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  • Brain scans of people who had just fallen deeply in love and who were shown a photograph of their significant other showed activity exclusively in brain structures below the cerebral cortex. Their reward circuitry was particularly active. This part of the brain focuses on obtaining a reward (in this case, for finding partner) in the form of a pleasurable sensation, which is transmitted by the chemical messenger dopamine (fi g. 16). The reward system isn’t involved just in matters of the heart but in everything that we find pleasant. It’s also associated with addiction, which explains why people experience severe withdrawal symptoms when a love affair ends.

  • It’s just integrating the pelvic floor into regular exercises, and that’s how you keep your pelvic floor healthy for life. That and having sex. Sex is the best thing for the pelvic floor.

  • Recent studies show sleep restriction has some potential in the treatment of depression. As many as 60% of patients, when sleep-deprived, show immediate recovery, although most relapse the following night. The effect has been shown to be linked to increases in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

  • Most research has indicated no loss of comprehension or  intelligibility at playback speeds of two or even three times normal  speed.

  • A concept or value is the higher level idea or principle we are attempting to espouse or instil.
  • A practice is a way of expressing that concept
  • The tools are the different software programs we use to execute these practices

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