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  • All your global settings for Susy are stored in a map called $susy. This makes it easy to keep your config data in one place. If you were going to generate a 12-column grid at 960px with 20px of gutter between each column, you’d use the following map:

    $susy: (   columns: 12,   gutters: .25,   container: 960px );

    The gutters value corresponds to a percentage of the full column width. Since 12 columns in a 960px container would be 80px each: therefore, .25 will give us a (rough) 20px gutter.

  • Install Bourbon into your project’s stylesheets directory by generating the bourbon folder:

  • This limited my sandbox to always having a Ruby dependency ;(
  • The three pillars are; Yeoman, Bower and Grunt.
  • what is the best way to get some library code up on Github and make it easily accessible to users without having to clone the project? Because, that's pretty lame, right?

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    • Alle Leser haben eine Schriftgröße von 16px.
    • 62.5% davon entsprechen 10px.
    • Wenn man body also mit font-size:62.5% versieht, dann gilt für alle folgenden Elemente: 100% = 10px.
    • Jetzt tut das Kopfrechnen nicht mehr so weh.

  • You probably do, actually
  • Those things aren’t nice-to-haves. They are pretty vital parts of website development these days.
  • Grunt can help bring them under one roof, so to speak.

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