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  • Gartner has historically worked to influence public opinion by crafting numbers that support the firms that support it. In the late 90s, Gartner partnered with Microsoft to release research that said WIndows provided lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to competing thin client Network Computers.
     An internal, confidential Microsoft memo made public during the monopoly trial acknowledged that "analysts sell out – that’s their business model. But they are very concerned that they never look like they are selling out, so that makes them very prickly to work with.”
Sep 02, 09

"The largest collection of curriculum games in the universe" - great for SMART Board

Aug 25, 09

Description:This extensive packet is modified from a collection of tutorials from Indiana University ( It discussed "classic" plagiarism as well as the "cut-and-paste" variety. Paraphrasing is modeled, and there is an independent homework assignment to reinforce that skill. Finally, there is a self-evaluation and "homework" for parents, in which students engage in a discussion about the changing nature of plagiarism. For Grades 3-8

Aug 25, 09

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills developed the Milestones for Improving Learning and Education (MILE) Guide for 21st Century Skills to assist educators and administrators in measuring the progress of their schools in defining, teaching and assessing 21st century skills.

Aug 25, 09

Do as many problems as you need to, at whatever pace you wish to go. The problems are generated at random. They're different every time. Every time you get to see the answer, and how to do the problem!

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