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09 Apr 14

I've been playing around with Flare on my blog. 5 of the 10 top sites in social media use Flare. Here is the instruction for how to activate and use it. Oddly I got some malware alerts from Malwarebytes so although I'm using it, I'm contacting the developer to try to understand why.

05 Feb 14

February 11, the Special Interest Group for Mobile Learning #sigml will be hosting tweetchats during the day about a variety of topics. Sylvia Martinez and I will be talking about the maker movement at 5 pm that day. Sylvia is coauthor of the amazing book "Invent2Learn" -- a must read for those interested in the maker movement. There are many others including Scott Merrick, Susan Wells and more who are sharing that day.

07 Jan 14

Photo cards are a powerful new way to tweet. Photos scroll by -- have you wondered how some are photo cards and some are Tweets with links? Here's how you get your photo card on Twitter -- it needs to be the right dimensions (funny dimensions don't get it.) I've also found that you should add them directly on Twitter and not through an app. Read this information on how you have Photocards - some of these are for developers but if you want your pics to be cards and not links, you'll want to note the dimensions and that file sizes should be less than 1 MB as well.

16 Dec 13

Share this article with your principal and superintendent - not to pressure them but as many start seeing the wisdom that wise leaders tweet, you'll want to help them along. Principals no longer question the wisdom of writing for the school newsletter - this is just a newsletter but in shorter form and much more personal. It is something you can do.

"Great schools (online, blended, and traditional) act as nurturing centers that foster creative development and high-quality art, math, and science skills; and school is the medium to advance human development and better society. The internet took our society into hyper speed and successful schools will quickly follow."

10 Dec 13

There are so many ways that you can use Twitter in the classroom but even if Twitter is blocked, you'll find many ideas that you can use on Edmodo or whatever educational networking tool you're using with your students. Great read.

02 Dec 13

The 12 Days of Edcamp -- there's a virtual edcamp going on via Twitter - share what you love with others by using the #edcampgift hashtag. Here's how. This is a great way for connected educators to keep sharing?

25 Nov 13

This chart is a great way to help people understand the language of Twitter. Share this one with your staff and others.

23 Oct 13

If you want to subscribe to the Google calendar that keeps up with the education chats, here's the calendar. Just click on +Google Calendar in the bottom right hand corner. Don't worry, you can turn the calendar on and off.

23 Oct 13

The Twitter chats in education are compiled on this document including chats for each day of the week. Find a chat and join in - anyone is welcome (except trolls who want to take it off topic.)

05 Oct 13

Awesome quotes about Twitter - and there are many of them.

20 Aug 13

I read Joel Comm's book Twitter Power and it has been one of my longtime favorites on the topic. Here he talks brutally about the negatives of social media. I admit the topic caught my attention. I"ve just found that if I'm brutal about who I follow and make sure they're real educators, I'm usually pretty happy with my stream. I unfollow junk as soon as it is evident it is junk. Ultimately we all must guard who we follow or we might just find ourselves following the garbage truck.

03 Aug 13

60 examples of how Twitter is being used in the classroom today. From sharing with parents quick takeaways from the day to empowering class discussions, Twitter is a tool you can use. I'm announcing a hashtag for my class on the first day! ;-)

23 Apr 13

Next week, you can attend a 5 day comedy show. The hashtag is #comedyfest and it is being cohosted with Comedy Central and Twitter. Here's the New York times article on this event. Will be a neat follow for your personal life.

02 Apr 13

This story about a social media persona gone wrong is an excellent case study for educators. Personally, when I do fiction on Twitter (as in the case of a fictitious dialog between a student and teacher - I always start by disclosing it.) Secondly, I don't think it is smart to mess with people by making things up. People need to be able to trust you -- especially if you want to be a credible academic source.

That said, read this so that when you see parody or fake accounts that you know they exist and you can also know that some people making things up for the fun of it.

27 Mar 13

This is an example of how you can share lists. Edutopia created a list of the panelists who "hung out" today with the edutopia panel from Finland and the University of Pennsylvania. Excellent group today.

24 Feb 13

See your tweets dissected by topic. Here's my twylah page for my Twitter account. You can see common topics and it is organized nicely. I set this up sometime back.

16 Feb 13

Pinterest is popular. In my experience, ESPECIALLY among teachers and Mom bloggers. Just know how to use it and get on there consistently.

16 Feb 13

Twitter is going to "rate" your tweets in the hopes of giving you and developers better content. Again, those late to the game may have trouble being heard, but I'd like to think there is always a way to be valuable. Never assume that because everyone is following someone that they have something worth saying - decide who YOU want to follow and that is enough. Of course, when this happens, expect the usual uproar of those who are valued and not valued, as for me, I hope I can resist the urge to start comparing in sharing and just try to stay helpful.

From Mashable..."The value judgements will be assigned to the public metadata of tweeters' posts, and used by Twitter's streaming API to help developers more selectively curate massive amounts of status updates.

Designations of "none," "low" and "medium" will most likely debut on Feb. 20, according to a post by developer advocate Arne Roomann-Kurrik on the Twitter developers' blog. A "high" value option will be rolled out sometime after the initial batch."

09 Jan 13

A man will spend 2 months in prison for less than 140 characters. With around 11,000 followers, the Emir of Kuwait isn't playing games. I think that such things just demonstrate how those who say they are "democracy loving" aren't really and make for interesting studies for students looking at social media.

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