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Clare McKenzie

Clare McKenzie's Public Library

Aug 16, 16

Since most recent, current, and future information exists only in digital form, there is a risk of huge gaps in library collecting. This project helps library and archive staff gain the confidence necessary for taking initial steps to launch a born-digital management program that can be scaled up over time. As revealed in Taking Our Pulse: The OCLC Research Survey of Special Collections and Archives born-digital management is the number one area in which education and training are needed

Aug 16, 16

How do we make sure that the born-digital content is preserved but also remains usable long term? That means that we understand and accommodate the important characteristics of digital information:

Aug 16, 16

"This means we need to be proactive and have scalable processes for maintaining the long-term access to our collections. We need a digital preservation system which will allow us to understand what we have in our collection, proactively monitor the digital material for any potential problems and then take appropriate actions, both on small and large scales."

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