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Colleen Young

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about 9 hours ago

Maths --> Engineering --> Jobs
@WomanthologyUK @Tomorrows_Eng @born2engineer

@ColleenYoung @LearningSpy I knew you would, Colleen :)
Nov 29, 15

What I want from a school leader via @LearningSpy This is a lump in the throat type of post. CoGs please read.

Nov 29, 15

NEW:The delusional voodoo of grading lessons has got to stop.

@ColleenYoung @Transum I'm so thrilled with these sites! Thank you so much.

@ColleenYoung Thank you, Colleen :)

@AlisonMPeacock My favourite quote from a Y6 child during his meeting, "What do levels mean anyway? Just a number with a letter attached!"

@ColleenYoung @Transum I hadn't, but I have now! Thank you.
Nov 16, 15

Thanks to @ColleenYoung for mentioning on her website - really appreciated!

Nov 09, 15

@MissJHE_RQT This is my favourite simplifying activity: I recently used with Year 10 and Year 11. #mathstlp

Nov 09, 15

@Shareen68 these for manipulating RoL data and this for summarising

Nov 04, 15

Revision Activities via @ColleenYoung

Nov 02, 15

@mathsjem A maths advent calendar - Slightly early and only doors 1-15 work #mathstlp 1/2

@ColleenYoung All the other things you've included are brilliant. I had no idea there was such an array. Thank you for including GT.
Oct 31, 15

Giving the Test back.
Thks to @solvemymaths @mathsjem @ColleenYoung @jeff286 @STeaching @takepi21 @nedge9 @mathsf

Oct 30, 15

Teaching better. My pedagogical to-do list > Thinking about writing a new list; here's my last one.

@MathedUp @ColleenYoung Absolutely! Watch this space
Oct 25, 15

Breathtakingly effective summary of the different components of subject knowledge by @mccreaemma via @samtwiselton

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