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"The tech industry says it can tackle inequality, and governments are keen to let it try. The choice that citizens now face is not between the market and the state, but between politics and non-politics "

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"By Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail
Updated: 20:56 EST, 23 April 2009

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It has long been held that the early bird catches the worm. But it is the night owl that lasts the distance, research shows.

It found that late risers tire less quickly than those who make a point of getting up at the crack of dawn.

The study is likely to be embraced by anyone tired of being branded lazy for their love of a lie-in.

Not so guilty pleasure: A study has found that people who sleep-in tend to be cleverer and richer than morning larks

And it adds to growing evidence that it is night owls that rule the roost.

Previous studies have found that those who rise later tend to be both cleverer and richer than early birds.

For the latest study, scientists pitted morning larks against night owls in a task designed to measure their reaction and attention times.

During the experiment, the volunteers got up and went to bed at their usual times, with the larks tending to turn in four hours earlier than the owls.

Both did similarly well at the task shortly after getting up. But ten hours into their day, it was the night owls that shone, being both quicker and more alert at the task, the journal Science reports.

Despite being awake for the same length of time, the larks felt sleepier, with scans showing that the parts of their brains linked to attention were less active.

Dr Philippe Peigneux, of the University of Liege in Belgium, said: 'During the evening session, evening types were less sleepy and tended to perform faster than morning types.'

Previous studies have shown that getting up late appears to be in our DNA, with our body clock regulated by a series of genes which determine whether we are larks or owls.

Other studies have debunked the popular saying 'early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise'.

Night owls have been shown to be cleverer than larks, with quicker minds and better memories. They also earn more.

Famous night owls include Charles Darwin, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, who regularly went to bed at 4am and rose late. Due to his sleeping patterns, he often hosted War Cabinet meetings in his bath.

It is thought that the division into larks and owls has its roots in evolution, with early risers in the Stone Age taking the initiative in food gathering, while owls stood guard late into the night.

Those who fell into neither category could sleep safely in the knowledge that their needs were being taken care of.

When humans moved towards tending animals and harvesting crops, larks came in demand for the early starts, while owls started to be thought of as less industrious. "

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"Looking for a novel way to celebrate Purim in Tel Aviv next weekend? Wander over to 26 Gordon Street for a pop-up art show wrapped inside architecture that’s worth a visit on its own. Radical renovations are planned for a 1930’s building that will transform the Bauhaus beauty into the city’s first “green” retrofit of a protected structure. Before construction begins, the building will host a contemporary art and fashion exhibit using the same name as the architectural project, “Fertile Ground”."

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"Many Iraqis evoke popular saying about the loss of non-human objects: 'May the books be a sacrifice for the people.'

27 Feb 2015 07:32 GMT | Arts & Culture, Human Rights, Middle East, Iraq

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Books rescued from Mosul are displayed at the Dominican Priory in Qaraqosh, Iraq [AP]Books rescued from Mosul are displayed at the Dominican Priory in Qaraqosh, Iraq [AP]
About the Author
Marcia Lynx Qualey

Marcia Lynx Qualey writes about Arabic literature and literary translation for a number of publications. She blogs daily at


Last Saturday, news began to spread that the Mosul Central Library had likely been bombed. It was followed on Thursday by video that showed the methodical destruction of the Mosul Museum and news that bookshops on Al-Nujaifi Street in downtown Mosul may have been burned.

Although the apparent library bombing took place a week ago, it's still unclear exactly what happened in Iraq's second-largest city. That's because Mosul has been largely cut off from the rest of the world since the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) took control of the area in June. Instead of reliable news reports, we have brief phone calls, amateur ISIL documentaries, camera photos of burning books, and intermittent tweets that both illuminate and confuse what's going on.
Iraqi archaeologist discusses ISIL's destruction of antiquities

It is difficult to say how many people have been tortured, killed, or forced to flee their Mosul homes in the last six months. At the same time, UNESCO estimates that ISIL-controlled areas are undergoing a massive cultural destruction, which may be "one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history".

Improvised incendiary devices

According to mostly anonymous reports coming out of Mosul, last Saturday, improvised incendiary devices were placed around the city's central library. Elaph news reported that city residents asked ISIL fighters to reconsider, but bombs were set off, igniting fires that destroyed an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 books and manuscripts."

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"Video: Bake the perfect batch of triangular cookies for the holiday—with homemade fruit filling
By Joan Nathan|February 20, 2013 12:00 AM|Comments: 0
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Joan Nathan’s Chosen Hamantaschen

Hamantaschen, Purim’s traditional triangular cookies, are relatively new to the Jewish gastronomic scene. They most likely originated in Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic, just two or three centuries ago. The earliest American recipe I could find for mohn maultaschen (poppy seed tartlets, which we would recognize as hamantaschen) was in 1889’s “Aunt Babette’s” Cookbook: Foreign and Domestic Receipts for the Household—published by Edward Bloch, who was from the Bohemian village of Grafenried. There aren’t that many ingredients, but that doesn’t stop bakers from having intense preferences; you’ll hear about mine in the video."

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"Posted by Justine Jablonska on February 24, 2015 at 4:20 pm

75 years ago – in February 1940 – Stalin began mass deportations of Poles to Siberia. He’d been arresting individuals and POWs from the earliest stages of the Soviet occupation.

World War II was raging, and Poland had not one, but two occupiers.

Hitler and his Nazis had already begun their atrocities in Poland’s German-occupied territories.

In Poland’s Soviet-occupied territories, entire families, communities, villages, were being packed into cattle cars with no sanitation; little food and water. The journeys were inhumane, as was the destination – the frozen wastelands of Siberian Gulag. Many died. But not all, so this story doesn’t end there.

This roundup of CR pieces tells the deportation saga: from the endless journeys and the camps and then, for some, escape – and the most extraordinary odyssey of WWII."


    75 years ago – in February 1940 – Stalin began mass deportations of Poles to Siberia. He’d been arresting individuals and POWs from the earliest stages of the Soviet occupation.


    World War II was raging, and Poland had not one, but two occupiers.


    Hitler and his Nazis had already begun their atrocities in Poland’s German-occupied territories.


    In Poland’s Soviet-occupied territories, entire families, communities, villages, were being packed into cattle cars with no sanitation; little food and water. The journeys were inhumane, as was the destination – the frozen wastelands of Siberian Gulag. Many died. But not all, so this story doesn’t end there.


    This roundup of CR pieces tells the deportation saga: from the endless journeys and the camps and then, for some, escape – and the most extraordinary odyssey of WWII.

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In the late eighteenth century, enslaved people in Saint-Domingue, the French colony that became Haiti, rose up against their colonial masters and gained their freedom and independence. Haiti became the first fully free society in the Atlantic world and the second independent nation in the Americas (after the United States). Understanding the Haitian Revolution is crucial to understanding the course of world history and the history of the Americas. It is also essential to understanding Haiti today. Through readings, maps, digital activities, and simulations, students consider the development of the American colonial world and the legacies of the only successful slave revolt in the history of the world.

Students explore Hispaniola's precolonial past and the development of one of the greatest wealth-producing colonies in world history. They also consider the different groups involved in the conflict in Saint-Domingue and their motivations. The readings draw connections between events in Europe and the Americas, and reflect on the Revolution's legacies for the region and the world.
The Choices Role Play

This central activity helps students consider the future of Saint-Domingue in 1801, at a point when slavery had been abolished but Saint-Domingue was still a French colony. Students explore the viewpoints being considered both in Saint-Domingue and in France, and consider the effects of decisions made on both sides of the Atlantic on the course of the Revolution.

Mapping European Colonization of the Americas
Students explore the geography of the Americas during European colonialism and understand how the changing political geography of the Americas affected events on Hispaniola.

Enslaved People's Experiences
Taking on the role of fictional characters, students step into the shoes of enslaved people at the start of the revolt in 1791 to consider the choices that individuals made at the time.

Digital Timeline: Europe and Saint-Domingue
Students consider the relationship between events in Europe and events in Saint-Domingue by exploring an online, interactive timeline.

Role-Playing the Options
Students work cooperatively using primary sources to present the two options people supported in Saint-Domingue and the two options considered in France for Saint-Domingue's future in 1801. Additional groups represent the views of individuals in Saint-Domingue or in France at the time.

What is Freedom?
By exploring quotes and prioritizing different elements of freedom, students consider the meaning of 'freedom' both for themselves and for people in Saint-Domingue during the Revolution.

Mapping Independence and Abolition in the Americas
Using maps, students explore the progression of abolition and independence movements in the Americas and connect historical events to present-day American geography.

The Haitian Revolution Today
This online lesson helps students consider how Haitians today think about the Revolution through art, music, and literature."

about 7 hours ago

"The future of urbanism according to the 27-year-old mayor of Ithaca
By Jeff Guo February 27

Svante Myrick is 27, but he’s going into his fourth year as the mayor of Ithaca, a city whose prosperity defies the woes blanketing the rest of upstate New York. (Jeff Guo/Washington Post)

When — at 24 — Svante Myrick became the mayor of Ithaca, N.Y., there loomed the unavoidable comparison to that other oddly-named, biracial politician raised by a single white mother.

In high school, Myrick’s grandmother had given him a copy of “Dreams from My Father,” which he devoured with an eerie sense of déjà lu.

“It was like reading my diary with wisdom inserted in,” he told the Syracuse Post-Standard after his election in 2011.

Upon taking office, Myrick was profiled on “Rock Center with Brian Williams” in a segment that highlighted his hard-knock upbringing. His father struggled with drug addiction. His mother worked three jobs to raise him and his siblings. Early on, the family slipped in and out of homelessness for a while.

Now 27, Myrick, a Cornell graduate, is entering the final year of his term a six-year veteran of city politics.

Ithaca’s prosperity defies the woes blanketing the rest of upstate New York. In 2013, the New York Times ran an admiring story on the college town. Having Cornell in its back yard helps, of course; but the Times also credited Myrick for his leadership and his idealism.

At the National Opportunity Summit, a conference about youth unemployment Thursday in D.C., Myrick joined the mayors of Philadelphia and Birmingham in a discussion about extending opportunity to those systematically starved of it.

“In many of our neighborhoods, our young people die from a lack of exposure to what the world is beyond the three blocks around their house,” said Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia.

Nutter talked about the importance of giving young people early work experience, to teach them skills and to teach them how to dream bigger.

Myrick added that workforce training was equally important, and that cities could do better at connecting their own citizens to the companies who need workers.

“For young people, particularly people who are not succeeding in schools, they need to see a clear bright line between that employment training program and a job at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

In Ithaca this past year, Myrick opened a hospitality training program in preparation for several hotels being built downtown. “We could say, that building you’re seeing being erected is going to need 40 people to work there. And we’re going to give you a certificate that will prepare you on day one to walk in and ask for a job,” he said.

Thursday, Myrick sat down to chat about the future of cities. He has a politician’s polish, but few of the hammy tendencies. In speeches, and especially in conversation, he turns the volume down to signal that the topic is serious.

Myrick has a millennial’s vision of city life: walkable and dense. (Thursday, he sported a black Jawbone fitness tracker.) He believes that environmentalism implies urbanism and vice versa. As mayor he oversaw rezoning efforts to attract more and higher development downtown. He takes the bus often and regards parking lots as a blight.

When asked three years ago, Myrick told “Rock Center” that New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker (D) was his role model. Booker later invited him to visit; they have each other’s numbers now. Myrick says he’ll text Booker for advice when he’s having problems.

As his term wraps up at the end of the year, Myrick won’t say where he’s headed next. He’s having a lot of fun as mayor, but politicians are supposed to keep their options open, you know?

This interview has been edited and condensed.

On why urbanism isn’t just another hipster fad:

Our generation is flooding back into cities. They realize they’d rather walk to work. How many people do you know who are eager to live in a suburb? They want to be close to the coffee shop, close to the office. They want to live around the corner from the new Ethiopian restaurant.

Here’s why I think this is a permanent shift. I think what we went through over the last 50 years was the temporary shift.

Because if you study human behavior before that, for like ever, this was the way people lived quite very happily. And healthily. And in some places in the world it’s the way they still live — in Europe, in cities that we admire and love and go to on vacations.

Rome and Paris and London: These are human-scale cities. Cities that are full of people and places instead of parking spaces.

On the importance of morale, and moral authority:

I think maybe the largest lesson I’ve learned is about credibility. Moral authority is very powerful. The willingness to walk the walk is the key to success in government, generally, and especially at the local level.

I mean this quite literally.

Right away after I was elected I did a few things. I sold my car about four years ago. I walk to work. I walk a mile to city hall and a mile back. I’ll take the bus if it’s cold.

People seeing me on the bus — it matters. People seeing me walk with my backpack back and forth to city hall — that makes a difference.

I have a parking space that’s reserved for me, a parking space right in front of city hall. There’s a big sign. It’s like the best parking space in the city. It’s right there.

We took some benches from one of our city parks and took a tree that had to be cut down. We sliced it into rings and hollowed it out and planted flowers and soil. And we added a sign that said “AND FRIENDS.” So it says “RESERVED FOR MAYOR AND FRIENDS.”

We turned it into the smallest park into the city of Ithaca. It’s really so small.

A photo of the mayor’s parking lot featured on Myrick’s Facebook page. (Courtesy of Svante Myrick)

We’ve done so many things since then. We’ve led New York state in job growth over the last three years, month over month over month. Now we have the lowest unemployment rate in all of New York state. We’ve lowered our expenses, increased our revenue, cut taxes. All big shifts.

But if you will believe it, if you go to Ithaca right now, and you’re like, “What do you think about the mayor?” They would say: “The parking space guy! Oh I like that parking space.”

It’s a symbol, but it’s an important symbol. It meant that I was going to be walking the walk.

If I was going to be asking people to think about their cars differently and the way they move around the city differently, I had to find a way to show that I was all in on this idea. I wasn’t going to ask them to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself.

And that just gave us a shot of morale.

The recession has lingered inside governments longer than it has in the private sector. Back in 2011 it was still a dark time, and we’d been in this culture for years of no new projects. There was no possibility.

And then to see something quirky and whimsical, and admittedly a bit silly — but something new. It just made people feel like even though these were hard times, they weren’t the end times.

On how they pumped up Ithaca’s downtown by zoning for density:

We’ve added housing, we built hotels. We had a $3 million structural budget deficit when I took office. Closed it. Not only did we close it, but my first budget had the lowest tax increase in 13 years. The next year had an even lower tax increase than that. This last year’s budget, we actually cut taxes.

Part of it was we changed zoning. We did what [New York City] mayor Bill de Blasio is talking about now in New York City, which is incentive-based smart growth — dense zoning to allow for taller building in the core. We let them build taller. You can eliminate the minimum parking requirements, which is something we did in downtown and Collegetown.

From the 1950s till now, we’ve been demolishing people spaces in place of parking spaces. So in between every building you had a parking lot, then a bigger parking lot, then a bigger parking lot.

Now if you want to go to the grocery store you have to drive, it’s too far to walk. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you densify, you can walk, you can take mass transit. You can get around cleaner and safer. You have a more vibrant city. The property values in that city are higher because a parking lot doesn’t generate a lot of revenue, but a hotel generates quite a bit. It increases the employment prospects.

That helped with our budget woes because we changed the zoning, we incentivized all the smart growth. We got building permits; those are expensive. People putting in building permits, paying more in property taxes, that helped. We also streamlined our government quite a bit — fewer managers, more frontline personnel.

Why cities can’t continue relying on the property tax to pay for civic life:

Our funding models at the local level are 100 years old, or older. And they’re out of date. It was just property taxes, which made sense 100 years ago because if you owned the general store in Ithaca, N.Y., you lived in Ithaca, N.Y. You lived on the other side of town, you would tax where the store was and where you lived, and between those two, you’d pay for your impact on the social compact.

Now you can own Wal-Marts in every community in the country, take all of that wealth and bring it back to one community in Arkansas.

Now how are we going to repave all the roads that lead to Wal-Mart? How are we going to protect the roads leading to and from Walmart with the police department, with the fire department, when really all the wealth that’s generated there isn’t in the community?

And then what are you going to do when Lowe’s pops up next to it, and McDonalds, and one after another? The wealth that’s being generated is being siphoned up out and over into someplace else.

Then to make it even worse, with the advent of highways and automobiles, it’s now easier than ever to live just outside the city in the suburbs, in a lower tax district.

Drive in, take advantage of everything there is to do in a city, work there, go to school there, shop there dine there. Then you go back to your low-tax suburb where you sleep at night.

Our funding system was never set up to deal with that. That’s why you now have all sorts of tolls when you come and out of New York City. You gotta pay like $30 worth of tolls because you’re trying to figure out how do you run a city where you have four times as many people using it as there are actually paying for it.

It’s an extremely outdated funding model that’s made us all have to get creative.

On the difference between members of Congress and mayors:

You can go to Congress, spend two years, point fingers at the other party calling them knuckleheads.

Then you come home, and you say to your constituents: “Can you believe those knuckleheads in the other party didn’t let me get anything done? Send me back to Congress and I’ll kick their ass and get things done.”

And you go back to Congress, and you call them knuckleheads, and nothing ever happens.

If you do that as mayor, you’ll be out faster than — because people are watching. They’re right there. They see you in the grocery store. The people you’re working with are their neighbors. So if you call them knuckleheads, and you don’t get anything done, they’ll hold you accountable, fast.

On companies who demand tax breaks before they will come to town:

This race to the bottom is what you get. Our funding system has just not caught up with this threat to the survival of local government services. The social contract has always been, and should be: You create jobs, God bless you, and thank you for doing it. You also pay taxes.

You benefit in a community from the social safety net. You benefit from the networks of streets and roads, parking garages, police and fire. You pay for those things.

You hire people, that’s great. but you still pay for the fabric of government. Otherwise what you’re doing is you are forcing your employees to pay for all the things that you are refusing to pay for.

Why is that unfair? Because the six members of the Walton family are among the top 10 richest Americans. The thousands of people who work for them make minimum wage. They are essentially forcing their minimum wage employees to subsidize the operation of their companies by paying for the government that the business rightly should be supporting.

This is another thing. If you can’t afford to pay your employees enough so they don’t need government assistance, then you are asking the people of this country to subsidize your company. It’s corporate welfare.

So we try to combat that where we can.

On why hydraulic fracturing is not the answer to the problems plaguing upstate New York:

We have to go back to a model that is slower, yes, but steadier, definitely — instead of swinging for the fences with a short-term solution like fracking, which is going to bring you jobs for the next 10 years, maybe.

By definition, they’re not making natural gas as fast as you are drilling it. You will drill it, it will be empty, and it will be gone. And when it’s gone, so will the industry.

And what will you be left with? You will be left with hills that are dotted with drill pads. Water that’s contaminated. Roads that have just been demolished by trucks and trucks and trucks, and no tax base to rebuild any of this stuff.

We are in the forever business. Government’s in the forever business. I can’t just plan for next Tuesday or for the next four years or even for the next 10.

You have to plan as if you are a steward for something that will last hundreds of years after you.

On why environmental conservation is crucial for the future of towns, and the lingering effects of industrial pollution:

This was a mistake we made, especially upstate. It happened in Ithaca. We had Morse Chain and the Ithaca Gun Company, making chains that go in engines, and rifles.

They would test-fire the rifles by shooting these lead bullets into the waterfall. Just into the back of the waterfall, which ran down through the city. And these carcinogens they would dump down the drains, literally in the drain. The same way you would flush shampoo.

And they knew. It’s not like they didn’t know this stuff was bad for you. We just decided we wanted the jobs and the industry more than a clean environment.

So where are we now? The industry’s gone because that’s the nature of these things. They’re fleeting. But what’s left are these contaminated sites all over.

You have factories that take millions to remediate. You have to dig up soils 20, 30 feet underground and essentially pull the whole tops off hills. You have to replace it with fresh clean soil before you can put anything at all there. Before you can put apartments and condos. You’re left with a cost that was bigger than your gain.

On how local agriculture could save the state’s ailing towns — just as his own hometown was saved:

I think we need to focus on agriculture. Now what happened with agriculture? That, too, got globalized. While IBM was searching for the lowest cost place, so was everybody else.

But we can’t assume that it will always make financial sense. It’s never made environmental sense for us to get all of our oranges from California, all of our asparagus from 3,000 miles away. It’s never made environmental sense.

We can’t assume it will always make financial sense either.

As fossil fuels diminish, the cost of transportation will rise. The economies that will be successful are economies where populations of people have access to agricultural products that are close by. Cities that are ringed by rural land that can feed them.

That can be happening in upstate New York. There are 8 million in the city itself, 20 million in the greater metro area. Those folks have to be fed. Again, before the 1950s, that’s the way it worked. Towns like mine were built because we grew hops. We grew hops that people drank in their beers.

I grew up in one of those communities. Earlville, population 800. It’s a joke, but I don’t think it’s a joke that we have more cows than people.

It’s central New York, right on the county line between Chenango and Madison. It’s tiny, it’s rural. We would say that my house was the black neighborhood.

My community was saved. When I left home in 2005 to go to college, the cheese houses were going under; the dairy farms were going under. Just a couple years after that, a small company named Chobani opened up.

You wouldn’t believe it. You go home, they can’t get cows fast enough because it takes thee gallons of milk to make one gallon of this greek yogurt.

So it’s funny. The future looks like the past.

On his job training program for hotel workers, and being prepared for the needs of local industries:

We can recognize situations on the ground. We saw that after we changed the zoning we were going to have new hotels built. They’re in the ground being built as we speak.

So we knew that we had jobs coming, and they were good paying jobs, a lot of them. Many of them were above a living wage, much less a minimum wage.

We started a job training program specifically for hospitality. We hired a director, and the director worked with professors at Cornell to create a curriculum. Existing hotels agreed to both hire from the pool of people that we trained and to provide tips.

We focused on young people between the ages for 18 and 30, who either hadn’t finished high school or college, or they’d been arrested once before, or maybe were single parents. We focused on the most vulnerable population, the people who were least likely to get those jobs, to raise their chances of climbing the ladders when the hotels were opened.

On becoming mayor at the age of 24:

It’s been a steep learning curve. I hear that’s true for all mayors, that there’s nothing that can prepare you for the job except the job itself. Even being on the city council I was aware of the shape of the responsibilities — but not the size of them.

Your first name becomes mayor. It’s not a job you go to; it’s a job that you are. You wake up in the morning, and you’re the mayor. When you’re brushing your teeth, you’re the mayor. You’re trying to have dinner with a friend, and you’re the mayor.

You can’t ever forget it because it’s more than just a job. It’s who you are now.
Jeff Guo is a staff writer for Storyline. He's from Maryland (but outside the Beltway). Follow him on Twitter: @_jeffguo.

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"German historical society to publish annotated edition of Mein Kampf after copyright runs out later this year - 70 years after Hitler's death

Hitler's 1925 autobiography outlines anti-Semitic beliefs and military plans
Rights were passed to the state of Bavaria following his death in 1945
Under German law copyright expires 70 years after the author's death
New edition will contain comments from researchers as well as original text
Authorities had previously insisted it would be illegal to publish the book
Bavarian justice ministry said exception could be made annotated copies

By Daniel Miller for MailOnline

Published: 12:27 EST, 20 February 2015 | Updated: 04:18 EST, 25 February 2015



View comments

A German historical society is set to publish an annotated edition of Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf after its copyright runs out later this year.

The Munich Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) will publish a two-volume edition of the book in which the Nazi leader outlines his anti-Semitic beliefs and plans for world domination.

The new volume will consist of 2,000 pages however just 780 of these will contain Hitler's original text while the rest will be filled by comments from researchers as well as an introduction and index.

A German historical society is to publish an annotated edition of Hitler's autobiography Mien Kampf after the copyright runs out later this year

First published in 1925, the rights to Mein Kampf, which means My Struggle, were passed from the Nazis Franz-Eher Publishing House to the state of Bavaria following Hitler's death on April 30, 1945.


Council appeal to public to help find a giant missing Nazi... Teacher fined after posting picture of Hitler with the words...

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Under German law copyright expires 70 years after the author's death.

Bavarian authorities have previously insisted that it would be illegal for anyone to publish the book under German law banning the spreading of Nazi ideology.

Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said last year that he was strongly opposed to the book going on sale.

Bavarian authorities have previously insisted that it would be illegal for anyone to publish the book under German law banning the spreading of Nazi ideology

Bavarian authorities have previously insisted that it would be illegal for anyone to publish the book under German law banning the spreading of Nazi ideology

He told a news website: 'The very thought of a new publication of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is more than disgusting and goes against all my beliefs to fight neo-fascism and right-wing extremism.

'This book was and will remain a pure anti-Semitic work of irrational hatred that should be forbidden for evermore.

'It is an abhorrent pamphlet full of incitement of the Jewish people and it brutally hurts the feelings of the Shoa-survivors.'

Justice ministers representing all German states have previously ruled that anyone publishing non-annotated copies of Mien Kampf would face a prosecution for incitement to hatred, they said.

Although no statement was given on legality of annotated copies a spokeswoman for the Bavarian justice ministry said such a work should be legal under certain conditions.

IfZ deputy director Andreas Wirsching said last year that 'what we are publishing here is an anti-Hitler text'.

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Driver, 43, 'shot dead Muslim father-of-three in random...


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Dave, Gosport, United Kingdom, 1 week ago

Considering that the book is readily available on Amazon in both English and German I can't understand why anyone bothered to write this article - anyone in Germany who wants a copy can get one by next day delivery. If they want one more quickly they can download a pdf copy from the internet in seconds. By the way, if you're tempted, it's total nonsense anyway - don't waste your time, read a proper book.
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jim bob, TAMPERE, Finland, 1 week ago

Excellent compromise that prevents any comparisons to Hitlers burning of non appropriate literature. I don't believe it will/should be commercially available though. It would be wrong to profit from this mass murdering, psychopaths thoughts.
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fizgog, Wessex, United Kingdom, 1 week ago

WHY? I once, many years ago, tried to read it. It's an unreadable shambles. I hardy finished the first chapter.
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Actress Lindsay Lohan arriving at the Hakkasan restaurant in Mayfair, UK. 27/02/2015 BYLINE MUST READ : GOTCHAIMAGES.COM Copyright by Gotcha Images Ltd. All rights reserved. Usage of this image is conditional upon the acceptance of Gotcha Images Ltd, terms and conditions available at Lindsay Lohan dons a two-tone coat over her stylish black ensemble as she steps out in London for dinner after a week of high-profile events
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Kim Kardashian dressed in black for dinner at Casa Vega Mexican restaurant in Studio City. The star looked amazing, despite her earlier flight, on Friday, February 27, 2015 X17online.comOK FOR WEB SITE USAGE\nAny queries call X17 UK Office /0034 966 713 949/926 \nAlasdair 0034 630576519 \nGary 0034 686421720\nLynne 0034 611100011 Kim Kardashian looks impeccable in a black fur-trimmed coat as she dines at Los Angeles eatery... just hours after jetting back from London
Showing them how it's done! Supermodel Eva Herzogova, 41, wows on the catwalk of Milan Fashion Week Two decades in the business
MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK\nFOR UK SALES: Contact Caroline 44 207 431 1598\nCelebrity social network pictures.\nPicture shows: Cara Delevingne\nNON-EXCLUSIVE Saturday 28th February 2015\nJob: 150228UT1 London, UK\nEROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598\nDisclaimer note of Eroteme Ltd: Eroteme Ltd does not claim copyright for this image. This image is merely a supply image and payment will be on supply/usage fee only. 'Another day at the office!' Cara Delevingne reveals herself to be a Star Wars fan as she poses with Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett At LA photoshoot
Picture Shows: Eddie Redmayne February 28, 2015 ** Min Fee 500 For Papers ** ** Min Fee 500 For Web / Online ** First Pictures! First pictures of recent Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne back to work on 'The Danish Girl' in London, England. In a departure from his award-winning role as Professor Stephen Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything', Eddie will play transgender pioneer Einar Wegener, later known as Lili Elbe, in 'The Danish Girl'. ** Min Fee 500 For Papers ** ** Min Fee 500 For Web / Online ** Exclusive All Rounder WORLDWIDE RIGHTS Pictures by : FameFlynet UK 2015 Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : PICTURED: Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne cuts a gaunt figure as he begins work in London on his latest movie The Danish Girl Playing transgender arist
Actor David Arquette has his sister, Oscar winner Patricia Arquette, in hysterics as he makes a hilarious speech after receiving the 'Poverty and Hunger Relief' award at the 3rd annual Noble Awards held at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills,Ca. Pictured: Dvid Arquette, Patricia Arquette Ref: SPL964069 280215 Picture by: MOVI Inc. / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 Bro-hood! Oscar winner Patricia Arquette looks proud as she watches sibling David get accept an award for his charity work Fighting hunger
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Make-up free Kim Kardashian sticks out her tongue in playful selfie while Kourtney and Khloe get glam for KUWTK confessional Posing for the cameras
'Hi baby abs!' Khloe Kardashian flashes her defined stomach muscles as she opens up about her 'fitness journey' Rigorous fitness routine
PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE SURE THIS INFO IS RUN ALONGSIDE THE IMAGE - *The Jonathan Ross Show - Madonna Special airs Saturday 14th March on ITV* EDITORIAL USE ONLY / NO MERCHANDISING.. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Dave Hogan/Hotsauce/REX (4462483b).. Jonathan Ross and Madonna.. 'The Jonathan Ross Show - Madonna Special' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 14 Mar 2015.. .. 'The universe was trying to teach me a lesson': Madonna speaks out about that fall... and admits she'd let her children try drugs 'in moderation'
Former 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord dons silver cut-out gown while Jessica Szohr displays toned abs in crop top and skirt at Noble Awards
*** Fee of £150 applies for use by subscription clients before 22.00 on 28.02.15 ***\nEXCLUSIVE ALLROUNDERJenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez filming 'Dr Who' in Garachico, Tenerife\nFeaturing: Jenna Coleman\nWhere: Garachico, Spain\nWhen: 27 Feb 2015\nCredit: From time lords to time zones! Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez enjoy winter sun as they film Dr Who in Tenerife A change of scenery from Cardiff
3rd Annual Noble Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 27, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.\n\nPictured: Patricia Arquette\nRef: SPL963882 270215 \nPicture by: Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash\n\nSplash News and Pictures\nLos Angeles: 310-821-2666\nNew York: 212-619-2666\nLondon: 870-934-2666\\n Patricia Arquette covers up in buttoned black gown at the Noble Awards after exposing her underwear Wardrobe malfunction the day before
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Startraks Photo/REX (4452738z)\nMargot Robbie\n'Focus' film premiere, Los Angeles, America - 24 Feb 2015\n\n Margot Robbie, 24, reveals it was hard to let go of the friends she made on the set of Focus including Will Smith...after laughing off romance rumors
Kelly Osbourne quits Fashion Police just days after Giuliana Rancic's 'racist' Zendaya jibe Rancic was forced to apologize for comment about Disney star's hair
She's a bit of all white! Suki Waterhouse shows off her perfect model legs in teeny thigh-skimming shorts during shopping trip Out in Brazil
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 27: Singer Rita Ora attends NYLON Magazine's Spring Fashion Issue Celebration hosted by Rita Ora at Blind Dragon on February 27, 2015 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rochelle Brodin/WireImage) Suited and booted! Rita Ora catches the eye in monochrome pinstripe blazer and shorts combo as she hits the red carpet at Hollywood fashion bash
Liam Hemsworth was spotted checking into his New York hotel. The star was bundled up against the weather, on Friday, February 27, 2015 Baby, it's cold outside! Liam Hemsworth looks down in the dumps as he bundles up against the bitter freeze in New York City Aussie star not amused
Lewis Hamilton - TWITTER.jpg Racing to the top of the charts? British Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton 'in talks to release music through Jay Z's Roc Nation' His newest challenge
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 11: Actress Naomi Watts attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) 'Biggest thing I struggle with is guilt': Naomi Watts opens up on tearing herself away from her kids as she talks about difficulties with work-life balance
It's a tough life! Father-of-three Scott Disick takes a night off from his UK-wide party tour to head out for dinner with pals in Liverpool
Vanessa Hudgens picking up some groceries at Trader Joe's in Studio City,CA.\n\nPictured: Vanessa Hudgens\nRef: SPL963294 270215 \nPicture by: FJR / Splash News\n\nSplash News and Pictures\nLos Angeles: 310-821-2666\nNew York: 212-619-2666\nLondon: 870-934-2666\\n Walk on the wild side! Vanessa Hudgens shows off her Boho style in thigh-high moccasin boots during LA grocery run Out at Trader Joe's
EXCLUSIVE: \nBruce Jenner is seen on his phone while driving his Porsche - the second time he has been seen on a call while behind the wheel since his recent car accident.\nBruce had the phone to his ear as he drove away after playing a round of golf at an LA country club.\nHe was also photographed on the phone while driving on February 10. A few weeks after he was involved in a fatal car accident. \nPictured: Bruce Jenner\nRef: SPL963194 270215 EXCLUSIVE\nPicture by: Splash News\n\nSplash News and Pictures\nLos Angeles:\t310-821-2666\nNew York:\t212-619-2666\nLondon:\t870-934-2666\\n PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Jenner seen talking on his phone while driving for the second time since fatal car accident When will he learn?
Orlando Bloom graciously takes the time to sign autographs as he arrives back in Los Angeles from London. The hunky English actor was seen with an earring in his left ear & carrying his trusty iPhone as he was picked up by a friend. Pictured: Orlando Bloom Ref: SPL964054 270215 Picture by: Sharky / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 Orlando Bloom is unable to hide his smile as he touches down in LA... after partying up a storm at the BRIT Awards Back to Hollywood
133375, EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne seen arriving at Milk studios for a photo shoot in Hollywood. Hollywood, California - Friday February 27, 2015. Photograph: © PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE Still shaking it up! Disney star Bella Thorne shows some edge as she arrives to ELLE Canada shoot in skintight leather trousers
kateprev1_comp1.jpg Kate Upton reveals blotchy skin as she steps out make-up free... before plucking her upper lip hair in the car Just like everyone else
What a charming Chappie! Hugh Jackman sets fans' hearts aflutter with his winning smile and sleek suit as he promotes new sci-fi film in Berlin
Picture Shows: Sofia Richie February 27, 2015 Model Sofia Richie is spotted leaving a medical building in Los Angeles, California with a friend. Sofia recently returned from NYC where she attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015. Non-Exclusive UK RIGHTS ONLY Pictures by : FameFlynet UK 2015 Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : Nicole Richie's teen sister Sofia cuts a casual figure in grey top and baggy pants as she steps out in LA... after stylish appearance at New York Fashion Week
The odds are in her favor! Willow Shields looks bright and confident as she leaves DWTS rehearsals She is the youngest contestant
Beverly Hills, CA - Kelly Rowland flashes a big smile and waves as the runs a few errands in Beverly Hills.\nAKM-GSI February 27, 2015\nTo License These Photos, Please Contact :\n \n Steve Ginsburg\n (310) 505-8447\n (323) 423-9397\n\n\n \n or\n \n Maria Buda\n (917) 242-1505\n\n Workouts paying off! Kelly Rowland shows of her trim post-baby body in Beverly Hills three months after son's birth Putting in the hours
133379, Melanie Brown and her recently separated husband Stephen Belafonte step out for dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood. West Hollywood, California - Friday February 27, 2015. Photograph: © David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE Mel B sports figure-hugging leather trousers on date night with husband Stephen Belafonte after gym session in LA Deserve a dessert!
DakotaJohnson27.jpg 'Where there's love, there's war': Dakota Johnson shows off chopped locks in gritty new trailer for Cymbeline Shakespearean tragedy
depp puff1.jpg Surprise guest! Johnny Depp shocks audience as he takes to the stage with rocker Marilyn Manson making guest appearance at Brisbane show Shaik-ing up her work out! Model Shanina displays toned figure as she twists and turns in fuchsia crop-top and maroon leggings during bendy yoga session
She's got her mother's party spirit! British Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone steps out with baby girl Sophia at niece's birthday bash
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - FEBRUARY 27: Rumer Willis visits "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 27, 2015 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) Top of the crops! Rumer Willis flashes her toned tummy as she promotes DWTS on Extra Daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
UK CLIENTS MUST CREDIT: AKM-GSI ONLY\nEXCLUSIVE: Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth stop by a vapor shop in the valley. Shia had a pierced eyebrow and an new braided pony tail as he walked back to his car with his girlfriend.\n\nPictured: Shia LaBeouf\nRef: SPL963077 260215 EXCLUSIVE\nPicture by: AKM-GSI / Splash News\n\n Oh Shia you shouldn't have! LaBeouf sports new rattail hair extension and eyebrow piercing as his style continues to become rattier
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Gregory Pace/BEI/REX (4432536cj)\nRosie O'Donnell\nGo Red For Women Collection show, Autumn Winter 2015, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York, America - 12 Feb 2015\n\n It's official: Rosie O'Donnell files for divorce from wife Michelle Rounds citing 'an irretrievably broken relationship' She filed divorce papers
Madonna says France 'feels like Nazi Germany' and claims anti-Semitism 'is at an all-time high' in Paris radio interview
Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, and Patrick Schwarzenegger spotted together at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood Hills\nFeaturing: Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie\nWhere: Hollywood, California, United States\nWhen: 27 Feb 2015\nCredit: Fancy seeing you here! Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger bump into Nicole Richie during Hollywood hike Hollywood hiking trail frequented by celebrities
26.FEBRUARY.2015\nNICOLE SCHERZINGER SEEN IN THIS CELEBRITY TWITTER PICTURE!\nBYLINE MUST READ: SUPPLIED BY XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM\n*Xposure Photos does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by Xposure are for Xposure's services only, and do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material , the user expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold Xposure harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material*\n**UK CLIENTS MUST CALL PRIOR TO TV OR ONLINE USAGE PLEASE TELEPHONE +44 208 344 2007** Time to unwind! Nicole Scherzinger enjoys luxurious getaway in Venice... less than a year after going there for anniversary break with Lewis Hamilton
Jessica Gomes ..THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS! When I first heard this song it made me cry. To hear these two legends sing & to hear Michaels voice. I love this song & I'm so proud to be apart of this special film. A song of depth & a timeless meaningful message. A true honor to be apart of the NEW Michael Jackson & Queen Music Video DIRECTED by the one & only DAVID LACHAPELLE! Starring world renowned Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. #watchthisspace #musicvideo #outnow #behindthescenes #film 'When I heard this song it made me cry': Jessica Gomes collaborates with famed photographer David LaChapelle and ballet dancer for dreamy video
Picture Shows: Gemma Arterton February 27, 2015 Gemma Arterton returns to the "Made In Dagenham" the musical at the Adelphi Theatre in London after the cancelled Thursday night performance. Non-Exclusive WORLDWIDE RIGHTS Pictures by : FameFlynet UK 2015 Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : Beaming Gemma Arterton sports casual ensemble as she returns to West End play following last minute cancellation Former Bond girl
Oh boy! Patricia Arquette exposes her underwear as she steps out with jeans undone just days after Oscar win Demanded equal pay
If at first you don't succeed...Wiz Khalifa throws son Sebastian another birthday party and 'this time Amber Rose lets him go' Wiz Khalifa threw his son another birthday party
Gabi Grecko poses next the Penthouse Audi R8 GT3 Car.jpeg Life in the fast lane! Gabi Grecko wears barely-there beige slip dress as she attends Penthouse race car party Drew attention to her ample décolletage
We knew the elder, Mamie Gummer (born 1979) , actress and supermodel we had seen in Gérard Darel campaign. She poses with her two sisters, Louisa ( born in 1991) and Grace ( born in 1986 ) , the brand top-of -the-line version of H & M . And more specifically to present the new collection of bags and shoes Clare Vivier, stylist and friend of Streep siblings. Choosy, aquiline nose and laughing eyes ... Mamie , Grace and Louisa , all three models for the brand & Other Stories can not hide that they are the daughters of the famous actress Meryl Streep ! Casual and cool , the three girls pose pavement slippers with shoulder bags , clutch bags and banana , in sunny California , Los Angeles. " They dreamed my clients: creative , hardworking and stylish city girls ," said Clare Vivier them . Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep's stunning daughters Mamie, Grace and Louisa look effortlessly cool in new fashion campaign The trio look stunning
Picture Shows: Fergie February 27, 2015\n \n Singer Fergie and her son Axl step out with friends in Brentwood, California. Fergie recently got involved with Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that provides women in need with interview-appropriate clothes for job searches. She explained to People, "I didn't have money for rent, and I moved back to my mom's. She took me in and really helped me out. She was my angel through that period of time, when I was trying to better my life and get it together, and trying to go out and work. Dress for Success is that angel to these women. It's just giving that stepping stone for somebody who really wants to better their lives." \n \n Non-Exclusive\n UK RIGHTS ONLY\n \n Pictures by : FameFlynet UK © 2015\n Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049\n Email : Rocker mom Fergie puts on a cool front in all black as she dresses 18-month-old son Axl in leopard print Cool pair!
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Manuel Nauta/REX (3781798bh)\nKid Rock\nRiver City Rockfest, San Antonio, Texas, America - 24 May 2014\n\n Beware the Beyhive! Kid Rock slammed by Beyonce fans after making crude comments about the singer during Rolling Stone interview
Picture Shows: Ryan Gosling February 27, 2015\n \n 'Only God Forgives' star Ryan Gosling goes to breakfast at Little Dom's in Los Feliz, California. The private star kept covered up this morning in a baseball cap and hooded jacket. Last Sunday Ryan decided to skip the Oscars and instead spent the day at Disneyland with director Guillermo del Toro.\n \n Non-Exclusive\n UK RIGHTS ONLY\n \n Pictures by : FameFlynet UK © 2015\n Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049\n Email : Is tatt real? Ryan Gosling inks 'Esme' on his knuckles in honour of his baby daughter Ryan showed off the tribute to his baby girl as he left restaurant in LA
'Wedding planning': Nicole Trunfio poses in extravagant dress, suggesting she may be putting the finishing touches to her walk down the aisle with fiancé Gary Clark, Jr.
olivia wilde.jpg 'It's a whole other horror movie!' Olivia Wilde says her eight-months-pregnant belly looked 'terrifying' ahead of welcoming son with Jason Sudeikis
Miley Cyrus She can't stop... getting naked! Miley Cyrus goes topless AGAIN for V Magazine as she smokes a suspicious cigarette and counts dollar bills
Nothing better than family lunches in Vegas! They look like husband and wife! Britney Spears includes boyfriend Charlie Ebersol in family portrait during break from Las Vegas show Family photo
Jennifer Lawrence 'We have an amazing relationship': Jennifer Lawrence denies having a blazing row with director David O. Russell on Joy set Posted on Facebook
Heard you were in town! Amber spotted for first time since marrying Johnny Depp in Bahamas as she dons 1920s gear on location in UK
EXCLUSIVE: America's Next Top Model contestant was shot dead as she opened door to gang killers who killer her 'drug-dealer' boyfriend and roommate
Who that, who that? Iggy Azalea is almost unrecognisable as she covers for horse riding lessons in Los Angeles...but those killer curves give her away
Hooray for the host! Dakota Johnson jumps for joy as she shoots scenes with the cast of SNL ahead of her big gig It's a career milestone for many a star
meg ryan.jpg Hand-in-hand! Meg Ryan is the envy of moms everywhere as she shows off her very close bond with tween daughter Daisy in NYC
EXCLUSIVE: 'I realized I had a lifetime contract with my family': Deborah Norville on 20 years at Inside Edition - and how a heartbreaking story led her to the CBS show
Ingrid Michaelson and husband Greg Laswell Singer Ingrid Michaelson and husband Greg Laswell divorce after three years of making beautiful music together 'Lliving apart for months'
Fatter than I have ever been! Help has just arrived in the form of @Beyoncé 22 day vegan diet lunar pasta ,brown rice pilaf,rosemary white beans ! Very new for me so we shall see. .. Thinking its Beyonce approved so off we go . Thanx Yvette! @ynsmedia 'Fatter than ever!' Gayle King signs up for Beyonce's new vegan diet program after revealing weight gain on Instagram 60-year-old TV anchor
Picture Shows: Jessica Biel February 23, 2015\n \n ** Min Web / Online Fee £400 For Set **\n \n Pregnant actress Jessica Biel is spotted filming scenes for her new film 'The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea' in New Orleans, Louisiana with her co-star Jason Sudeikis.\n \n Jessica is producing and starring in the upcoming movie.\n \n ** Min Web / Online Fee £400 For Set **\n \n Exclusive All Rounder\n UK RIGHTS ONLY\n Pictures by : FameFlynet UK © 2015\n Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049\n Email : Pregnancy blues? Jessica Biel looks uncomfortable as she films new movie in New Orleans with a very large bump and puffy face
justin bieber.jpg Nice gift! Justin Bieber posts photo where he's driving a 1965 Lincoln Continental that was presented to him just before his 21st birthday Birthday on March 1
epa04640778 US actor Danny DeVito (L) awards Austrian-born US actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) for ' Lifetime Achievement International' on stage during the 50th annual Goldene Kamera (Golden Camera) film and television award ceremony in Hamburg, Germany, 27 February 2015. EPA/CHRISTIAN CHARISIUS Arnold Schwarzenegger reunites with Danny DeVito onstage the Golden Camera Awards in Germany... but don't expect a Twins sequel
Pray Prince Harry doesn't make his uncle Andrew's mistakes, says RICHARD KAY, editor-at-large
zendaya Zendaya ditches the dreadlocks: Singer, 18, shares Instagram snap of new look after lashing out at Giuliana Rancic's weed jibe New tousled hair
Vanilla Ice 'It's just a mess': Vanilla Ice claims burglary and grand theft arrest was 'blown out of proportion' as he promotes DIY show Said he's 'dealing with it'
FIRST LOOK: New Game Of Thrones teasers reveal tense scenes between Jon Snow, Mance Rayder and Brienne of Tarth ahead of season five
FILE - 6 FEB 2104: Leonard Nimoy has been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 14: Actor Leonard Nimoy arrives at the premiere of Paramount Pictures' "Star Trek Into Darkness" at Dolby Theatre on May 14, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) Live long and prosper: Last tweet from Star Trek star legend Leonard Nimoy before he dies aged 83. Millions of sci-fi fans mourn the original Mr Spock
You never forget your first time! Fashion legends - including Naomi Campbell and Diane von Furstenberg - reveal the make or break moments that launched their careers
zachary quinto.jpg 'I will miss you every day': Zachary Quinto leads celebs paying tribute to Leonard Nimoy, who played the original Spock in the Star Trek series
Still got it! Susan Sarandon, 68, oozes sex appeal as she flaunts her curves in plunging thigh-high split dress at German film awards Simply dazzled
joshgad 4 hours ago Meet America's new power couple. #TheComedians #FX #April9th 'Meet America's new power couple': Josh Gad shares snap of co-star Billy Crystal in a pink Victorian-era dress for upcoming series The Comedians
Keri Russell She sure has her hands full! Keri Russell struggles to carry daughter Willa as they bundle up for Brooklyn outing Doting mother
Keep up mom! Reese Witherspoon's son Tennessee almost sprints ahead of the actress on school run in LA Speedy pair
Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford, 49, lets her natural beauty shine through as she shows off flawless, make-up free complexion Still looks stunning
The ultimate Bond girl: Age-defying Ursula Andress looks casual as she arrives at the Monte Carlo Film Festival ahead of her 79th birthday She still has it
Jennifer Lawrence and director David O. Russell 'seen screaming at each other during blazing row' on set of their movie Joy Worked together on American Hustle
Latoya Jackson and manager Jeffre Phillips\\nattend the performance of the rap group Cali Swag District at Millions of Milkshakes at the Westfield Mall.\\nCulver City, California - 06.09.10\\n\\nFeaturing: Latoya Jackson and manager Jeffre Phillips\\nWhere: United States\\nWhen: 06 Sep 2010\\nCredit: WENN Does she get to keep the 17 carat ring? LaToya Jackson reveals she's no longer engaged to Jeffré Phillips as the two leave dinner in Beverly Hills
BRAUN_JA_BTS_0608_com2.jpg Jessica Alba shows off her enviable physique as she poses in hot pants and a crop top in new beauty campaign Actress, 33, looks radiant
kylie jenner.jpg Movie date! Kylie Jenner and 'beau' Tyga hit theater before she makes grumpy faces at LA airport while being patted down by security Denied they're an item
bieberprev.jpg 'When you broke down I didn't leave you': Justin Bieber seemingly croons about ex Selena Gomez as he releases heartbreaking single Where Are Ü Now
**STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL 00.01 ON FRIDAY 27TH FEBRUARY 2015**EDITORIAL USE ONLY / NO MERCHANDISING Mandatory Credit: Photo by Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX (4453302bl) Kanye West 'The Jonathan Ross Show' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 28 Feb 2015 Kanye West ends latest performance on his back... but REFUSES to speak before 'storming off stage' during appearance on UK chat show
EXCLUSIVE: Widow of Chad Littlefield, murdered with American Sniper, has remarried and had a baby with new husband Found happiness again
kylie jenner tyga flaunt.jpg Copycat! Kylie Jenner wears plunging top for FAULT after 'beau' Tyga posed for the glossy as it's revealed she 'will get her own TV spinoff with Kendall'
MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 27: Salma Hayek attends the Giamba show during the Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015 on February 27, 2015 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images) Ciao bella! Salma Hayek wows in a red floral coat with matching dress as she attends Milan Fashion Week presentation Stylish arrival
kelly osvourne ozzy.jpg 'Stop acting like a b****': Ozzy Osbourne warns Billy Bush to 'lay off' his daughter Kelly amid Zendaya Fashion Police row Rock star fired back
Precious cargo! Ciara cradles baby Future as she jets into Oz to continue tour Soldiering on with tour after troubles in New Zealand last week
Picture Shows: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian February 27, 2015 Celebrities, including rapper Kanye West and his reality television star wife Kim Kardashian, are seen enjoying a night out in London, England. Kim showed off her famous derriere in a tight, pink leather dress which her husband was unable to keep his hands off! Non Exclusive WORLDWIDE RIGHTS Pictures by : FameFlynet UK 2015 Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : Kanye West can't resist giving wife Kim Kardashian a cheeky feel of her bottom... but the sexy latex dress proves too hot to handle and splits at the seam
: 'Smells like trouble': Iggy Azalea gets arrested by police officer Jennifer Hudson after behaving badly in new music video Smells like trouble! Iggy Azalea gets arrested by police officer Jennifer Hudson after behaving badly in new music video Album is Reclassified
Cara Santana out getting nails done in West Hollywood\nFeaturing: Cara Santana\nWhere: Los Angeles, California, United States\nWhen: 26 Feb 2015\nCredit: Owen Beiny/ If you've got it...! Cara Santana parades her toned legs in thigh-skimming fitted red mini-dress as she steps out for lunch in LA
antonio banderas.jpg Leather-clad couple Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kimpel have dinner date at Madeo... where he used to take ex-wife Melanie Griffith 20 year age gap
EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO MERCHANDISING Mandatory Credit: Photo by Steve Meddle/ITV/REX (4466473av) .Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, 'Loose Women' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 27 Feb 2015 'It was a hell of a fall': UK BRIT Award show presenters say Madonna's epic tumble at the BRIT Awards was 'no PR stunt' Looked painful
Brady Bunch star accused of abandoning his three-year-old daughter and allowing mother of his child to be evicted from home 'before Christmas'
Lily Collins wears a camel colored coat and a tie dye t shirt in west hollywood as she is seen running errands Pictured: Lily Collins Ref: SPL957891 260215 Picture by: Fern / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 Feeling juicy! Lily Collins wears a vibrant multi-coloured top as she picks up a green smoothie in West Hollywood Healthy living
KIM Love Mag.jpg They really LOVE her! Kim Kardashian shows off her famous derriere in behind-the-scenes snap for magazine shoot Never shy of showing some skin
Spot the difference! Ivanka Trump looks identical to her three-year-old daughter Arabella in picture-perfect childhood photo Can see the likeness
Keeping her Focus! Margot Robbie enthusiastically cheers for the New York Rangers during date night with beau Tom Ackerley
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Action Press/REX (4462414f)\n Bella Thorne\n 'The Duff' film press conference, Los Angeles, America - 26 Feb 2015\n \n Life's rosy for Miss Thorne: The DUFF actress Bella beams in blush romper as she promotes new movie Completed look with bronze-colored shoes
Lupita Nyong'o Lupita Nyong'o' goes incognito as she jets into JFK after theft of her $150k pearl Oscars dress from Hollywood hotel room Gone missing
Kardashians to get $80m NOT $100m in E! deal for four more seasons of KUWTK...but troubled Rob will only get paid if he shows up Building empire
House Of Cards House of Cards is streaming! Binge-watching critics and fans react to the third season of the Netflix presidential series Spoiler alerts ahead!


Melanie Chisholm AKA Mel C out and about in north London, UK. 27/02/2015..BYLINE MUST READ : GOTCHAIMAGES.COM....Copyright by © Gotcha Images Ltd. All rights reserved...Usage of this image is conditional upon the acceptance ..of Gotcha Images Ltd, terms and conditions available Mel C steps out to pick up daughter Scarlett looking sporty in printed leggings and colourful trainers The 41-year-old singer adores her daughter
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Gregory Pace/BEI/REX (4204933av) Halle Berry God's Love We Deliver 2014 Golden Heart Award, New York, America - 16 Oct 2014 'I've always had a hard time getting roles': Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry admits she's faced career obstacles as a woman of colour Oscar-winning actress
Picture Shows: Cricket Silverstein, Busy Philipps February 26, 2015 "Cougar Town" star Busy Philipps enjoys a day of shopping with her daughter Cricket in Los Angeles, California. Busy dressed stylishly in a floral blouse and high waisted navy blue trousers. Non-Exclusive UK RIGHTS ONLY Pictures by : FameFlynet UK 2015 Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : Shopping is a sport! Busy Philipps bowls over mini-me daughter Cricket as she takes her on a spending spree in Los Angeles Enjoying downtime
candice swanepoel adriana lima victoria's secret Candice Swanepoel goes topless for the Victoria's Secret Swimsuit special as she playfully argues with Adriana Lima about who is the 'sexiest' Angel
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 26: Madonna seen arriving at Annabel's Private members club and restaurant on February 26, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Alex B. Huckle/GC Images) Madonna is pictured for the first time since BRITs accident in risky wedge platforms... as she reveals suffering 'whiplash' after fall Guest of honor
KanyeTattoo.jpg Kim Kardashian begs Kanye West not to get face tattoo during 4am parlour visit... so he inks tributes to daughter North and late mother Donda on wrists instead
Pimp My Ride lied? Former contestants reveal Xzibit's customized cars were either fake or just didn't work Shocking news, dawg
***BYLINE: MELMEDIA*** Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise enjoys a night out with Noel Gallagher at La Petite Maison in London. 26/02/15 ***BYLINE: MELMEDIA*** PLEASE NOTE ALL SALES WILL BE HANDLED BY MELANIE WHITEHEAD at MELMEDIA PLEASE CONTACT MELANIE WHITEHEAD on 07711700105 e-mail: The odd couple! Noel Gallagher and Tom Cruise enjoying a private dinner together in London Famously slammed 'rude' Katie Holmes
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian pictured leaving a Tattoo Parlour in London at 5am. Pictured: Kim Kardashian Ref: SPL962803 260215 Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 Awkward! Rita Ora steps out wearing near-IDENTICAL pink Latex dress to Kim Kardashian at the same party for Madonna in London
Jennifer Lawrence and director David O'Russell 'seen screaming at each other during blazing row' on set of their movie Joy Pair worked together for 'American Hustle'
The ladies who love latex: How Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora and the Duchess of York have made it trendiest and most flattering material to be seen in
Post awards season detox! Fitness fanatic Reese Witherspoon clutches onto green juice as she steps out in gym gear Been a busy few weeks
WORLD PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Oh Eddie, you do make a wonderful woman: First picture of Oscar-winner Redmayne in latest role as transgender pioneer
She wasn't always camera shy! Interview with Sia Furler as a teenager surfaces showing rising star confidently chatting and unaware of future fame
EXCUSIVE TO INF. February 26, 2015: Pierce Brosnan and son Paris spend the day shopping while a large crew of workers remodel his Malibu beachfront home that sustained damages due to last weeks fire, Malibu, CA. Mandatory Credit: Borisio/SAA/ Ref.: infusla-277/301 Pierce Brosnan looks chipper as he shops with son Paris while a construction crew rebuilds his fire-damaged home in Malibu
EXCLUSIVE: Mel B and Stephen Belafonte got a parking ticket because Stephen Belafonte parked too far from the curb whilst going to buy something at Anastasia salon in Beverly Hills, California. Pictured: Mel B, Melanie Brown Ref: SPL963219 260215 EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 That's not fine with us! Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte land a parking ticket while running errands in Beverly Hills Took it in their stride
Dad dancing, embarrassing mothers and an almighty fall from grace: The OACs (that's Old Age Celebrities) showing themselves up during awards season
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jonathan Hordle/REX (4090183au) Kim Kardashian GQ Men of the Year Awards in association with Hugo Boss, Royal Opera House, London, Britain - 02 Sep 2014 WEARING RALPH & RUSSO SKIRT AND ATSUKO KUDO BODYSUIT 'I feel like it's a trick somehow': Taylor Swift joins other celebrities in dress debate taking over the internet (she says it's 'obviously' blue and black)
Inside the wedding which sparked an internet sensation: Mother-of-the bride poses in THAT optical illusion dress which divided opinion
NEW YORK, NEW YORK. February 26, 2015. Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Show Starring: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge.\nVictoria's Secret models talk about their swimwear campaign in Puerto Rico. Musical performances by Maroon 5 and Juanes.\nPhotograph:© CBS "Disclaimer: CM does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by CM are for its services only, and do not, nor are they intended to convey to the user any Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material, The Daily Mail expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold CM harmless from any claims, demands or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material."\n\n 'This is our Top Gun moment!' Bikini-clad Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo recreate iconic volleyball scene during Victoria's Secret Swimsuit special
Harrison Ford, 72, to star in Blade Runner sequel - more than THREE decades after the original was a global box office smash Classic Hollywood film
AD161369032NEW-YORK-NEW-YOR.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio grabs Lily Aldridge's chest in Victoria's Secret special... after they become 'Mermaid Angels' for underwater shoot
CBS correspondent Lara Logan rushed to hospital with internal bleeding Diagnosed with digestive disease diverticulitis
Brit Award 2015 live from O2 arena\n\nPic shows: Sound was regularly muted for performance of Kanye West - presumably for lyrics - some reports said he used the N word.\n\n\n\nPic supplied by Pixel 8000 Ltd\n 'I don't think it's OK for a black man to use the N-word': Unimpressed Lionel Richie slams Kanye West's expletive-laden BRIT Awards performance
It's belfie time! Kim Kardashian posts eye-popping lingerie picture to celebrate topping 27 million Instagram followers Gave fans a treat
kanye west 'I would like to publicly apologize to Beck': Kanye West issues rare apology on Twitter after rudely interrupting the musician's Grammys speech
Sofia Vergara tucks into tasty treats as she shows off her showstopping curves in a black peplum top and patterned pencil skirt on talk show
Well he is a Lord! Scott Disick makes it rain with his own brand of dollars during club appearance in Liverpool, England Hometown of The Beatles
No jealousy here! Lenny Kravitz, 50, is 'good friends' with Lisa Bonet's new husband Jason Momoa, 35, according to daughter Zoe
'There is nothing creepy about him': Scarlett Johansson defends 'class act' John Travolta after THAT awkward Oscars kiss Didn't look amused
LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 26: Lindsay Lohan attends the Mert & Marcus House of Love party for Madonna at Annabel's on February 26, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images for Annabel's) Lindsay Lohan cuts a ladylike figure in spangled skirt and matching bomber jacket at party held in Madonna's honor Now lives in London
The real tragic love of Audrey Hepburn's life: How Hollywood star cried 'like a hurt child' when lover Bill Holden refused to have children then returned to his wife
Kristen Stewart reunites with her best pal Alicia Cargile over a cup of coffee after going it alone in Paris at the Cesar Awards Back in Los Angeles
Picture Shows: Kate Hudson February 26, 2015 'Rock The Kasbah' actress Kate Hudson spotted out for lunch at Katsuya in Brentwood, California. Kate looked chic in a tailored grey blazer and pants. Exclusive - All Round UK RIGHTS ONLY Pictures by : FameFlynet UK 2015 Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : Hello Kitty! Kate Hudson shows off a hint of her toned tummy under Japanese cartoon T-shirt in LA A child-like element to her wardrobe
ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 26: Filmmaker Michael Polish and actress Kate Bosworth attend The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100 exhibition at the High Museum of Art on February 26, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images) Out of this world! Kate Bosworth goes for space age glamor metallic polo neck dress at event with husband Michael Polish Spotted in Atlanta
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Startraks Photo/REX (4462202y)\n Ariana Grande\n Ariana Grande 'The Honeymoon Tour', Kansas City, America - 25 Feb 2015\n Ariana Grande with Guests Rixton Opening Night of The Honeymoon Tour\n 'I almost died!' Ariana Grande kicks off Honeymoon Tour with a bang... as she nearly gets 'crushed' in broken elevator In Kansas City
Harper's little lookalikes: Meet the agency wannabes styling themselves on Posh and Becks' stylish three-year-old Caught attention
JLO.jpg 'Love my life!': Jennifer Lopez, 45, looks better than women half her age while showing off abs as she poses with her kids and dogs
Pictured: Freida Pinto Mandatory Credit: EDLA/Broadimage ***EXCLUSIVE*** Newly single Freida Pinto hiking in Hollywood Hills 2/26/15, Hollywood Hills, California, United States of America Broadimage Newswire Los Angeles 1+ (310) 301-1027 New York 1+ (646) 827-9134 Newly single Freida Pinto displays her toned body in all-black workout gear as she goes for a hike through the Hollywood Hills Split from Dev Patel
Conan O'Brien reveals he once pranked Bill Cosby into believing he won an award from Harvard - and the comedian showed up in a tuxedo to accept
133330, EXCLUSIVE: A very pregnant Ashlee Simpson and her husband Evan Ross head out for lunch in Los Angeles. Ashlee and Evan were in a very happy mood and could be seen smiling at each other. Photograph: Sam Sharma, © PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE She's really starting to show! Ashlee Simpson reveals growing baby bump at lunch with husband Evan Ross Announced pregnancy two months ago
EXCLUSIVE: Hugh Jackman 'saddened and disappointed' by 30 years of rampant pedophilia at the exclusive boarding school he attended
William the would-be astronaut: Prince reveals his childhood ambition was to become a space traveller Revealed them during speech in Tokyo
Raring to go! Willow Shields busts a move as she arrives for Dancing With The Stars rehearsals Hunger Games actress, 14, can't wait to move
Prince Harry to quit the armed forces and devote himself to charity including more time on African field projects Served two tours of duty on the front line
singer Rita Ora & Ricky Hilfiger are seen here at Madonna's Party held at Annabels private members club In Mayfair, London. Rita & Ricky left the venue at 3am and headed off to the Chiltern Firehouse and stayed inside the venue until gone 4am. Pictured: Rita Ora, Ricky Hilfiger Ref: SPL963266 260215 Picture by: WeirPhotos / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 Our love is fur real! Rita Ora dons a blue fluffy coat as she links arms with beau Ricky Hil at Madonna's star-studded party In London
image001.png 'Magical day!' Gisele Bundchen shares heartwarming photo of wedding day as she celebrates sixth anniversary with husband Tom Brady
Detroit, MI - Thursday, February 25, 2015. ¿American Idol¿ On night two from the Fillmore Theatre in Motown, The Top 12 women performed. Then America votes, and America decides who will advance to next week. The judges, country rock star Keith Urban, pop icon Jennifer Lopez and actor/singer Harry Connick, Jr. were joined by the host Ryan Seacrest. Keith Urban reacts with glee when American Idol hopeful Joey Cook performs one of his hits with an accordion All-female performances
LAMAR ODOM.jpg Lamar Odom steps out for the first time in FIVE months as rumors of secret romance with Khloe Kardashian continue to swirl Out in Los Angeles
Piers PIERS MORGAN: Falling off the stage, Madonna, is God's way of telling you you're too old to cavort like a hooker 'Material Hurl'
Robert De Niro pays IRS $6.4 million after he's slapped with massive tax lien and says the government's been billing the WRONG ADDRESS
marthastewart48Can you guess who I am with in this 1982 photo? Hint: initials are OW another item for throwback Thursday Power players in the making! Martha Stewart shares throwback photo with Oprah Winfrey from over 30 years ago Big hair and bigger ambitions
AD161370755Singer-Jordin-Sp.jpg American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is spring ready as she flashes her toned midriff in floral-patterned trousers and a black crop top In Los Angeles
'You can leave now!' Farrah Abraham shunned by co-stars Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell in first trailer of Teen Mom OG
Giuliana Rancic - Zendaya - puff.jpg EXCLUSIVE: Giuliana Rancic's Zendaya jibe was SCRIPTED by Fashion Police writers - and no-one at E! network complained before show aired
And they wear them better! Children recreate Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon's Oscar red carpet looks
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Carlos Tischler/REX (4462350n) Irina Shayk Children's Fashion Fest by Liverpool, Mexican Fashion Week, Mexico City, Mexico - 26 Feb 2015 Shayking things up! Model Irina catches the eye in faux snakeskin minidress... before hitting the runway in fitted red number at Mexico Fashion Week
AD161355045Picture-Shows-Em.jpg How does she do it? Emily Blunt looks amazing in a casual T-shirt and jeans while out to lunch Two major projects upcoming this year
PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 26: Actors Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman attend the 'CHAPPIE' photocall at Hotel Bristol on February 26, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage) Hollywood hunk! Hugh Jackman looks dapper in buttoned down suit as he steps out in Paris for photo call of new film Chappie with co-star Sigourney Weaver
AD161357620Picture-Shows-Zo.jpg Zoe Saldana displays trim figure in black shirt dress and sexy over-the-knee boots... three months after welcoming twin boys Bounce-back body
Behati Prinsloo is watching Adam Levine Bikini-clad Behati Prinsloo and her fellow Angels cheer on Adam Levine as he performs with Maroon 5 during Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Special
brittny gastineau kim kardashian Keeping up with Kim Kardashian! Brittny Gastineau steals BFF's style with smoky eye make-up, a slick updo and leather trousers In sunny Los Angeles
Inside Joe Cocker's Mad Dog Ranch: Late singer's European-style Colorado home with English billiards room goes on market for $7.85 million
Ben Mckenzie-Mor.jpg Ben McKenzie kisses his beautiful co-star Morena Baccarin while filming scenes for Gotham in snowy New York Would warm them up
©BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM\nCharlize Theron and Jackson Theron are seen in Los Angeles\nNON EXCLUSIVE Feb 26, 2015\nJob: 150226Z2 Los Angeles, CA\\n Like mother, like son! Charlize Theron and little Jackson hold hands while coordinating in sweatpants on lunch outing Comfort AND style
emmy rossum Indulging her sweet tooth! Dressed down Emmy Rossum treats herself to a box of cupcakes The 28-year-old actress cut a fashionable figure
Kinney EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Kinney's girlfriend woke to his late night call but heard kissing sounds and breathy whispers. Her man was cheating with Lady Gaga
'I got new girls, new problems': Cody Simpson debuts latest song at charity concert... but his girlfriend Gigi Hadid may not like the lyrics
Katy Perry-live-.jpg 'My heart was heavy today': Katy Perry visits Auschwitz death camp on break from her tour 'For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity'
New York, NY - 'Focus' actress, Margot Robbie, dashes around NYC in a black shearling leather jacket, black suede boots, black sunglasses, and a square handbag.\nAKM-GSI February 26, 2015\nTo License These Photos, Please Contact :\n \nSteve Ginsburg\n(310) 505-8447\n(323) 423-9397\\\n \nor\n \nMaria Buda\n(917) 242-1505\\ Leather overload! Margot Robbie is swamped by

about 10 hours ago

"Unmasked, Edward the Nazi King of England: Princess Diana's biographer reveals the Duke of Windsor's collusion with Hitler… and a plot to regain his throne

The Duke of Windsor was willing to deal with Hitler to win back his throne
Revelations according to an extract of Andrew Morton's new book, published in the print edition of the Mail on Sunday
The Nazi leader would put the Duke back on the Throne as a puppet king
However, details of the secret deal were ordered destroyed after the war
Now, after more than 70 years, fresh evidence of this betrayal has surfaced

By Jo Knowsley For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 17:01 EST, 28 February 2015 | Updated: 18:21 EST, 28 February 2015



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The extraordinary extent of King Edward VIII’s flirtation with Hitler and the determined efforts by the post-war British establishment to bury the evidence has been uncovered in a new book by the biographer of Princess Diana.

Author Andrew Morton says he spent years working through Nazi files to demonstrate Edward’s true sympathy with the Fuhrer - to the extent that Hitler planned to install Edward as a puppet king on the British throne.

Fearing the files were ‘an unexploded bomb’ which could bring down the House of Windsor, prominent figures including King George VI, Winston Churchill and even Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower had demanded that all evidence of Edward’s dealings with the Nazis be destroyed."

about 12 hours ago

"Being Social: What Museums Need to Understand for the Future

We wanted to share with you these amazing ideas from the article: “The Business of Being Social: What Museums Need to Understand for the Future” published by Museum iD Magazine. We love how it gets right to the point: the landscape attracting museum audiences is changing.

We have summarized the major ideas, and added a bit of color to make it really easy to digest. Download the PDF swipe file, or see images below."

about 14 hours ago

" NS-Dokumentationszentrum München
A place of historical and political learning for the future

The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism will provide the city with a central place of learning and remembrance that will address the city's National Socialist past and the ramifications of Nazi dictatorship. Its opening is set for April 30, 2015. The centre will offer a permanent exhibition, a learning centre with media and research opportunities, special exhibitions, as well as a diverse educational and event programme.

In April 2008 the Munich City Council gave the go-ahead for the competitive tender of architecture concepts and thus for the realisation of the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism. More than sixty years after the end of the Second World War, the Centre is now finally taking shape – in part thanks to the keen support of the general public.

The way the Nazi era is related to is now marked by a free and open debate about the role Munich played in the rise of the NSDAP and the seizure of power by the Nazi terror regime. A new way has developed of dealing with Germany’s desertion of civilized norms. Nowadays, pro-active commemoration involves a critical approach to and a frank discussion of the history of National Socialism, and includes a look at the teaching of human and civic rights in a way that is relevant to the present and the future.

Along with the Free State of Bavaria and with the Federal German government, the City of Munich is meeting its responsibility, in the shape of the Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism, to create a place of learning for the future. This place is intended to embed memories of the Nazi era topographically into the city and at the same time offer scope for discussion and better understanding of Munich’s significance and function as the one-time 'Capital of the Movement’.

It is for society as a whole to show future generations that democracy and tolerance cannot be taken for granted, but have to be constantly secured and shaped anew. The Munich Documentation and Education Centre for the History of National Socialism is intended to make a major contribution to accomplishing this."

about 14 hours ago

"Similar myths with a sufficiently complex set of traits that could not be the product of many independent inventions can be found around the world. Moreover, certain myths evolve very slowly and their emergence probably date back to the Palaeolithic age. These myths may also spread together with the first human migrations. They carry an unequivocal phylogenetic message and computational methods derived from evolutionary biology have been used to reconstruct phylogenetic trees and protoforms for some of them (e.g. d'Huy 2012a-d, 2013a-j).

We can construct a binary data matrix where the rows correspond to the various cultural areas being analyzed and the columns correspond to different types of complex oral tales that are present in each area. There are numerous extensive motif and tale-type indices to help us in this task, at the local or global level. An effort should be made to exclude recent borrowings. We can then apply phylogenetic methods to extract a signal that could be converted into trees (e.g. Neighbor joining, maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood or Bayesian analysis), networks (e.g. Neighbor-net) or clusters. Among other things, this could serve to assess to what extent mythological and genetic histories are congruent, to test hypothesis about human prehistory (e.g. to reconstruct the early human migrations) or to understand what drives mythological diversification and disparity.


about 14 hours ago

detailed analysis

"Friday, February 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM

On Monday, a New York jury found the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Authority responsible for a series of terror attacks that killed and maimed American citizens in Israel from 2002 through 2004. The politically-fraught civil judgment in Sokolow vs PLO awards the victims an initial $218.5 million (a sum that may still be tripled) under provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act that allows,

Any national of the United States injured in his or her person, property, or business by reason of an act of international terrorism, or his or her estate, survivors, or heirs, may sue therefor in any appropriate district court of the United States and shall recover threefold the damages he or she sustains and the cost of the suit, including attorney’s fees.

The case highlights the way in which key elements of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have shifted to a legal battlefield, how that battlefield is structured, and the dangers inherent when torts encroach into the arena of politics.

Israel and “lawfare:”

Although the immediate Israeli reaction to Monday’s jury verdict is unmitigated glee, supporters of Israel have long been distinctly unsettled by the sort of litigation this case represents. For years, Israeli advocates have expressed frustration with Palestinian attempts to pressure Israel through European and international courts, seeing these as end-runs around the difficult work of direct diplomacy. In a recent Lawfare podcast, for instance, senior Israeli military lawyer Daniel Reisner described how Israel struggled to respond to the first Arab attempts to prosecute its officials and companies in European civilian courts. Since those early years, fears about these sorts of court actions have only deepened, becoming something of an obsession for those concerned for Israel. In turn, those fears have led to Israel’s adoption of a slew of preventative measures, including threats to aid if Palestinians turn to the ICC and a proliferation of advocacy organizations devoted to fighting Palestinian “lawfare.” (Here at Lawfare, of course, we use the term a bit differently.)

Initially, most organizations devoted to combating these legal assaults against Israel (including the conspiracy theory-prone “Lawfare Project”—which has no relationship whatsoever with this website) adopted a formally content-neutral stance of opposition to all “lawfare.” They saw something nefarious, almost dishonorable, about Israel’s militarily inferior opponents turn to legal tactics, and opposed political litigation as a matter of general principle. This view was heavily influenced by the arguments of military scholars like Charles Dunlap, who once lamented in a widely-noticed article the “disturbing evidence that the rule of law is being hijacked into just another way of fighting (lawfare), to the detriment of humanitarian values as well as the law itself.”

Shurat Hadin, the Israeli legal advocacy group that gathered the plaintiffs to bring the recent suit, has adopted a polar opposite approach. Its self-described mission is to use the “court systems around the world to go on the legal offensive against Israel’s enemies.” Some worry that its approach may, in the long run, backfire, legitimizing the very battlefield on which Israel is most vulnerable. But as Western countries grow increasingly war-averse, legal tools—and particularly sanctions—have become a weapon of choice. And in turn, the principled opposition has largely become less principled or less opposed. In that context, even private litigation that goes after terror groups have gained widespread acceptance, culminating both in Monday’s verdict and a similar judgement against Arab bank just a few months ago.

Legal asymmetries:

Complicating the legal battles unfolding between Israel and the Palestinians are a set of profound, but divergent, asymmetries."

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"Strawberry Hill, Horace Walpole's fantasy castle, to open its doors again

Private rooms in the pile that inspired the first Gothic novel in 1764, and a whole style of architecture, have always been off-limits to the public – until now
Strawberry Hill will reopen to the public on 1 March.
Strawberry Hill will reopen to the public on 1 March. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

Maev Kennedy

Wednesday 25 February 2015 12.10 EST Last modified on Wednesday 25 February 2015 19.50 EST

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The collector, scholar and legendary gossip Horace Walpole woke one morning in June 1764 in the extraordinary fantasy home he had created near the Thames, west of London.

Strawberry Hill had – and now has again after years of careful restoration – roof, battlement and mantelpieces bristling with spires and gargoyles, stairs and bookcases copied from the tombs of medieval kings. Its passageways and library ceilings were embellished with imagined ancestors, and windows glitter with stained glass collected by the crate load from across Europe.

On that summer morning he had experienced a dream so vivid that he sat down in his study and began to write a book which changed the course of literary history. The Castle of Otranto is widely regarded as the first Gothic novel, and, with its knights, villains, wronged maidens, haunted corridors and things that go bump in the night, is the spiritual godfather of Frankenstein and Dracula, the creaking floorboards of Edgar Allan Poe and the shifting stairs and walking portraits of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. When the house reopens to the public on 1 March, visitors will be invited to sit down in Walpole’s study and read the book for themselves.
The gallery, Strawberry Hill.
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The gallery, Strawberry Hill. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

Many of the newly restored rooms have never been open to the public, including his bedroom and the room in which he died. Although Walpole entertained lavishly and also admitted paying visitors – sometimes retreating to a cottage across the road when overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of his public, and once evicted from his own breakfast room when a particularly grand visitor called unexpectedly – his own private rooms were always off-limits. They have now been dazzlingly restored through detective work involving scraps of original paint colour and shreds of wallpaper found on the edges of doors and fireplaces or hidden in the depths of cupboards.

Walpole himself prophesied that “my buildings, like my writings are of paper, and will blow away ten years after I am dead”, but, more than two centuries later, his house has survived – though by 2004 it appeared on the World Monument Fund’s list of the most important and endangered historic buildings in the world."

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"Huge gene study shines new light on African history

19:00 30 April 2009 by Peter Aldhous
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The history of Africa, the cradle of humanity, is written in its genes. And now we have our best-ever view of African genetic diversity, with the publication of a huge study of the genomes of people from across the continent.

For the past 10 years, an international team led by Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia has toured the African continent, collecting blood samples from thousands of individuals. The results confirm Africa as the centre of human genetic diversity and, together with linguistic data, reveal a rich pattern of human migrations within the continent.

"Now we have a spectacular insight into the history of African populations," says Muntaser Ibrahim of the University of Khartoum in Sudan, a member of the team.

The findings should also pave the way for studies into genetic variants that influence the susceptibility of people with African heritage to common diseases, or affect their responses to commonly used drugs.

Collection challenges

Anthropologists and geneticists know that populations throughout the world migrated from Africa more than 60,000 years ago (see diagram), and that the human genome is at its most diverse in our continent of origin, but previous studies have only scratched the surface of African genetic diversity.

In part, that is because collecting DNA from people across the continent poses formidable logistical challenges. To secure their samples, Tishkoff and her colleagues had to negotiate permits with authorities in many countries, and travelled to remote villages accessible only by four-wheel drive.

In the field, the researchers often had to use their vehicle batteries to power the centrifuges used to separate out white blood cells from their samples, and then add buffering chemicals to stabilise the DNA so it would not degrade under the African sun. "It worked amazingly well," Tishkoff says.

With the samples in hand, the researchers analysed the DNA from some 2400 individuals from more than 100 modern populations for a panel of 1327 "markers" – known sites of genetic variation – across the entire genome. Then they analysed the results using statistical techniques that can assign individuals into different groups on the basis of their genetic similarity and reveal the relationships between the different groups.
Genetic map

The analysis suggested that modern Africans are descended from 14 ancestral populations, which generally correlate with known language and cultural groups. But most African populations show high levels of mixed ancestry, reflecting historic migrations across the continent – such as the movement of Bantu speakers from the highlands of Nigeria and Cameroon across much of eastern and southern Africa in the past 5000 years.

The researchers had expected to find a close relationship between language and genetics. "The spread of a language into a new area normally involves the spread of at least some speakers," says Christopher Ehret, a specialist in African history and linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a member of Tishkoff's team. "Gene flow is simply the normal accompaniment."

But migrations can also cause genes and language to diverge. For example, the researchers found that pygmy populations from central Africa cluster genetically with eastern and southern African speakers of languages that rely heavily on clicking of the tongue. Despite retaining their distinct genetic heritage, pygmies seem to have lost their ancestral languages as Bantu speakers moved in.

The results suggest that all modern humans can trace their origin to a population that lived near the border between South Africa and Namibia – although Tishkoff stresses that these people may have moved into the area from elsewhere. As expected, the study also places the exit point for humanity's great "out of Africa" migration near to the Red Sea.
Medical boost

As well as revealing Africa's history, the study should facilitate future biomedical research, both into genes that determine susceptibility to common diseases, and into variations in people's responses to drugs – which can cause fatal reactions.

When looking for the rare genetic variants involved, geneticists can be thrown off track by the existence of subgroups within the populations they are studying. This is a particular problem for African or African American populations, which are more genetically diverse than other groups.

The new study should help by identifying distinct populations in which to look for medically important gene variants.

"By knowing the population structure, we can use this information to facilitate our search for rare variants," says Scott Williams of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, who worked on the new study and is investigating the genetics of hypertension in a population in Ghana.

"When we use labels like ‘black' or ‘African', they are gross approximations," agrees Charles Rotimi of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, who studies the influence of culture, lifestyle and genetics on patterns of obesity, hypertension and diabetes in African Americans."

  • n those sources.
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"‘Double Gold’ awarded to 2012 Yarden Heights wine & 2011 Yarden Merlot Kela Single Vineyard .
By: Jewish Press Staff
Published: February 28th, 2015

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Golan Wine Medals

Each year at the Mediterranean international wine and spirit challenge, Terravino, panels of judges from across the globe nominate medals to International and Israeli wines. This year’s competition included 448 samples of wines and spirits, 55% of the samples being from Israel, and the remainder from 29 other countries.

Of the 14 double gold medals presented, 6 medals were awarded to Israeli wines. The Golan Heights Winery won two double gold medals, three gold medals, and two silver medals. Aside the wine awards presented, an additional prize was awarded to the Golan Heights Winery winemakers, led by chief winemaker Victor Schoenfeld, for the best winemakers’ team competition.

The 2012 Yarden Heights wine received a double gold medal with the highest score of the whole competition (93.7), and announced as the grant champion. Second double gold medal was the 2011 Yarden Merlot Kela Single Vineyard (with a score of 92.3).

Other medals given to Golan Heights Winery include the 2011 Yarden Syrah (gold medal), 2010 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon (gold medal), 2011 Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon (gold medal). 2008 Yarden Blanc de Blancs (silver medal) and the 2013 Yarden Chardonnay Odem organic vineyard (silver medal). "

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"Will Clinton Show for Bibi? Elizabeth Warren's (so far little known) outspoken support for Israel may be a factor.
By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus
Published: February 12th, 2015
Latest update: February 20th, 2015"

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