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Cherice Montgomery

Cherice Montgomery's Public Library

about 9 hours ago

VERY useful graphs that depict "typical use" v. "perfect use" of various birth control methods over time and the likelihood of pregnancy

  • hiding such material from our children doesn’t protect them; it does the opposite, pretending that the world they see, the world in which they live, somehow doesn’t (or ought not to) exist.
about 13 hours ago

Blog containing videos of native speakers introducing themselves, and texts for other levels

Feb 25, 15

Great checklist-based, 3-category rubric for flexibility and adaptability

Feb 25, 15

Interesting rubric for communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that outline what teachers and students do on a continuum

Feb 25, 15

Interesting rubric for assessing literature circles set up like a checklist

Original site:

Feb 25, 15

Interesting rubric for evaluating teachers that moves progressively from teacher-centered to student-centered

Feb 25, 15

3-column rubric that outlines key can-dos for various hours of proficiency

Feb 25, 15

Improve your learning from A-Z: Accountable, believe in self, connect the dots, deconstruct, engage, focused practice

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