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Jan 21, 15

It can be hard to find things in your own timeline! Here are some apps and tricks to find them!

Jan 23, 14

So, this one Facebook won't like - people are moving away from Facebook in droves... supposedly.. as it goes the way of Myspace. We'll see.

I think one thing that is cRAZY is the algorithms Facebook has been using. If you put a link to something OUTSIDE of Facebook, for example, it is less likely to be seen on the timelines of your friends and get "liked." If you don't like the things people say, you hear less from them and if you like the things crazy Old Uncle Jack says, you get more. If you click through, you get more of that. While this predictive algorithm is interesting, it can cause an echo chamber so you don't feel like you're really hearing from everyone and it is the same old same old. I find myself looking specifically for certain people and liking something on their page just so I can see them more -- it shouldn't have to be so hard.

Apr 29, 13

How to edit your Facebook Timeline to look more like you want. You can customize your clunky personal FAcebook page and you should.

Jan 29, 13

In an interesting, but somewhat uncomfortable feeling research project, Facebook will partner with to look at social data of those who committed suicide to see if there were warning signs. Of course, the question is... when they know, what do they do with it? If you see someone is likely to commit suicide - what do you do with that data? This is a question full of ethics worth debate and discussion.

Jan 29, 13

You can ask Facebook's CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) your questions. If you discuss digital citizenship with your students, they might have good questions to ask.

Jan 25, 13

""The use of Facebook by students around the world to communicate with one another does more harm than good.""

This is our topic for the Eracism 2013 project. You may wonder - why did we limit it to Facebook - well, after much-- yes, --- debate-- on our end, every good debate topic should have compelling topics on both sides - we wanted to have compelling discussions around social media and keep with the original spirit of the 4 students who envisioned this project. They wanted to debate topics of importance to promote cultural understanding.

If you want to sign up, this is linked to the 2013 press release that will tell you how to enter a team from middle up to high school (there are 2 brackets). We debate asynchronously in a method we call "simulated synchronous" until the finals, when we have a synchronous live debate in blackboard collaborate. 

Jan 02, 13

IF you tweet or share a to a lot of apps, this app, Drafts will connect to just about anything. Type it, then decide where to send it, or you can save your most inspirational items to tweet, Facebook, or wherever later. It links with evernote, twitter, facebook,, email, messages, calendars, dropbox, evernote, bufferapp, toodledoo and more (as well as integration.) I'm still learning about all the ways to use this handy tool. The only thing I wish it did is that I could add to it from the web and then see it on my ipad.

Dec 24, 12

Guardian has pulled its social media sharing app from Facebook (it is my understanding Wall Street Journal has too as discussed on the - this week in tech show). As I'm wrapping and washing clothes, I'm listening to Twit on the iCatcher app to keep up with things. Many like the Downcast app, but iCatcher has always worked for me.

Dec 22, 12

Facebook has launched its response to Snapchat, with Facebook Poke, the self destructing message deliverer? Why would you want a message to self destruct or delete itself if a person tried to do a screengrab on their phone? Well, so you can send goofy pics to your friends with no trace left behind! Never fear, however, teenagers are here. They've been talking to me about how they get around this - if you're snap chatting a friend and you have a friend with you - get the friend up close to be ready to take a picture with their camera phone and then post the pic on Facebook that was delivered with Snapchat. They think it is hilarious but admit that this app is also being used as a new way to "flash" others. How long will it take for everyone to learn that you can't ever really destroy anything any more? If it is done it is permanent - the easiest way to keep private things private is to never do them in the first place. This article goes into more about Facebook poke if you really get into that sort of thing or want to keep up with what the kids are doing.

Dec 21, 12

With 7.5 million kids under 13 on Facebook, the idea that they are testing allowing strangers to message you for $1 is a problem. The whole COPPA/ Lie about your age to get on Facebook coupled with location based services on smartphones that don't require disclosure to parents is going to come to a head and if companies continue to pretend that lying on a checkbox absolves them of the responsbility to protect children, they are wrong.

Dec 06, 12

One of my students turned up this information that Facebook is working on controls to help kids under 13 use the service. It is no surprise that 7.5 million Facebook users are under the age of 13 and that 5 million of THOSE are 10 years old or younger. COPPA, while set up to protect children, is actually keeping them from participating in society as they want to. This infographic and information is worth sharing as you educate your students. If you want until they are 13 to talk safety online, that is too late.

"Last June, Consumer Reports magazine said they had unearthed “several disturbing findings” about children and Facebook, including:

20 million minors had used Facebook within the year prior to their study.
7.5 million of those users were under the age of 13 and not permitted to use the site.
5 million of those were 10 years old or younger.
1 million children had been harassed, threatened, or subjected to other forms of cyberbullying in the year prior."

Nov 08, 12

"THINK Global School in conjunction with the Flat Classroom Project® are excited to announce the formation of a Global Student Leadership Forum. After months of planning, the forum will be launched at the upcoming Global Education Conference, when students will meet online and exchange ideas and plans for future development.
What are the aims?
The aim of the Forum is to to encourage students (High School – Gr 9-12) to gather in a formal capacity to discuss issues and propose future directions for the world. It is also to provide a place for students to form an online community that will support and foster active discussion and interaction with a view to sharing resources, ideas and collaborate on actions globally.
Virtual classroom and community networking tools and other resources will provide opportunities for students from all parts of the world to come together as a global forum virtually (and where possible in real time). The purpose of this is to:
Foster leadership skills amongst young people
Provide opportunities to interact online and therefore become adept at using virtual tools for interactions and co-creation
Encourage global conversations about real world topics and global issues
Encourage discussion about possible solutions to global issues and foster action projects"

Julie and I are very excited about this project. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are leaders or who don't have the opportunity to do a lot of flattening but would benefit from interaction with others around the world. Join in!

Oct 08, 12

Facebook isn't private. Don't talk in bad ways about your children or students. You can't delete it. You can't erase it. If you're upset, pick up the phone, but even then, you could be recorded. Face to face, we'll you could be recorded too. I think you should be wary of venting but doing it in writing on a social network has to rank up there as the #1 dumb thing you can do. I see it on Tumblr all the time and it makes me cringe. Wake up. There is no private teacher's lounge online. Be wise and treat your students with respect. Sadly, the students can speak ill of their teachers all they want and no one deals with it, but we are adults and they are children. We are professionals and we should behave like it. Read this story and take heed.

"Printouts of the Facebook comments were posted on fencing near the school. One said: "No wonder everyone is thick … inbreeding must damage brain development." Another referred to seeing pupils queuing in a discount store.

The online exchange, allegedly between teachers at the school, prompted anger among parents."

Oct 01, 12

Beth Kanter, the nonprofit social media guru, discusses research about promoted posts on Facebook and nonprofits. Targeted, timely posts can represent as much as a $600 per post uptick, however, general promoted posts don't make a difference. Interesting research. If you are in charge of fundraising at your nonprofit or school, you should follow Beth's Blog and should buy her book, the Networked Nonprofit.

Sep 22, 12

Librarians are so important. I love this article about librarian Kristen Hearne and the hard work she's doing to help teachers and students get what they need to be successful. This education week article calls librarians "a school's secret weapon." A good librarian has always been one of the greatest assets a school can have. Teachers, admins, we're all important, but never underestimate the importance of a great librarian. They deserve our respect and appreciation. IF you've got a great librarian, take a moment right now to say thank you. You may never realize what it will mean.

Sep 11, 12

This is an interesting approach to creating a customized "Facebook" page for a character. You can use this or Fakebook but many don't have access to Fakebook. Download and use this activity to create a "fake" facebook page for major characters in history or literature.

Sep 01, 12

I think I'm going to delete my phone number off Facebook for this reason. Be aware that "power" advertisers are going to "get" your email and phone number from Facebook. Personally, I don't appreciate this at all, but then again, any of us who think anything is "free" are being foolhardy. There is no such thing as free, you're always giving something.

Jul 17, 12

2011 winners to show you what governments are doing in the US to collaborate and share on the web. These are the best of the best. If you are friends with a politician, you may want to share this.WE need to be more efficient and include people in the government to streamline and make things better.

Jul 04, 12

Instructions for adding a safari bookmarklet for just about every service (except Diigo) on Chris Bray's website. If you have an ipad or iphone and want to send things to your Tumblr blog you can follow these instructions. (For pinterest, go to the Pinterest website.)

Jun 26, 12

This is my most popular post on Facebook and I still agree with the conclusions in this article.

  • Anyone who has seen The Social Network finds Mark Zuckerberg's use of the word "friend" ironic as through the course of the movie we see him lose the few friends he has in order to gain the millions that are online. I've heard it is a mischaracterization (come on what billionare 20-something year old doesn't havea  lot of friends ;-) but nevertheless friend doesn't mean what you think.
  • Let's get this straight. We are talking about Facebook Friends (I call them FF's in class) and a Facebook friend has access to everything you put on your wall (unless you "list" them - more on that later.) It means that if you "friend" someone who hates you that they will be crawling your page and your life looking for something bad about you. It also means that if you "friend" your students and you skip school one day and post "I took a sick day to go to the mall." that you've just ratted yourself out -- in writing. Everyone will know, that sort of word travels fast.
  • Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Facebook Friending 101 for Schools
  • Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Facebook Friending 101 for Schools
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