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Apr 16, 13

We worry about stealing music. Soon people will be able to steal anything and the key to a stable society may just be our ethics.

May 01, 12

An easy 3D designing program that you can use with students or to design your own 3D. With 3D printers just around the corner, this is getting closer to being something we all do.

May 01, 12

Richard Byrne suggests that educators use Tinkercad, the 3D modeling tool to their students because it is very easy to use. Just note that you MUST use Google Chrome or the new Firefox - they don't work correctly in IE.

Jan 10, 12

NYU Medical students wear 3-D glasses and dissect a virtual cadaver projected on a screen. The professor says "it's like a living digital textbook." I do, however, really hope my doctors have experience with the human body and don't do like a kid who has practiced basketball and never played in the game - bumble the ball as they start. No one wants to be a practice dummy - in this case a practice cadaver.

Yet, do you realize that we could now add human dissection to anatomy class? In 3D you could dissect the human body? There are very exciting things coming in this area.

Feb 26, 09

Great tool for making sculptures in OpenSim or Second Life -- this is on my list to learn next!

Sep 10, 08

Methods to capture human movements and display them in 3D on the computer have been developed in Belgium using 2 video cameras.

Apr 09, 08

We talked about Alternate Reality and a wealth of gaming tonight on Wow2 (a show the gaming as pedagogical platform group is going to need to listen to.)

This is an online ARG (alternate reality game) for educators and uses Geocaching -- we're planning an upcoming show on geocaching on Wow2 -- if you know of any educators doing great work, let me know.

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