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  • e Android build tools will do this automatically for certain build types.

  • tatic standings from Sports Favorites s

  • The default locale is appropriate for tasks that involve presenting data to the user. In  this case, you want to use the user's date/time formats, number  formats, rules for conversion to lowercase, and so on. In this case, it's safe to use the  convenience methods.  

    The default locale is not appropriate for machine-readable output. The best choice  there is usually Locale.US – this locale is guaranteed to be available on all  devices, and the fact that it has no surprising special cases and is frequently used (especially  for computer-computer communication) means that it tends to be the most efficient choice too.

  • Choosing a movie or TV show and hitting "watch now" shows you a list of services that offer it, such as Vudu and Amazon, but as with search, Netflix and Hulu Plus are omitted.
  • Unfortunately, results from Netflix and Hulu Plus don't show up, and the Amazon results are imperfect

  • The primary difference between DigiCipher 2 and DVB lies in how each standard handles SI metadata, or System Information, where DVB reserves packet identifiers from 16 to 31 for metadata, DigiCipher reserves only packet identifier 8187 for its master guide table which acts as a look-up table for all other metadata tables. DigiCipher 2 also extends the MPEG program number that is assigned for each service in a transport stream with the concept of a virtual channel number, whereas the DVB system never defined this type of remapping preferring to use a registry of network identifiers to further differentiate program numbers from those used in other transport streams.

  • The scan "listens" on every channel from 2 to 69, and pauses when it detects a digital carrier wave. If it is able to decode the station, it reads its PSIP data, and adds its virtual channels to the channel map.
  • If no PSIP is transmitted, the physical channel number is used, and each transport stream is enumerated according to its TSID (converted from hexadecimal), or starting sequentially at .1, .2, .3, and so forth, depending on the tuner.

  • Nope. They anticipate that a certain percentage will be withdrawn, denied, or revoked each year and take that into consideration when running the lottery.
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