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  • Poly guilt comes from the belief that we are fundamentally harming our partners by being poly. That we are taking something away that belongs to them. Poly guilt comes from the belief that we are selfish when we enjoy our other relationships.
  • In every single relationship, there will be differences between what we need, and what our partners can give. There will be differences in how our partners express love vs. how we best receive love.
  • I do not believe that neglect is abuse. We are not children. We cannot ask our partners to take the responsibility of a parent. However, we also must not gaslight a partner who is in pain. The person who is getting their needs met, is not in a position to tell the person who cannot regularly count on having a partner available what they should feel.

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  • Die Branche braucht bei neuen Services eine stärkere Trial-and-Error-Kultur
  • Wir müssen die Zusammenarbeit mit Fin-Techs suchen.
  • Die App öffnet die Tür, dann muss man liefern.

  • By moving away from such a fixation on sex (evidenced by words like sexy, sexuality or erotic) towards pleasure itself, we can expand our ideas of what “acceptable” means and at the same time introduce new words into our vocabulary.

  • Example tests are a minimal, and more useful to communicating to humans and driving a good interface.
    Property tests are a step toward specificity.
    Proofs are another step.

    The more important the code, the deeper toward proofs we should go...
  • This sounds like exactly the kind of testing I'd like to see side-by-side with the TDD cycle.
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