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Sep 24, 16

Over the past two years, I’ve interviewed more than 100 world-class performers for my podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. via Pocket

Sep 18, 16

Four months ago I conducted an interview with the chair of a trustee group who are responsible for the museum in their small city. I was visiting the city to do some research for a book I was working on and, in the process, I got talking to the volu…

Aug 13, 16

These are all the words you should use on a resumé to make your normal skills look amazing. These are all the words you should use on a resumé to make your normal skills look amazing. via Pocket

Jul 27, 16

One of the most popular pages on this site is the Structured Introduction to UX and Ethnography and I wanted something to go on there, and also for a new blog from the University of York. via Pocket

Jul 23, 16

As a professional reference librarian and amateur history buff at NIST, I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with all kinds of extraordinary individuals. via Pocket

Jul 17, 16

It’s both human, and typical of how we parent today: At the first indication of unhappiness from our kids, we rush in to fix it, serving, as Dr. Robin Berman explains, like human pacifiers. via Pocket

Jul 11, 16

About two years ago, I became interested in the garments of Davide Taub, the head cutter for Gieves & Hawkes, a house in London at which Alexander McQueen apprenticed, and which has a reputation for designs that are both elegant and daring. via Pock…

Jul 10, 16

It can be tempting to blame failure on a lack of willpower or a scarcity of talent, and to attribute success to hard work, effort, and grit. To be sure, those things matter. via Pocket

Jul 10, 16

If you're a massive TED fan like me, you've probably watched a whole lot of the compelling talks by now. But when it comes to consuming all the insights TED has to offer, even the most dedicated enthusiasts can't hold a candle to Chris Anderson. via…

Jul 07, 16

Joy points upward, according to Marie Kondo, whose name is now a verb and whose nickname is being trademarked and whose life has become a philosophy. via Pocket

Jul 04, 16

Pilots face stress and responsibility — but also prestige and the rare ability to follow their passion. It is essential that pilots be in perfect health and have nerves of steel. But when you get the job, it's a ticket to see some of the best views …

Jun 30, 16

Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × The seven deadly sins of librarianship 1. The seven deadly sins of librarianship Jo Webb By Pieter Brueghel ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 2. 1. via Pocket

Jun 20, 16

It'll boost the team's communication, they said. It'll make the company more collaborative, they said. Today the open office layout is as commonplace in business as a Keurig machine. via Pocket

Jun 20, 16

I was discussing my work with a friend and was asked what were the main themes I talked about when I was on the stage. It made me think about how to present these core ideas in the simplest way. via Pocket

Jun 18, 16

London — IT was Queen Elizabeth’s official 90th birthday celebration last Sunday, and tables for 10,000 guests were set along the Mall in central London. via Pocket

Jun 07, 16

I hadn’t expected a group of women in their 70s in a library to be so boisterous. Nora has recited a ribald verse about a well-known current politician, with bright-eyed relish, while Jill offers wry self-mockery at her continuing failure to finish …

May 29, 16

We are Dizzy with excitement that The Stuffies are coming, royally pleased that King Charles is paying us a visit, and Jesus Jones promises us a party of biblical proportions – buy your tickets March 23rd. via Pocket

May 27, 16

As National Lampoon can attest, summer travel rarely goes according to plan. For nearly every stressor that pops up around summer travel, there's an app to help travelers smooth things out. But as for dealing with a dead relative in the back seat? N…

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