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Tanausú Cerdeña

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Jul 30, 15

LaunchTF startup night: Best things happen by night (in Spanish) @fg_ull

Jul 30, 15

There is an exciting opening position @Heroku. You should consider it!

Jul 24, 15

FOCUS ON: Las Palmas’ promotion to La Liga: Fun in the sun or canary in a coal mine?

Jul 22, 15

Philae has not phoned home for a long time and its parents are getting worried

Jul 22, 15

So much shade from Sparks

Photo credit: @bradfeld

Jul 21, 15

I’m so honored to be featured on the cover of #FIFA16. Thank you @EASPORTSFIFA!

Jul 21, 15

Comandos para modificar la sincronización de subtítulos en Popcorn Time

Jul 18, 15

I am having so much fun understanding DNS that I am making a comic out of it:

Jul 18, 15

I'm judging with love in @lovieawards for best of EU Internet. Want me to see your work? You've got until 31st July:

Jul 17, 15

Working from our Seattle condo does not suck, it's ours again August 1st!

Jul 15, 15

¡Recién sacadito del horno! @TonioCabrera nos cuenta que nos espera en estos 6 días de conexión sin límites #TLP2015

Jul 15, 15

Meet Monchi: The man behind Sevilla's intelligent transfer strategy -

Jul 15, 15

"We are all broken—that's how the light gets in."

Jul 14, 15

Dando el pitch de @promineostudios ante inversores en @stanford #imagecc #sv2015

Jul 13, 15

Adiós a Satoru Iwata, presidente de Nintendo. En 2012 le entrevistamos

Jul 11, 15

Request for Startup: Decision Bin (Turn My Email Into a List of Decisions to Make) — Medium

Jul 08, 15

A list of all (493) YC startups that are hiring:

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