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Tanausú Cerdeña

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about 18 hours ago

Carlos E. Gómez, @cargomor , el español al frente de Waze en Europa Llevará su expansión desde Madrid

Oct 05, 15

Just completed a 21.34 km run - Sub 1:50h !!!! #Runkeeper

Sep 30, 15

Discovering the identity of @StartupLJackson through Big Data analysis, then doing the right call

Sep 30, 15

Our dog @KahloFricka featured @el_pais : "Kahlo el perro que @google confundió con un caballo" @petezin @MJMendillo

Sep 29, 15

Are you a programmer looking for a job? No one knows better than Harj which are the best places to work:

Sep 22, 15

Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer (via @Pocket) #longreads -

Sep 22, 15

The strongest reaction I’ve ever got from a crowd – 7000 eager young entrepreneurs in Vietnam

Sep 21, 15

Esto es vida #madreat

Sep 21, 15

Si estás en Madrid y no te vienes a vernos hablar de HTTP/2 y Webpack, tus apps molarán menos y no sabrás por qué

Sep 15, 15

Facebook open-sources React Native to speed up mobile development

Sep 14, 15

23 millones =>

Sep 12, 15

Improve your product UI in 1 hour with by @uibreakfast

Sep 10, 15

Vuelve el foro de inversión @TFInvierte Gold Edition. Inscribe tu #startup antes del 15 de septiembre:

Sep 08, 15

No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accident in Software Engineering [pdf]

Sep 07, 15

But do we need to spend 20x everybody else combined, or would 19x + halfway decent schools be a better plan?

Sep 05, 15

An engineering conference on good leadership/management with a diverse speaker list? Is somebody fucking with me?

Sep 05, 15

Panic over automation misses the real problem — workers themselves are treated like machines.

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