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Aug 22, 16

It's great to be able to break outside the standard user experience to make people sit up and take notice. But what do you do after you get their attention? Sometimes nothing.

Aug 21, 16

Personalberatung für die Kommunikationsbranche: Werbung, Online, Design, Corporate Design, Mobile, PR, Dialog. Kundenberater, Designer, Texter, Programmierer, Team Assistenten u.v.m

Aug 21, 16

Find jobs and gigs in web design and programming. Get hired as a web professional

Aug 21, 16

Finden Sie Minijobs und Heimarbeit : neue Jobs : bei machdudas

Aug 21, 16

In this article, Dmitry Fadeyev explains what authentic design is, what authenticity means in digital design, and why it matters.

Aug 20, 16

When the CSS1 specification was drafted in the mid to late 90s, it introduced !important declarations that would help developers and users easily override normal specificity when making changes to their stylesheets. For the most part, !important declarations have remained the same, with only one change in CSS2.1 and nothing new added or altered in the CSS3 spec in connection with this unique declaration. Let's take a look at what exactly these kinds of declarations are all about, and when, if ever, you should use them. But before we get into !important declarations and how exactly they work, let's give this discussion a bit of context. In the past, Smashing Magazine has covered CSS specificity in-depth, so please take a look at that article if you want a detailed discussion on the CSS cascade and how specificity ties in.

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