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Gillian Reynolds

Gillian Reynolds's Public Library

Jul 02, 16

With a curious and compassionate eye, Graciela Iturbide finds compelling moments in her everyday surroundings.

Jul 02, 16

Reuben Wu uses drones to paint primordial desert landscapes with light.    

Jun 01, 16

People often forget the myriad sacrifices of those in uniform, which includes writing a blank check for "up to and including my life".

May 24, 16

One of my favorite (my favorite?) coffee table books anywhere. If you love trees, and even if you don't so much, I suspect this book will make you smile and wherever you place it emanate the good energy of the remarkable trees of the world.

- Carl Kruse

May 24, 16

I never imagined ever coming near this book but I did after a friend, who also never thought he would come near it, recommended it and now in turn I recommend the book.

May 24, 16

Excellent in every way and a sweeping survey of the triumphs of science, especially of evolution theory. Highly recommended.

- Carl Kruse

May 09, 16

I am a member of the National Geographic community. Join me and experience the new age of exploration.

Apr 16, 16

It's not that Michel Azcueta lacks sympathy for the 73 hostages penned up in the Japanese ambassador's residence, far from it. It's just that he worries that Peruvian security forces, their attention fixed on the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) guerrillas holding the hostages, are going to miss a much deadlier threat from a different direction.

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