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Oct 09, 15

Geradine Botte
"After completing her B.S., Gerri worked for four years as a process engineer for Petroquimica de Venezuela before returning to school for advanced degrees. She earned her M.E. in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina in 1998 and her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina in 2000. She joined OU’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department faculty in 2002. Gerri recently received the honor of becoming a Russ Professor in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology at OHIO. She is the founder and Director of CEER, which was formally established in 2009.

Gerri performs fundamental and applied research in electrochemical engineering, including power sources and fuel cells, hydrogen generators, numerical methods, mathematical modeling, material science, and electro-catalysis. She uses experimental techniques combined with mathematical modeling to study electrochemical systems, and to predict parameters required for their optimization and improvement. The work on numerical methods emphasizes the efficient solution of equations that describe the transport phenomena and thermodynamics of electrochemical systems. Gerri’s research portfolio includes the design and development of advanced battery systems and how coal and ammonia can be used as hydrogen sources to power fuel cells.

Along with electrochemical research, Gerri is active in teaching and educational outreach, including being the advisor for OHIO’s ChemE Car team, and local and regional economic development for Appalachian southeastern Ohio.

Gerri currently has 102 publications, distributed as follows: 46 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 5 book chapters, 11 granted patents, 27 pending patents, 11 peered-reviewed conference proceedings, and 2 reports/special publications. In addition, she has delivered over 160 presentations in international conferences (including invited speaker for the Gordon Research Conference in Electrochemistry 2008 and for the 63rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry). She is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. She is a Charter Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. She is also the elected Chair of the Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering Division of the Electrochemical Society and an appointed member of the Honors and Awards Committee of the Electrochemical Society. She was selected a finalist of the World Technology Awards 2010 in the Environment Category and she was inducted a Fellow of the World Technology Network (2010)"

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