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Tanausú Cerdeña

Tanausú Cerdeña's Public Library

Feb 06, 16

Have a great weekend! / ¡Buen fin de semana! Esta para el jefe Alfredo :) ♫

Feb 06, 16

Esa @adavideo!! “Hay mucho apoyo de cartón piedra al emprendimiento” vía el_pais

Feb 05, 16

@chozero Well, there is a spreadsheets api. I've been using this library, makes things super simple:

Feb 04, 16

Board meeting new @sbootcamp program..;) @sbcamsrerdam

Feb 04, 16

These reviews are a sign of a startup doing what great startups do: enlarging people's expectations.

Feb 03, 16

WTF Just Happened at Khan Academy

Jan 30, 16

So far I'm really enjoying Peopleware:
A must-read book for everyone managing or working in the software industry

Jan 30, 16

Make Your Team's Domain Language Truly Ubiquitous with Concept Maps

Jan 20, 16

Linux trojan records audio, which is weird because nobody wants to listen to Linux users | @SecurityWeek |

Jan 18, 16

"a $1 payment for a correct response and a 33-cent payment for ... “Don’t know” eliminated the entire partisan gap"

Jan 16, 16

The only company that has two apps on my home screen. Congrats @dens + @foursquare // feels like just the beginning!

Jan 15, 16

Registered for #hacksummit, a virtual event of top developers. Check it out!

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