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Clare McKenzie

Clare McKenzie's Public Library

05 Apr 14

Fiji sunset #fijiwithfizz #wedding

01 Apr 14

In this week's writing challenge, we give you a free ride on our time machine. Where would you want it to take you?

09 Mar 14

This is the RIGHT kind of library!

25 Feb 14

How to use and cite social media for research

10 Feb 14

Am amazed some still don’t do this MT @trevoryoung: How to improve your professional future in 140 minutes a week

06 Feb 14

Good advice… RT @99u: The Kinds of Excuses We Tell Ourselves & How to Break the Cycle

06 Feb 14

Also, @morfaine & I are presenting our #vala14 paper this arvo -not my preferred timeslot hope to see a few ppl there

04 Feb 14

Creating, curating and circulating research: our most-read posts from 2013 on social media

04 Feb 14

Dutch court in The Hague ordered the blocking of The Pirate Bay to be lifted, calling it ineffective. #copyright

03 Feb 14

By replacing journal rank with an institution-based reputation system, the looming crisis in science can be averted.

30 Jan 14

Library advocacy w/ @NPSIG for the morning people :) Link to virtual meeting room for @BOBCATSSS _2014

Is it wrong to barrack for the Morlocks over the Eloi?
30 Jan 14

New Reference Resource: Internet Verification Handbook Released (Free Online) via @infoDOCKET #emjo

@gemmas1980 @newgradlib @lyndelleg @leesaphilip A practical use for surplus library ottomans.
29 Jan 14

@edwardshaddow @HughRundle @madradish I've made a list of em

29 Jan 14

FEATURE: "Green Open Access: A Balanced Assessment'-Allen Press. Good overview esp given it's publisher's perspective

29 Jan 14

Trillions of @LEGO bricks meet the world wide web in Build with Chrome, a @ChromeExp:

11 Nov 13

Blondes ... we mean blondies ... really do have more fun

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