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  • CDC Recommends Preparing for All Disasters -- Even Zombies
  • On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • about preparing for disaster and reminded readers that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, basic preparedness will help even if there are flesh-eaters roaming.

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  • New book says USSR was behind Roswell UFO
  • According to Annie Jacobsen, the reporter who authored "Area 51," the spaceship was actually a Soviet spy plane that came down during a storm. Jacobsen claims it was filled with bizarre-looking, genetically engineered child-sized pilots. Then-Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was hoping, Jacobsen alleges, that the news would cause widespread panic in the U.S.
  • inspired

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  • On Thursday, two candidates a deadlocked city council primary race in North Las Vegas,
  • settled the contest by drawing cards.
  • candidates Melinda Meisenheimer and Tanya Flanagan tied for second place in last month's Ward 2 council primary, receiving 328 votes apiece. Yet only one candidate could advance to June's general election.

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  • almost one in 10 children in a recent study were unable to taste their food properly. Taste disorders such as this are known to lead to diet changes and could play a role in obesity.
  • 432 children aged 8 to 12. Each was asked to drink a series of water-based drinks containing either sugar, salt, citric acid or bitter quinine hydrochloride. After each drink the children were asked to point to one of three photographs that they thought best described the taste.
  • tested

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  • In the early 1900s, scientists discovered that each person belongs to one of four blood types. Now they’ve discovered a new way to classify humanity: by bacteria. Each human being is host to thousands of different species of microbes. Yet a group of scientists now report just three distinct ecosystems in the guts of people they have studied.
  • One possibility is that infants are randomly colonized by different pioneering species of gut microbes. The microbes alter the gut so that only certain species can follow them.

     Whatever the cause of different enterotypes, they may end up having discrete effects on people’s health.

  • Dr. Bork and his colleagues have found that each of the types makes a unique balance of these enzymes. Enterotype 1 produces more enzymes for making vitamin B7 (also known as biotin), for example, and Enterotype 2 more enzymes for vitamin B1 (thiamine).

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  • "Would it kill you to say you're sorry?"


     The chain ran the ads in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today as well as in publications in Chicago, Los Angeles and in Alabama

  • The lawsuit claiming Taco Bell's meat contained too little meat to be called meat has been dropped. Guess it's meat after all.
  • was sued earlier this year by a law firm in Alabama that claimed Taco Bell's "seasoned ground beef" mixture was insufficiently meaty (36 percent) for it to be advertised as such.
  • The fast food chain

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  • fundraiser for US Vice President Joe Biden
  • In what appeared to be a strange and disrespectful treatment of an American journalist, the staff of US Vice President Joe Biden held Scott Powers, a veteran Orlando Sentinel reporter, in a storage closet for hours. The staff's reasoning behind the odd imprisonment was that Mr. Powers was not allowed to speak to the $500-a-plate guests.
  • The door wasn’t locked, though every time I opened it and stepped out to see what was going on a staffer told me I couldn’t come out yet. He’d let me know."

  • OMG! Online abbreviations make Oxford dictionary
  • OMG! LOL! The venerable Oxford English Dictionary approves of the three-letter, Internet-inspired expressions
  • t is adding them to the authoritative reference book's latest online update

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  • An antibiotic-resistant superbug once thought to be rare is spreading through health-care facilities in Southern California, health officials say.
  • Roughly 350 cases of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, or CRKP, were reported in Los Angeles County between June and December of 2010,
  • CRKP joins other superbugs such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, in a league of bacteria that outwits typical antibiotics.

  • A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has declined to recommend a ban on menthol cigarettes, even though the study group conceded that a ban would improve public health.
  • The FDA isn't required to follow the advice of its advisory committees, but it usually does. The panel's pronouncement makes it more likely that menthol will continue its curious history as the world's most popular flavor additive in cigarettes.

  • Stricter Laws Needed to Keep Kids Away From Tanning Beds
  • more than 30 states have laws restricting minors' access to indoor tanning beds. Despite that, a new study suggests these regulations are not keeping teens out of tanning salons.
  • The study, published in the latest issue of the American Journal of Public Health, found after interviewing more than 6,000 teenagers ages 14 to 17 over a one-year period, 17.1 percent of girls and 3.2 percent of boys used indoor tanning within that year. The data also showed that about the same number of teens went tanning in states with laws that have age restrictions or require parental consent

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  • House votes to cut off federal funds for NPR
  • The House on Thursday voted to end federal funding to National Public Radio. Republican supporters said it made good fiscal sense, and Democratic opponents called it an ideological attack
  • would bar federal funding of NPR and prohibit local public stations from using federal money to pay NPR dues and buy its programs

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  • No other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting, and never before in the history of science has the scientific community been given the opportunity to critically analyze an important research paper before it is published.”

  • we may
  • having
  • a ninth planet to add to our solar system

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  • Philly ex-con makes homemade jail to deter others
  • Ex-convict Michael Ta'Bon
  • who served nearly a decade behind bars for armed robbery, says divine inspiration has led him to preach a gospel of nonviolence from a homemade, outdoor jail cell in Philadelphia.


    He has been living in the cell since Feb. 1 and plans to stay there throughout the month of February.


    "Instead of the young bucks going to jail to find out for themselves, I'm bringing the jail to the young bucks," Ta'Bon said.

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  • Microsoft ships IE9 RC with tracking opt-out
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • elease candidate

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  • Do Giraffes Float?
  • If you dropped a giraffe into a deep pool of water, would it float, or would it sink? If it could float, would it swim briskly and confidently to the nearest bit of land, or would it flail around helplessly and drown?
  • To compare the model’s aquatic behavior with that of other animals, we performed calculations to determine an immersed giraffe’s centers of mass and buoyancy, the resistance it encountered when moving its limbs, and the friction it encountered across its whole surface. We had to take account of the giraffe’s unusually shaped lungs, the size of which has been the subject of disagreement among experts. Having tweaked the model to make it as plausible as possible, we were ready to see whether the giraffe could float and swim.

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