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Colleen Young

Colleen Young's Public Library

@RJS2212 @zedsee @MathsHeaven @rondelle10_b @ColleenYoung @yesigiveadamn thanks Rob. Such lovely company too
Aug 28, 15


@zedsee @MathsHeaven @treezyoung @rondelle10_b @ColleenYoung @yesigiveadamn #ff
Aug 27, 15

Excellent problems to make your students think

@ColleenYoung looks fun! Will have to explore this more.
Aug 23, 15

Oh, hey, a page of all of my favorite things. Stats Things Loved #APStats #statschat #statsed

Aug 19, 15

What Students Remember Most About Teachers via @lori_gard This pretty much says it all.

Aug 17, 15

I'm making a start writing some free assessment quizzes for the new #maths #GCSE. Here's today's ones: #mathscpdchat

Aug 16, 15

Dijkstra hand wrote all of his lecture notes, despite his specialism! They're available here @eggshaped @QIpodcast

Aug 16, 15

Ofsted handbook for inspection from Sept 2015. Plz RT: all need to read this to be able to take charge!

Aug 15, 15

New stat guidance now states that decisions on appointing new govs should be informed by interviews and references.

Aug 15, 15

Love the way @joboaler shows the representations in this video on number talks

Aug 11, 15

From @ColleenYoung, how to do a cumulative frequency plot in @Desmos. Very nice example & how to. #statschat

Aug 10, 15

At @researchED1's annual conference next month, NFER will host a discussion on 'factchecking education'. Info:

Aug 08, 15

Love maths puzzles? Try today's Conundrum from

@ColleenYoung @eventbrite *fires the confetti cannon*
Aug 05, 15

Desmos Activity Builder for Function Transformations

Aug 04, 15

How do you create compelling visual content? @uberflip explains how to make engaging content assets: #visualisviral

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