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Sep 12, 16

"Modern GUI Development in Unity 4.6 - #3: The Canvas

Sep 06, 16

amp wide open - run everything at unity

  • one of the most important things you can do is to experiment with different reverb length settings, juggling the return channel's fader in tandem, to find the best balance between these two parameters.
  • t can achieve cohesion without any obvious reverb tail, leaving individual sounds more upfront, distinct, and raw-sounding

  • The main difference between Cardboard and any high end VR viewer besides the Gear VR is an improved field of view (FoV).

  • “It’s not just the silicon,” adds Federighi. “It’s how many microphones we put on the device, where we place the microphones. How we tune the hardware and those mics and the software stack that does the audio processing. It’s all of those pieces in concert. It’s an incredible advantage versus those who have to build some software and then just see what happens.”
  • Siri’s remarks come from a database of recordings collected in a voice center; each sentence is a stitched-together patchwork of those chunks.
  • Apple says the comparison doesn’t hold, because on Amazon users have to use specific language to access the skills. Siri will integrate things like SquareCash or Uber more naturally, says Apple

2 more annotations...

  • When your app launches, place the UI controls in the user’s current field of view.

  • Android does not currently support rendering pop-up dialog boxes in stereoscopic 3D within a VR application.  

  • use Android’s Full Screen mode, and not Android’s Lights Out mode
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