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Sep 26, 16

"Swift Playground is an iPad app to learn Apple’s Swift coding language which underpins apps on iOS. The app has engaging lessons and different levels to play."
I think learning an app language is appropriate for many levels of students. It gives them control over the games and processes as they think about how the app should go and what it should do.

Sep 26, 16

"I find these videos particularly interesting because they show such contrasting approaches to learning and in particular – for want of a better word – e-learning....
"The final thing that strikes me about these two videos is how they reflect the kinds of societies that the system of education seeks to create. For me, the first is a society of obedient unquestioning worker drones being spoon fed information that will enable them to fulfil their predefined roles. The second is a society in which individuals are encouraged to think, act and explore, to question and to create. I know which I would prefer to live in." by Nik Peachey

Sep 26, 16

"A superb history tool which combines timelines, maps, text and media, such as videos and audio. A great way to add depth to the story of past events."

Sep 26, 16

"The theories children build, whether they are right or wrong, are not capricious. They are often logical and rational, and firmly based in evidence and experience." by Karen Worth
This article is very explanatory and is a good argument for maker and project-based learning.

Sep 26, 16

"An intuitive online book creator – write, draw, add images and share. The site has a bank of backgrounds to choose from and a range of tools to draw items into the books."

Sep 21, 16

This short article and video indicate several ways that virtual education can be superior: from college prep work that could not be offered in a local high school to inner city schools where it's hard to keep teachers on site, from far-flung rural homes to over-crowded schools. The entry of online-courseware entrepreneurs, who sell curricula to school districts, is also changing the education game. Might there really be a chance to change the industrial assembly line version of education?

Sep 12, 16

A video demonstrating some of the things Google Classroom might do for your classes, and how to use it.

Sep 12, 16

Very handy guide to tools for formative assessment -- get some variety in your testing. Many of these use digital hand-held devices.

Sep 12, 16

A training video on the more advanced features of Google Forms: gathering data, quizzes, surveys, formative testing, etc. By R. Stannard.

Sep 12, 16

A complete intro to using Google Forms, a video by Russell Stannard, who shows how questionnaires and surveys, pictures, videos, question types, and key features all work.

Sep 11, 16

The software iStopMotion is fun to use and suitable for kids. See other articles on stop-motion animation and the TED-Ed videos at Animation Basics 101:

Sep 10, 16

Stop-motion animation would be a great project for middle school and high school students. Teaches planning and patience.

Sep 05, 16

Share multimedia activities on any device using HTML5. Gamify classes using Educaplay groups. Many examples are searchable.

Sep 02, 16

R. Stannard on Quizlet - introduces Quizlet aspects, including Flashcards and testing; how to create study sets and use folders to organize your review materials for students.

Sep 02, 16

Intriguing interactive image with links to specific articles and ways to create/use materials to meet Common Core Standards for ELA/Literacy.

Sep 02, 16

Thanks to R. Byrne for this description of how to play Quizlet Live (link to YouTube video). Quizlet can help you turn review materials into a classroom game that involves students intrinsically.

Sep 02, 16

An extensive blog post by Sandy Millin explaining to students (and teachers) what Quizlet is and how to use it. Includes ways to print flashcards, question types, how to use the app for study, etc. Very useful.

Sep 01, 16

Log in to Quizlet ad try Quizlet Live -- you need a set with 12 Q/A flashcards and at least 6 students to make teams. You can view a Demo or go ahead and start live. Teams of students get 3 possibilities and must agree on the right one. (Groups are assigned randomly, but you can shuffle teams to re-sort if personalities class.) In class students can sit together. Teacher View of the game shows individual students cues and team scores. At the end of the game, teacher can see what words are confused with what others.

Aug 17, 16

"Kim Preshoff is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of science teachers in her community. With more than 25 years of classroom experience, she’s an expert at how to use the force of curiosity to keep kids engaged and learning. For her TED-Ed Innovation Project, Preshoff created a classroom-ready digital collection of 100+ great videos and learning resources about core topics in art, history, science, and beyond. [To add a video to your school's learning library, use the TED-Ed Lesson Creator.] Below, check out Preshoff’s curated collection of school-friendly videos and learning resources:"

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