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Apr 02, 14

If you use Evernote, you should download and use Skitch. This is a must use tool for teachers.

Jan 26, 14

Interesting app and way for students to collaborate on projects together. You can take notes together and send to Evernote. Plan activitties and more.. This is a very interesting collaborative tool. You can have 5 people or less on one workspace for free and can connect with Google plus (for you GAFE people.) I wish we had this sort of thing for coordinating college projects. If you have evernote, this might be a boon for you.

Jul 29, 13

This article describes the use of markdown in notetaking. I'm looking for information on using markdown in Evernote, but am not sure it is doable. It is funny how things come around. The reason people like markdown is it means that it saves you from lifting your hand up to touch the screen. The reason we touch the screen is because we got rid of the mouse. We got rid of the mouse because touching the screen was easier. We started using a mouse because it was too hard to remember all of the keyboard commands. But we are using markdown keyboard commands because it is easier and faster than touching the screen. ;-) Although this may be odd to some of you, it does point out that as you become more proficient, you can become more productive and markdown is one of those ways.

Jul 19, 13

Evernote is an incredible app. I like how gifted teacher Aaron Maurer shares how he uses Evernote in his classroom and in his life. This is a good read for those of you figuring out why so many of us teachers are crazy about Evernote.

Also, on the right hand side of Aaron's blog is a very handy guide for those of you getting started on Twitter. He has 11 tasks to get you started on Twitter. Go on his blog and scroll down to get started. It is on the right under the heading "Twitter for Educators."

May 27, 13

I didn't realize this but Google has relaunched its notebook service as Google Keep. If you're using Google apps for domains, you might want to take a look. This is the article from PC World.

"Google shook things up last week when it dusted off its old Notebook service and relaunched it as Keep. Google's new software muscles in on the space currently dominated by Microsoft OneNote and Evernote, two note-taking apps that save your text, Web links, photos, audio recordings, and more, helping to keep your life organized."

May 27, 13

You can now set reminders in Evernote, here's how. (A student might want to remind themselves with a note about the quiz and a quick study guide, etc.)

May 27, 13

Yes, you can clip from your ipad or iphone screen into Evernote using this handy app.

"Once you're done clipping, hop back over to EverClip to organize your note. You can select any combination of the clippings to add to Evernote, rearrange them, add an additional photo or text note, then export it to your default Evernote notebook."

May 27, 13

ePortfolios can be done in just about any medium, with Google Drive and Evernote being two of the easiest. Here's Edudemic's guide for this.

May 27, 13

A lovely livebinder about Evernote and the uses in the classroom.

May 27, 13

You can link Study Blue and evernote to pull your notes and study guides together.

Apr 29, 13

Lee Kolbert demonstrates how to use Skitch to explain things. Excellent post. I love and use skitch because it integrates with Evernote, my personal notebook app. (Everyone should have a designated notebook app if you're using a tablet.)

Apr 24, 13

Excellent tips for using Evernote - I use all of these tips except the transcription and signature features. Evernote is so useful. I also like to embed documents in my notes which make repetitive tasks much easier.

Apr 17, 13

If you teach students about notetaking, this is one to listen to about modern notetaking. I love the tips and updates to the Cornell Notetaking system for evernote.

Feb 26, 13

My friend Toni Olivieri-Barton mentioned this in a FLAT Session yesterday where we were talking about global collaboration. It is a Video mail sharing site where you flip and send video back and forth. Toni said she'd like to try it with students. This would be interesting to try. This is better than text email for families separated by time - you can do a video message. Interesting. There are also apps for it.

Feb 24, 13

Geofencing is a new concept in safety notifications. Schools can literally notify anyone entering an area (i.e. notify vendors and parents they must check in with the office when entering a certain area), leaving an area, or within an area of issues. This could be used to notify and protect students, teachers, and anyone on campus in the case of an emergency of any kind. 

This article is one of the best I've seen about geofencing and how it works, although it is promoting an app (Ping4alerts) it is very useful for safety leaders and it directors to read and understand the potential of this very useful technology.

"Hyperlocal alerts are a new capability made possible by the rise of smart devices and “geofencing” technology. A geofence is a virtually “fenced-off” area or geographic location. When this concept is applied to mobile devices, it refers to the ability of users to receive automatic alerts or notifications when entering, leaving or moving within a geographic area specifically defined by a virtual geofence. That area could be as small as a single building or as large as a state or region of the country. System administrators draw a square on a map through their portal interface to designate the location and size of the geofenced in area."

Feb 16, 13

A new website that many are discussing. I love using BAckchannels in my classroom and thus far have used Chatzy and Ning chat, however, this website is designed for real time chat for classrooms. You can mute and remove comments, it has a profanity filter and also a full transcript so you can go back and assess participation and weaknesses. You can set the chat to discontinue when you leave.

When I review for tests, I always like to use a backchannel because I can ask questions and we can document answers and the students can save as notes. This is a great tool. I'll be testing the free chat room this week. I've heard from some of our Flat Classroom(r) certified teachers that this is a create tool.

Feb 04, 13

Sad to see that the first major fail of a MOOC would happen at my alma mater, Georgia Tech, but I do applaud their transparency and moving forward with it. I hope they do it soon. With 41,000 students in the #foemooc - they had 40,000 students in a google doc which has a limit of 50 simultaneous editors - and with no backup - they weren't ready for the problems that would happen. This was a Coursera course and it just couldn't handle the load. Interestingly this was a Fundamentals of Online Education MOOC which makes it even more ironic. Read this article for more about what happened.

"Maybe it was inevitable that one of the new massive open online courses would crash. After all, MOOCs are being launched with considerable speed, not to mention hype. But MOOC advocates might have preferred the collapse of a course other than the one that was suspended this weekend, one week into instruction: "Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application.""

Feb 02, 13

An interesting guide from edutopia for parents that you can share with your parents and PTO. They share a lot of examples of 21st century learning and as you work to build support for these things, this is a great document to share. (Full Disclosure: The digiteen project is listed for middle school - after this was listed, we saw such an inundation of schools wanting to do the project, we created the DigiTween project for kids aged 10-12 and Digiteen is still for kids aged 13+.) There are a lot of other great sites including the World Peace game, information on Skype in the Classroom, World of Warcraft in School and the Digital Youth Network. Download and share.

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