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Clare McKenzie

Clare McKenzie's Public Library

Feb 11, 15

'Charting the development of preservation from antiquity to the digital age' @facetpublishing

Feb 05, 15

#online15 @mtchl now showing the visualisation from Every noise at once and genre map (thanks to Glen McDonald)

Feb 05, 15

#online15 great fun talking Collection Space, thanks for the warm welcome. Here's the slides: @EveryNoise

Jan 16, 15

Take a look at what I designed - this is a nice little app for poster design - this is our draft vision @swinlib

Jan 06, 15

A new way of evaluating academics’ research output using easily obtained data @TheScientistLLC

Nov 26, 14

VICE nails criticisms and myths about ABC soundly to the wall. Read it, ABC critics, and weep into your Australian -

Nov 23, 14

#sketchnote draw your own #network map #netpro #ascilite2014

Nov 21, 14

Three cats. #Chefchaouen #heyho2014 #Morocco #latergram

Nov 21, 14

Look down. Markets #Marrakech #heyho2014 #latergram

Nov 07, 14

We asked HRH Prince Charles for his memories of appearing on #Countdown Nobody was expecting this: #ThePrinceAndMolly

Oct 12, 14

Fiji sunset #fijiwithfizz #wedding

Oct 12, 14

@AnitaHeiss @PamKrstic SUCH an amazing TedX from @AnitaHeiss. Def recommend everyone should watch this

Oct 12, 14

In this week's writing challenge, we give you a free ride on our time machine. Where would you want it to take you?

Oct 12, 14

This is the RIGHT kind of library!

Oct 12, 14

How to use and cite social media for research

Oct 12, 14

Am amazed some still don’t do this MT @trevoryoung: How to improve your professional future in 140 minutes a week

Oct 12, 14

Also, @morfaine & I are presenting our #vala14 paper this arvo -not my preferred timeslot hope to see a few ppl there

Oct 12, 14

Good advice… RT @99u: The Kinds of Excuses We Tell Ourselves & How to Break the Cycle

Oct 12, 14

Creating, curating and circulating research: our most-read posts from 2013 on social media

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