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Apr 16, 09

New documentaries from the PBC producers of growing up online. Some digiteen teachers are using these resources.

Jan 15, 09

This is why I don't share the photos of my children online in public places. After one pic of a child at school was favorited in this way, I took the pic down and am ridiculously vigilant about checking to see how many photos have been favorited and which ones to see if there is one that some sicko has looked at.

This is an article I'm going to share with my digiteen dream team! It is an important one to share!

  • These photos of these girls were without a doubt being sexualized, and my four-year-old daughter was amongst these images.
  • These photos are legal. The actions of the user who favorited these is also legal (although incredibly disgusting). I did not want photos of my child to appear here. So, this is what I did:


    1) Blocked the user. This means my photos would no longer appear in the list. However, if your photos are viewable to the public, this means they can still be viewed, just not favorited.
     2) Contacted Flickr: I reported this user, and within a couple of hours, the user was taken down.

  • the subjects were handcuffed, often in sexually provocative poses. Again, my daughter’s photos appeared. I blocked the user, contacted Flickr. Same deal. But obviously, that’s not enough.

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Oct 23, 08

Excellent article on cyberbullying and an example of a girl who was harrassed online and killed herself. This sort of thing is tragic and we should consider what we think aboutinternet harrassment penalties, particularly against children.

There are mention of several websites including one I'd never heard of called CyberBully Alert.

  • An ex-friend’s mother faces charges in federal court as a result, and Missouri has made Internet harassment a crime.
  • Cyberbullies often commandeer e-mail accounts and social-networking profiles, attacking kids while pretending to be someone they trust, like a best friend. They use cell phones and the Web to spread embarrassing and cruel material, and they can harass their victims well beyond the schoolyard -- even when they're "safe" at home.
  • 85 percent of 5,000 middle-school students surveyed said they had been cyberbullied. Only 5 percent of them said they’d tell someone about it.

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Sep 07, 08

Again, as a health thing, you shouldn't REALLY put a laptop on your lap. I have a food tray that I use when I use my laptop in the recliner. In addition to claims that it causes infertility in men, it is also not good for your laptop to cover the ventilation holes with your clothing (or that little bit of pudge on your thighs.)

This is something to mention to laptop users as part of digital health and wellness with digital "citizenship" and safety.

Aug 25, 08

Very interesting ponderings from an elementary teacher in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada about the balance and issues that have caused some parents to want to block all "social" tools in school.

I think she has very balanced ponderings on this and it is excellent reading.

Aug 23, 08

From Leann Lacy - some cool materials to use with children for safety and other educational games.

Jun 21, 08 brought to you by Mr. Marcos and his 6th grade class in Santa Monica, CA. Let your students find answers about what they are doing here. This is amazing!

This is an excellent example of WHY students should be creating and sharing with other students.

Jun 21, 08

This is the RSS page on netvibes that pulls together all of the most recent resources for advocates. If you have netvibes, this is a great tab to add to your group.

Jun 21, 08

The advocates for digital citizenship, safety, and success diigo group has over 400 bookmarks categorized by the 9 aspects of digital citizenship that we are using to organize. Join in and share your bookmarks. This is becoming a great resource.

Jun 21, 08

The information at the advocates for digital citizenship, safety, and success about the I read blocked blogs week. This loosely joined group of educators has created a central clearinghouse for activities such as this. Create activities that fit within digital citizenship and join and post. We have a blog, wiki, and more information -- everything is linked at -- Join in.

Jun 21, 08

I read blocked blogs week is the week of NECC -- this site has information about the buttons and shirts that you may order to take with you to NECC.

Jun 10, 08

Tapped in has been a mainstay in education and a non threatening method of using chat to link with people around the world. This longstanding contributor to education has its 2008 Tapped In Festival scheduled for July 23 and July 24th with some neat things planned. This website has more information for you and certificates of participation will be available for those who participates.

Teachers should connect in which ever way they feel most comfortable and the power of embedded networks should never be ignored.

May 30, 08

Fascinating ponderings by Mike Curtain about how many of us are relinquishing our own privacy. This is a very thought provoking post and yet another one I wouldn't have read, had he not linked to my blog post yesterday asking for bloggers to share their links.

This is a very powerful blog post. Wow! I personally think there is a balance here, but also agree than many are not considering the privacy they are relinquishing when they post things that don't belong out there for everyone to see. Internet privacy is an illusion, it really is.

May 29, 08

Great post by Alfred Thompson, "the" microsoft education blogger. I think he hits the nail on the head with this one. Great post!

May 28, 08

HotCity Wireless, a non-profit organization, has been established to promote the use of low-cost wireless technology as a media and tool for economic, social and educational advancement to underprivileged citizens in the Philippines.

Organizations such as this that work to provide access should be encouraged. Wow!

May 26, 08

Just started the discussion for the viral pd session at NECC over at the NECC 2008 Ning -- watching some interesting discussions take place -- join in and converse. If you have a session, you're asked to create a discussion -- I hope they'll show us our tags so that we can tag and find sessions easily.

May 22, 08

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere, even twitter. Warning: this post is rated R for use of 1-2 words of profanity.

May 19, 08

This 10th grade student has written an exceptional post-project reflection. I hope you'll take time to read it. Here is an excerpt:

"There is no doubt that this technology is dangerous. It is apparent that few people, not adults, not teenagers, truly understand how collaboration, conduct, and manners affect the internet. This project has to teach others that as well. It is necessary to know how to handle yourself on the internet. That’s why Horizon Project is so important. We have to educate tomorrow’s leaders how to use new technology without abusing it. The highlight of this project is the education we are giving every single person who has been a part of the Horizon Project."

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