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Monsieur Valmont

Monsieur Valmont's Public Library

Feb 13, 16

Nureki Chimuo: Women Writhe in Rope 緊縛フォト集 縄に悶える女たち This book, it took me four years to finally get my hands on. A special thanks goes out to the few individuals who responded to my call for econom...

Nov 20, 15

Below are a list of rope bondage videos that focus on the on understanding and applying different types of rope bondage ties and various techniques that are helpful to know.

Nov 13, 15

Aide-mémoire et lecture d'intérêt sur le ligotage

Oct 31, 15

Remedial Ropes is devoted to risk awareness-based education for new, experienced and aspiring rope tops and bottoms, with articles ranging from very beginner (perfect if your bondage skills begin and end with tying your shoes) to advanced (including busting some extremely common myths about bondage safety).

Oct 24, 15

Artiste corporel qui base son travail sur le bondage japonais (Kinbaku / Japonais), la recherche des limites par l'harmonie et la connaissance du corps.

Jul 24, 15

Sex sells. And fashion loves to be fetishized. It’s built on it. There are those of us who obsess about it, are in awe of it.

Fetish fashion is described as any clothing or look that’s created intentionally to provoke a particular reaction and it usually involves materials like leather, latex, PVC, fishnet and stainless steel. Making amongst other things, catsuits, corsets, handcuffs, locks and zippers.

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