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Colleen Young

Colleen Young's Public Library

@ColleenYoung I didn't realise my blog did that! I had to do the same on another blog recently, but for sushi. Thanks for the comment!
May 17, 15

Could you pass GCSE maths? Take our quiz to find out

@ColleenYoung @ali_selfe
May 04, 15

@ColleenYoung @Just_Maths
Son of Standards Unit exists Thinking Through Mathematics

@ColleenYoung @MathedUp @AQA and how we laughed when we had to use a biro because there were not enough players to play & rewind!

@ColleenYoung @AQA @BetterMaths yup. When I did my GCSEs there was an aural test worth 10%.

@ColleenYoung @AQA @BetterMaths I have a Sony Walkman, a discman and 3 generations of iPods. Guess which is the only one that still works?

@ColleenYoung Praise indeed! I agree with them!!

@ColleenYoung @MathedUp Haha, I think that highlights my dislike for the method :)
Apr 20, 15

@treezyoung @learnmath4us @ColleenYoung I love you lot

@ColleenYoung @learnmath4us @grahamandre you see - I knew I was right

@ColleenYoung @Maths_Master felt like we should have had a hashtag! Thoroughly enjoyed - why I love twitter :)

@ColleenYoung @MathedUp Right back at you both! Lovely to chat with you
Apr 07, 15

A* Essential skills -Set of 5 worksheets with 15 questions and full worked solutions

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