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Colleen Young

Colleen Young's Public Library

Sep 27, 15

Create your own dashboard with Plotly:

Sep 26, 15

The link to the lovely @AQAMaths free DQs is here. Loads more topics coming this half term :-) #mathsconf5

Definitely check @AQAMaths' KS3 tests when they're released. Developed in conjunction with @MathsMastery and @KSA_Secondary #mathsconf5
Sep 18, 15

.@becca8922 Very, amazing. I added a basketball animation, in case the Ss is interested.

Sep 13, 15

NEW BLOG! Avengers Assembled! New behaviour working group announced...

@ColleenYoung quite right too! :-D

@ColleenYoung sounds great- always okay to ask for help, never okay to give up :-) #rag123
Sep 07, 15

Blog of the week is back! Kicking off with @chrishildrew and a great article exploring growth mindset

Thanks to everyone who attended my #rED15 session today. I'll write it up with all the links later.

RT @ColleenYoung: @oliverquinlan really enjoyed your contribution to IT Panel debate - very balanced! #rED15 < Oliver SO does balance :)
Sep 06, 15

My slides from #red15 and review of the day.

@RJS2212 @zedsee @MathsHeaven @rondelle10_b @ColleenYoung @yesigiveadamn thanks Rob. Such lovely company too
Aug 28, 15


@zedsee @MathsHeaven @treezyoung @rondelle10_b @ColleenYoung @yesigiveadamn #ff
Aug 27, 15

Excellent problems to make your students think

@ColleenYoung looks fun! Will have to explore this more.
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