-register: your knowledge and experience will be valuable to your fellow students, and it's also a great opportunity to deepen your learning about Wikipedia and OER.

WIKISOO students learn about the values and culture that have driven hundreds of thousands of volunteers to build Wikipedia. Through your work in the course, you will join an effort that has generated millions of free articles in hundreds of languages since 2001. The course covers the technical skills needed to edit articles, and also offers practical insights into the site's collaborative norms and social dynamics. You will graduate with a sophisticated understanding of how to use Wikipedia both as a reader and as an active participant.

Sign up is free.

05 Feb 14

This awesome website was found by my students. It is called "getting tricky with wikis" and has every trick you can imagine for making a wiki do cool things. I love how my students found this. I was in my classroom and kept going "wow, how did you do that." so, after two days of this project, they were blowing me away. That is because they've learned how to search for and find tutorials. Bookmark this one if you use wikispaces.

05 Feb 14

CO14 is happening this weekend and so many great people are presenting. It runs from February 7-9 and is free. My session is sharing how writing has been reinvented as I share the 9 tools that have changed how we teach forever (a sneak preview of my book coming out in May.) If you teach writing, work with curriculum or teach, feel free to join in. The session is at 8 am EST on Saturday morning, February 8. Anyone can join.

Lots of amazing presenters are speaking so check it out.

04 Feb 14

Leah shares how Goofram works - very cool and useful information from Leah Fullenkamp. Awesome.

04 Feb 14

I don't know that I'd market "brain breaks" as a way to get "classroom control" but I guess that is what some teachers want. I am fascinated by how Brain Breaks are trending on Twitter as many teachers are using them so I guess I"m going to sign up for Go Noodle and see what the fuss is about. Any of you using this tool/ website?

26 Jan 14

Nominate your favorite teacher in 100 words or less to send the teacher on a all expenses paid cruise. Nominations due Feb 9. From Denny's and Tom Joyner Foundation.

25 Jan 14

ePals and th Smithsonian are sponsoring their third Invent It challenge where students address real world problems with inventions. The projects are due on April 11. Sign up now and plan this authentic project into your classroom this spring.

15 Jan 14

If you need help picking colors that go well together, I love color schemer for that. You can use the RGB colors even in Microsoft office or you can use the HEX for websites, etc. I teach my students about colors but even if you don't have time for that, you can at least teach them to generate a color palette.

07 Jan 14

Here's the page where you register your school for Bing for Schools - you'll need to enter all outbound IP addresses so ask your IT department to do it.

16 Dec 13

Peggy Sheehy is the matron of gamification and she's one upped her own groundbreaking work in Second Life. She's gamified the Common Core Learning Standards. Wow. One more reason you can't use standards as an excuse to do nothing.

"They are also learning to be mighty gamers because Sheehy is gamifying the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).

With the command “Go forth and be epic,” students pack away drafts and log on to 3D Game Lab where A Hero’s Journey awaits.

WoWinSchool: A Hero’s Journey is a curriculum based in World of Warcraft (WoW), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players assume characters and interact within an ever-changing, virtual world.  Sheehy helped to frame the curriculum developed by Lucas Gillespie and Craig Lawson with whom she collaborates on the award-winning WoWInSchool project.  "

16 Dec 13

Such a great story about why NORAD tracks Santa. I love this story. What a great story to share with adults. (Shhhh.)

05 Dec 13

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I looked at this Fakebook - I love the video and you could really have students do their own videos and embed. This is awesome.

04 Dec 13

Nominate someone you know NOW. What a great way to share up and coming education technology leaders:

"Do you know educators who are passionate about using technology to transform teaching and learning; who can inspire their colleagues to embrace new tools; and who are curious by nature and always looking for how the next innovation can be applied to education? If so, please submit their names by Wednesday, December 18th for consideration as part of the National School Boards Association's "20 to Watch" recognition program.
The 2013-14 "20" will be honored in Washington, D.C. during CoSN’s Annual Conference, March 19th, 2014 ( and recognized during the Technology Leadership Network Luncheon at the NSBA Annual Conference in New Orleans, April 6, 2014. Questions? Please email Ann Flynn."

02 Dec 13

Really 197 channels for learning? Well, there are many, but if you're like me, you're building a subscription list for your content areas and starting to curate (and perhaps create) some channels. Building a good YouTube stream is becoming part of curation and PLN building - so here's a great place to start.

02 Dec 13

Nice post by Margaret Regan on Edutopia's blog with 3 Strategies to promote independent thinking. With some practical examples and use of a word I haven't heard -- "autotelic" or those happiest when absorbed in complex activities. That would describe many of us coder types. Great post.

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