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Cathy Arreguin

Cathy Arreguin's Public Library

Jan 11, 13

Powerful and inspirational example of one professor's online teaching workflow and philosophy

  • creating a learning environment that fosters rich interaction between students and me, and gets students interacting with each other.
  • WordPress and a suite of plug ins called Buddypress, I create a “social network”
  • blogs for all students, a course activity feed, forums, work groups, and integration of other social tools.

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  • But the program will be designed to steer students toward a follow-up course for $1,200 to get a professional certificate.
  • Students who finish the self-paced course, which is expected to take most of them about one month, will receive letters of completion.
  • Those who choose to go on can enroll in the second part of the course, which will take about three months.

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Mar 07, 12

Business / training examples of virtual worlds (Second Life)

Feb 06, 12

Making and Selling iBooks using iBook Author. Includes process of getting ibook store approval.

Note careful alignment to K12 science standards

Jan 12, 12

Painting onto the Second Life avatar in Photoshop
YouTube vidtut
PSCS4 or 5 extended - clothing, tattoo & skin creation skills for 3D environments.
Good vidtut

Jan 12, 12

Excellent Photoshop tutorials for skills needed for Second Life and similar virtual world graphics and mesh content creation.  Also see her site at

Jan 12, 12

Textures, folds, brushes, clothing templates to make clothing for virtual worlds. Permissions do not indicate SL exclusivity.

Jan 10, 12

Directory of Hypergrid destinations - including various resources (objects, freebies, etc.)

Jan 09, 12

Federal cyber security professionals now getting training in virtual worlds.

Jan 09, 12

U.S. Secret Service "Tiny Town" - using virtual world to train Secret Service agents how to do site security planning.

Jan 06, 12

Webquest in 3D powerpoint by Bernie Dodge

Jan 04, 12

Daniel LIvingstone's post listing 
Free stuff for virtual worlds and game based learning

good beginning list!

Jan 04, 12

Illustrative textures for virtual worlds. Dreamy, shabby chic, retro, - good for atmospheric work.
Nice sets.

Jan 04, 12

Textures for virtual worlds. Must buy set for each different grid (discounts available). 

Jan 04, 12

Texture collections from Linda Kellie (Great source of many free items).  Great way to begin a free texture collection. Free to use/ modify in any way.

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