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Oct 01, 15

Research and information on why coding should be in every school. I'm intrigued by the Algebra/ Coding curriculum mentioned.

Mar 10, 14

This game scores a 19 out of 30 and is a fantastic way to teach students to find the equation of the line slope intercept form. It is highly rated by students and educators. Look at the review to see if it fits your classroom. The game is browser based.

Apr 25, 12

For those who don't have a lot of technology, this type of lesson (tested in Nepal) that uses colored paper clips to introduce Algebra warms my heart. Algebra is an important subject and using simple manipulatives is a great technique for many classrooms around the world.

Jan 16, 12

Resources to teach students how to solve linear equations. If this is something that your students struggle with, look at these lesson plans and activities that you can download and use. Sometimes you need a different approach.

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